Departed Canton 26 November 1861. Arrived Georgetown 15 February 1862

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News Item

The fine Ship Agra, of 714 tons and Frigate-build, DE St. CROIX, Commander, arrived on the evening of 14th instant, in 86 days from Canton, bringing 249 men, 36 women, 2 children and 1 infant, in all 288. The Agra lost one woman, who was suffering from consumption when she embarked, but this was compensated by a birth, so that the same number arrived as were shipped. The Immigration Agent-General and the Health Officer, we understand, highly approved of the arrangements on board of the Agra, and great care and attention must have been paid by the Officers to the people as they have been landed in excellent condition - one of the best batches of Chinese we have yet received. [Royal Gazette, 22 Feb 1862]

Tuesday 4th March 1862: I have the honor to report for the information of His Excellency the Governor, the arrival on Saturday, the 15th February last at 6 am of the Immigrant Ship the ‘Agra’ 714 tons NNM with Chinese Immigrants from Canton, Philip de St Croix Sgt Comande and Tsoi-a-fai, a Chinese Medical Practitioner as Surgeon Superintendent. The Agra left Canton on Tuesday 26th November last, and the mouth of the River on the Thursday following, touched at the Cape of Good Hope on Tuesday the 14th January last, took in fresh provisions, water, and vegetables, left the next day, and arrived hereafter a voyage of eighty days. The ship was in admirable order. Clean and well ventilated, the provisions were good, and the water pure and wholesome. The appearance of the Immigrants was highly satisfactory. They were clean, cheerful, orderly, in excellent health, and a very fine body of people, and there appeared scarcely a man above the age of Forty years, and three fourths of the whole varied from eighteen to Thirty years of age. The women were also more cleanly and respectable in their appearance than any I have hitherto seen come too the Colony. On first going on board I did not consider they much exceeded in appearance many other bodies of Immigrants introduced into the Colony, but after a careful muster and the observation I made in the course of their distribution, I feel convinced they are on the whole, the finest body of Chinese Immigrants hitherto introduced into the Colony. . . . [Report of Immigration Agent-General James Crosby]


Allocation to plantations

Allotted to



Allotted to



Allotted to



Better Hope + Vryheid's Lust












La Grange



Schoon Ord









In Leper Asylum



Haags Bosche



Peter's Hall







Note: Because of poor penmanship and deterioration of the historic documents, it was sometimes difficult to read the handwriting in the records and this has resulted in some duplication in the transcription of some passenger numbers as well as variations in spelling from what was originally inscribed. 




Trade Village

Allotted to

Surnames of descendants (to the 4th generation)

2287 Wong Lin Fo 21 Cook Sun Tak Diamond
2288 Leung a Wing 20 Servant Sun Wee Diamond
2289 Tang a Hang 44 Teacher Sam Sui Better Hope
2290 Yip Heung Hing 22 Labourer Fa Yune Ogle
2291 Ching a Pun 22 Button maker Sam Sui Ogle
2292 Tsang Shing 20 Labourer Cheung Yune Diamond
2293 Yip a Chan 19 Sailor Fa Yune Schoon Ord
2294 Wong a Kwong 24 Tea picker Cheung Yune Diamond
2296 Lau a Ping 19 Labourer Poon Yu Ogle
2297 Mak a Shang 30 Pedlar Sun Ing  Diamond
2298 Chan Oi San 24 Brick layer Sam Sui Ogle
2299 Lau a Ui 24 Salt fish seller Nam Hoey Diamond
2301 Wong a Hoi 26 Cook Poon Yu Daiamond
2302 Tan a Tan 24 Porter Sun Tak Farm
2303 Leung a Tsung 18 Boat builder Sun Tak La Grange
2304 Wong a Yau 20 Labourer Poon Yu Ogle
2305 Wong Wan Shek 32 Pedlar Nam Hoey Diamond
2306 Chan San Sung 22 Boat builder Nam Hoey Ogle
2307 Chan a Mui 26 Labourer Koo Yu Ogle Chan
2308 Tam a Fung 22 Pedlar Kong Sai Diamond
2309 Chan a On 26 Labourer Thong Kun Haags Bosche
2311 Leung a Tai 19 Pedlar Cheung Yune Diamond
2312 Cheung a Tak 34 Servant Sun Tak Farm
2313 Cheung Wing Yan 20 Tobacconist Long Kun Haags Bosche Chin
2315 Fung San Hi 24 Labourer Kwee Sin Haags Bosche
2316 U a Chi 10 Labourer Koo Yu  Ogle
2317 Cheung a Shui 28 Blacksmith Fa Yune Diamond
2318 Yune a Wing 20 Pedlar Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2320 Lau a Tsung 20 Green grocer Sun Voii Ruimveldt
2321 Chan a Yan 34 Cooper Soon Tak Diamond
2322 Chin a Wing 20 Servant Nam Hoey La Grange
2323 Sin a Fai 21 Labourer Nam Hoey La Grange
2324 Cheung a Nang 22 Fish Monger Sun Tak  La Grange
2325 Wong Kai Shing 38 Sailor Thung Kun Diamond
2326 Wong She (F) 37

2327 Chan a Yune 29 Labourer Woon Fai Schoon Ord
2328 Ho She (F)

Schoon Ord
2329 Ho a Ng 36 Shoe maker Koo Yu Diamond
2330 Luk She (F) 34

2331 Wong a Fuk 35 Pedlar Poon Yu Ogle
2333 Kwan a Ng 30 Labourer Nam Hoey La Grange
2334 Ho She (F) 34
Sun Tak La Grange
2335 Lau a Fo 30 Tea maker Hoi Ping Schoon Ord
2336 Yim She (F)

Schoon Ord
2337 Chan a Yi 29 Sailor Poon Yu Haags Bosche
2338 Li She (F) 28

Haags Bosche
2339 Lai a Fu 21 Opium preparer Tong Own Peter's Hall
2340 Li She (F) 24

Peter's Hall
2341 Leung a Luk 40 Pedlar Poon Yu Diamond
2342 Luk She (F) 36

2343 Tang a Hung 24 Dyer Soon Tak La Grange
2344 Mak Lui Sum 22 Carpenter Sun Tak  Peter's Hall
2347 Tang a Shan 19 Servant Sam Sui Peter's Hall
2348 Leung a Kai 37 Carpenter Sun Tak Peter's Hall
2349 Leung a I 23 Barber Kain chew Schoon Ord
2350 Leung a Sy 24 Servant Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2351 Chan a Kong 24 Servant Sam Sui Ogle
2352 Mak a Chi 24 Pedlar Sai Nam Peter's Hall
2353 Li a Shing 26 Dyer Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2354 U Kan Tso 20 Thread maker Koo Yu La Grange
2355 U a Shu 35 Pedlar Sun Ing  La Grange
2356 Yik Lin Sam 33 Pawn broker Pok Loh Diamond
2357 Pun a Yik 26 Pedlar Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2358 Leung a Chun 26 Butcher Soon Tak La Grange
2359 Cheung a Tim 21 Button maker Hoi Ping Ogle
2360 Li a Ming 24 Cook Sam Sui La Grange
2361 Luk a Pun 39 Butcher Sam Sui La Grange
2362 Chun a Lung 32 Pedlar Nam Hoey Diamond
2363 Ching a Fuk 23 Blacksmith Sun Tak Ogle Ching
2364 Li a Fuk 34 Barber Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2365 Kwan a Shing 30 Servant Nam Hoey La Grange
2366 Yeung Fung Shan 20 Servant Pee Kin Schoon Ord Yeung
2367 Lai Chin Long 19 Pedlar Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2368 Kwok a Wo 31 Pedlar Sam Sui La Grange
2369 Ma a Tsune 26 Barber Nam Hoey La Grange
2370 Li a Tak 20 Labourer Hok San Ogle Lee-A-Tak, Lee Ting-A-Kee, Hing, Cheong, Choo-Qui, Ching-A-Sue, Lam, Paul, Kissoon, Ho-A-Shoo, Allyson, Ayres, Leow, Yan, Wong, Chang, Daly, Venn, Chin, Chan, Self, Moore, Hockley, Mulette, Mallalieu. Wong-A-Foe, Andrews, Ching, Paulin, Ng-Wan, Kirkpatrick, Boother, Lieu, Hugh, McWatt, Phillips, Perreira, Laurence, Watts, Jackson, Brook, Oalkey
2371 Chan a Yung 22 Barber Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2372 Ho a Yuk 21 Cook Poon Yu La Grange
2373 Wong a Tso 22 Artificial flower maker Poon Yu Diamond
2374 Tang Li Ching 28 Labourer Poon Yu Schoon Ord
2377 Cha She (F) 19

2378 Chan a Sy 22 Brick layer Soo Voii Better Hope
2379 Fong She (F) 38

Better Hope
2380 Tam a Chui 23 Drugginst Fa Yune Houston
2380 Chan Tsak Ting 32 Labourer Sun Tak Better Hope Chan
2381 Wai She (F) 34

Better Hope
2382 Li a Ming 30 Labourer Luk Fung Schoon Ord
2383 Chan She (F)

Schoon Ord
2384 Wong a Kat 27 Labourer Hoi Ping Schoon Ord
2385 Leung She (F)

Schoon Ord
2386 Wong a Tak 25 Servant Hoi Ping  Ogle
2387 Yip She (F) 34

2388 Lo a Sy 25 Carpenter Koo Ming Ogle
2389 Chan She (F) 22

2390 Cheung Man Fai 27 Servant Yan Tak Schoon Ord
2391 Li She (F)

Schoon Ord
2392 Kong a Chiu 38 Servant Nam Hoey Better Hope
2393 Wan She (F) 38

Better Hope
2394 To a Fuk 31 Servant Poon Yu La Grange To
2395 Lam She (F) 38
Nam Hoey La Grange
2396 Wong a Pan 29 Labourer Poon Yu Haags Bosche
2396 Yeung Tak Yan 29 Labourer Wun Fui Houston
2397 Tai a Yan 23 Servant Sun wee La Grange
2398 Tan Sap Ng 22 Pedlar Thung Kun Better Hope
2399 Ma a Hung 19 Cook Poon Yu Ogle
2400 Wong a Hing 33 Labourer Poon Yu Farm
2401 Tso King Po 33 Barber Sim Chow Better Hope
2402 Chan a Yune 30 Carpenter Nam Hoey La Grange
2403 Ng a Lin 25 Servant Poon Yu Haags Bosche
2404 Yeung a Tsung 21 Weaver Nam Hoey La Grange
2405 Lai a Yau 19 Servant Yeung San Farm
2406 Wong a Sam 42 Labourer Kwee Sin Schoon Ord
2407 Ho Sam Sing 19 Pedlar Nam Hoey Farm
2408 Yip a Pui 30 Pedlar Sam Sui Haags Bosche
2409 Fung a Tsan 22 Servant Nam Hoey La Grange
2410 Chau a Sai 30 Pedlar Koo Yu Farm
2411 In a Shing 32 Cook Sun Hing Farm
2412 Wong Wing Cheung 24 Servant Nam Hoey Better Hope
2413 U a Sik 35 Labourer Hok San Haags Bosche
2414 Li a Luk 24 Sailor Lo Ting Chew Better Hope
2415 Tsoi a Yan 20 Barber Thung Kun Diamond
2416 Wong a Wing 20 No trade Sun Ing Farm
2417 Li a On 26 Cooper Koo Yu Better Hope
2418 U Chin In 38 Labourer Nam Hoey Farm
2419 Chong a Yau 25 Servant Fa Yune Schoon Ord
2420 Tam a Po 21  Servant Sin Fai Schoon Ord
2421 Kwok a Hoi 21 Druggist Nam Hoey Diamond
2422 Lo a Hing 25 Servant Sam Sui Ruimveldt
2423 Mak a Hing 30 Labourer Koo Ming Diamond
2424 Tam a Chick 30 Servant Soon Tak Peter's Hall
2425 Ching a Sui 20 Pedlar Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2426 Li a I 29 Pedlar Nam Hoey Houston
2427 Li Man Tse 22 Servant Poon Yu Ruimveldt
2428 Tang a Tsune 20 Painter Sam Sui Better Hope
2429 Lung a Hung 27 Servant Koo Yu Diamond
2430 Li a Yik 19 No trade Nam Hoey Ruimveldt
2431 Yeung a Fu 18 Pedlar Hok San  Ruimveldt
2432 Li a Ki 18 Servant Poon Yu Houston
2433 Mak Ma Tan 21 Servant Nam Hoey Ruimveldt
2434 Lau a Yin 18 Labourer Poon Yu Schoon Ord
2435 Leung a Fuk 24 Servant Koo Yu Peter's Hall

U a Yee

26 Barber Hok San Schoon Ord U, Lam, Wu-Ming, Lee, Ming, Hing, Sookoo, Kwok, DaSilva-Jardine, Chang, Loy, King, Hussein, Perreira 
2437 Lam Ying Chung 19 Servant Poon Yu Schoon Ord
2438 Ng a Fan 18 Servant Sam Sui Schoon Ord
2439 Wong Tsi Shan 32 Pedlar Thung Kun Haags Bosche Wong
2440 Yip She (F) 34

Haags Bosche Wong
2441 Wong King Chu 4
Thung Kun Haags Bosche
2442 Lam a Fuk 25 No trade Chen Siang Ruimveldt
2443 Chan She (F) 16

Ruimveldt Tang
2444 Li a Kwai 32 Cloth dealer Hoi Ping Ruimveldt
2445 U She (F) 28
Leong Sun Ruimveldt
2446 Chu Tsok In 26 Servant Nam Hoey Houston
2447 Yeung She 40

Alms House
2448 Chan a Man 26 Labourer Poon Yu Diamond
2449 Wong She (F) 30

2450 Chau a Tsing 24 Weaver Soo Vooi Peter's Hall
2451 Leung She (F) 17

Peter's Hall Yap
2452 Ho a Kam 24 Carpenter Poon Yu Farm
2453 Sui she (F) 18

2454 Li Chung Nam 27 Pedlar Thung Kun Haags Bosche
2455 Chan She (F) 32

Haags Bosche
2456 Leung a Shing 10

Haags Bosche
2457 Lau a Fuk 24 Servant Wai Chew Schoon Ord
2459 Kong Tsune Shing 20 Sailor Wai Chew Farm
2460 Leung She (F) 18

2461 Chan a Wan 26 Servant Sun Wee Diamond
2462 Ho She (F) 26

2463 Fong Tak Kang 20 Weaver Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2464 Ng Shun Kit 26 Pedlar Poon Yu Farm
2465 Lau Yin Tsan 24 Cook Nam Hoey Farm
2466 Chee a Kwai 22 Green grocer Pok Loh Schoon Ord Chee
2467 Lam a Wan 21 Druggist Pok Loh Peter's Hall
2468 Lau Sin Sheng 22 Barber Tai Poo Schoon Ord
2469 Lau a Yuk 20 Servant Nam Hoey Ruimveldt
2470 Li a Shui 28 Labourer Soo Voii Ruimveldt
2471 Chou a Fun 21 Servant Nam Hoey Diamond
2472 Chan Ting In 24 Servant Poon Yu Better Hope
2473 Lo a Shung 21 Painter Soon Tak Diamond Lo
2474 Lau a Ho 21 Button maker Tam Sui Haags Bosche
2475 Tsang Nam Shing 22 Blacksmith Cheung Yune Better Hope
2476 Kwan a Fo 24 Servant Nam Hoey Houston
2477 Pun a Shui 22 Green grocer See Vooi Ruimveldt
2478 Chan a Sing 28 Pedlar Nam Hoey Haags Bosche Chaw
2479 Ho a Fat 20 Servant Cheung Yune Ruimveldt
2480 Low Tai Fat  

2482 Lau a Tsing 16 Pedlar Sam Sui Peter's Hall
2482 Chau Ka Ming 27 Pedlar Koo Yu Diamond
2483 Ho a Ming 19 Servant Poon Yu Better Hope


Chun a Sho


Tea maker Nam Hoey Houston
2485 Cheung Ka Choi 25 Brick layer Soo Voii Ruimveldt
2486 Leung a Tai 22 Weaver Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2487 Leung a In 21 Servant Sam Sui Peter's Hall
2488 Li a Tung 21 Pedlar Nam Hoey Ruimvledt Li
2489 Lui a Kan 22 Servant Hok San La Grange
2490 Li a Shing 23 Pedlar Nam Hoey Haags Bosche
2491 Li Chin Kai 23 Pedlar Thung Kun Haags Bosche
2492 Lau a Ping 24 Druggist Nam Hoey Peter's Hall
2493 Li a Chun 31 Servant Nam Hoey Peter's Hall Li
2494 To a Hu 28 Weaver Nam Hoey La Grange
2496 Shing a Shui 18 Labourer Sun Wee Haags Bosche
2497 U a Fong 26 Labourer Nam Hoey Haags Bosche
2498 Ng a Shick 20 Labourer Nam Hoey La Grange
2498 Lai a Kwai 28 Labourer Cheng Yune La Grange
2499 Lui a Chu 28 Servant Nam Hoey La Grange
2500 Li a Wan 29 Pedlar Thung Kun Haags Bosche
2501 Ho Kum Leung 23 Boat builder Poon Yu Diamond
2502 Tsoi She (F) 24

2503 Leung a Mong 34 Pedlar Heung San La Grange
2504 Wong a On 33 Sailor Koo Yu Schoon Ord
2505 Chan a Luk 25 Tobacco packer Fook Kin Schoon Ord
2506 Lai a Yune 24 Pedlar Nam Hoey Houston
2507 Li a San 23 Barber Lung Choon Schoon Ord
2508 Sui a Shing 40 Servant Kwee Sin Schoon Ord
2509 Chan a Fuk 20 Boat builder Thong Kun Houston
2510 Kwok a Cheung 24 Labourer Poon Yu Ruimveldt
2511 Chan a Chung 41 Pedlar Sun Own  Houston
2512 Yip a Chui 18 Sailor Sam Sui Houston
2513 Leung a Pi 26 Labourer Koo Yu Diamond
2514 Li a Nam 28 Button maker Sam Sui Diamond
2516 Chin a Tun 18 Servant Sun Tak La Grange
2517 Leung Shing Tsing 28 Carpenter Sun Tak Diamond
2518 Lam a Lui 21


Poon Yu Diamond
2519 Lo a In 21 Weaver Nam Hoey La Grange
2519 To Tsy Yune 32 Flower dealer Sun Tak Houston
2520 Chan a Muk 22 Labourer Sun Ing  La Grange
2521 Ching a Yune 38 Labourer Fooi Chow Schoon Ord
2523 Lo a Kwan 23 Servant Nam Hoey Farm
2523 Li She (F) 15

Farm Yeung
2524 Chan a Ho 38 Servant Hoey Ping Ruimveldt
2525 Lui She (F) 23

2526 Li a Ka 23 Servant Thung Kun Peter's Hall
2527 Ho She (F) 16

Peter's Hall Tak
2528 Lam a On 32 Tobacconist Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2529 Tsang She (F) 32

Schoon Ord
2530 Chau a Tim 24 Brick layer Sun Tak Peter's Hall
2531 Lai a Sow 32 Labourer Chen Siang Ogle
2532 Ho a Tak 31 Tinsmith Sam Sui Better Hope
2533 Cheung In Pun 39 Weaver Nam Hoey Better Hope


Chan Moon


Servant Nam Hoey Peter's Hall

Fung-A-Shing, Chan, Ho-A-Shoo, Lees, Hugh, Cheong, Chee-A-Tow, Knight, Sheppard, Smith, Da Silva D'Orban, Hasell, Stuck, Ward, Cripps, Bilton, Forter, Tryhane

2535 Lau Ping Ching 27 Servant Sam Sui Peter's Hall
2536 Chan a Kwan 20 Servant Sun Vooi Schoon ord


Lung a On


Pedlar Nam Hoey Farm
2538 Lui a King 31 Pedlar Nam Hoey Houston
2539 Au a Tong 19 Servant Nam Hoey Ruimveldt
2540 Ho a Pak 20 Bamboo splitter Sam Sui Ruimveldt
2541 Li a Chung 20 Servant Koo Yu Ruimveldt
2542 Lai a Pak 21 Servant Koo Yu Peter's Hall
2543 Li a Cheung 26 Brick layer Poon Yu Peter's Hall
2544 Wong a Sai 26 Servant Nam Hoey Farm
2545 Au a Yat 28 Servant Sam Sui Better Hope
2545 Tang Wan Ying 21 Tea maker Cheung Yune Farm
2546 Pun a Ping 30 Money changer Sun Tak Diamond
2547 Wong a Leung 22 Carpenter Soo Vooi Farm
2549 Yeung a Kwan 28 Carpenter Yeung San Farm Yeung
2550 Luk a Chun 23 Tea maker Sun Wee  Farm
2551 Chan San Kin 24 Brick layer Sam Sui Ogle
2552 So a Ying 26 Carver So Tai Yun Ogle
2553 Ng a Ting 30 Labourer Nam Hoey Haags Bosche
2554 Li a Kwai 31 Labourer Pok Loh Haags Bosche
2555 Ho a Tak 23 Barber Nam Hoey Houston
2556 Wong a Tsune 23 Labourer Thung Kun Haags Bosche
2557 Chung a Tsune 31 Servant Kain Chew Schoon Ord
2558 Li Kum Fuk 34 Servant Nam Hoey Farm
2559 Ku a Tim 34 Button maker Hok San Farm


Wong a Tsau


Labourer Thung Kun Ruimveldt
2561 Lau a Chu 25 Labourer Yeung San La Grange
2562 Chan a On 28 Green grocer Chui Chu Haags Bosche
2563 Chan Tsing On 33 Money changer Nam Hoey Houston
2564 U a Kong 34 Glass maker
2565 Pak a Chan 25 Joss stick maker Cheung Yune Houston
2566 Wong a Yau 23 Servant Sun Wee Houston
2567 Lo a I 23 Labourer Koo Yu Haags Bosche
2568 Chan Sam Tsune 28 Tea maker Poon Yu Farm
2569 Tsi a Yan 32 Pedlar Thung Yune Haags Bosche
2571 Au Kum Ming 21 Servant Sun Wee Farm
2572 Chan a Moi 38 Cook Poon Yu Farm
2573 Tsoi a Kwok 28 Servant Sun Tak Farm
2574 Ho a Sam 20 Pedlar Sun Wee Ruimveldt
2575 Yeung a Hang 20 Servant Nam Hoey Farm
2576 Leung a Sham 26 Coppersmith Sun Tak Peter's Hall
2577 Ho a Kwai 39 Labourer Nam Hoey La Grange
2578 Au She (F) 32

La Grange
2580 Choi She (F) 22


Chu a Kong 17 Pedlar Cheung Yune La Grange

Lau Loi Fat 32 Pedlar Nam Hoey Ruimveldt

Mok Chi Ching 26 Tobacconist Kain Chew Schoon Ord

Tang Yan Kuk 24 Labourer Poon Yu Schoon Ord

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