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General Genealogy Sites

Family Search The long-awaited on-line search of the LDS (Mormon) archives. You can order a handy Dutch Genealogy word list; but the best deal is their free genealogy software, Personal Ancestral File.

Ancestral Findings  Will do 1 search per day for free. It also has lot of stuff.

Ellis Island- a website which was founded by The Statue Of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. under the leadership of Lee Iacocca. The American Family Immigration History Center contains a database of the immigration records online. Quite an ambitious project !

Ancestry.com has a ton of stuff.

National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) is in Washington D.C., U.S.A. It has some good information.

Social Security Death Index is free. It might not included every american who has a social security number, who had passed away.

Geneanet has a free research database index with 12 million entries. You can do the search by country.

A handy Birthdate calculator when all you have are death date and the exact age in years, months and days. Often you find this information on tombstones.

Headstone Hunter is where you could find a volunteer (out of 5,500 volunteers) to look up information at the distant cemetery that the volunteer lives close by. You could be a volunteer in your area, too.

Genealogy Freebies. Free charts, free forms, free softwares, free lessons, free cliparts, etc.
  at Searchforancestors.com
  at Censusdiggins.com
  at 1stopfreeshop.com
  at Carolinacuzins.org
  at Genealogysearch.org
  at genealogypages.org

Internet Genealogical Directory - Just type in "Genealogy" and you get a list of links

Partial List of Survivors of the Titanic which arrived at the Port of New York - It took a long time to load this page.

Canadian Immigrant has a database of passengers

Cyndi's List You should have started here, but we'll list it anyway. The GSFA is listed of course.

Belgian Genealogy Sites

Belgium Genealogy - How to find your Roots in Belgium
The Emigrants from the Waasland (Northeast Flanders, Belgium ) to the United States and Canada,  1830 - 1950
Maintained by Georges Picavet

ALSO on Georges' site: how to get on the BELGIUM-ROOTS mailing list. This generates a lot of mail, but it is both interesting and helpful to the researcher. Don't worry, it's easy to get off it, so try it for a while.  To subscribe, send an e-mail message saying only "subscribe" in the subject, to BELGIUM-ROOTS-D@rootsweb.com. The "D" is for Digest; that way 20 messages or so come in one mailing rather than separately. If you don't mind a couple hundred messages a week (don't feel bad about deleting them if the subject line looks boring), get them individually by subscribing to BELGIUM-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com.

Benelux Newsgroup on Genealogy: news:soc.genealogy.benelux

Database Akten West-Vlaanderen: In Dutch - There is two parts: 'Burgerlijke Stand' is government while 'Parochieregisters' is church. Each part is divided into Birth/Baptism (Geboorten/Dopen), Marriage (Huwelijken) and Death (Begrafenissen/Overlidjens). When you choose the subgroup, click on the last one of the three ovals at the bottom (Zoekscherm). All the records are in West Flanders.

Death Cards  Helena Goertzen has Doodsbreven on-line. Not a lot (compared to the thousands in the GSFA library) but worth a look. Send yours in. Also at this site.

GEchanges a free Belgian genealogy registry; see if somebody else is working on your family

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Familiekunde - V.V.F. (Flemish Association for Family History) is a large genealogical society in Flanders. It is in Dutch.

Heruitgeverij (Historical Re-Editing) Check their catalog for your relatives. They also publish Belgian history books

Danielle's NY - NJ Genealogy, lots of Dutch surnames.

Laukens family genealogy - mostly in Dutch but they will help you with the translation. Almost every Laukens in Belgium can trace their roots to the village Achel (near Dutch border).

Belgian-USA Emigration, from the Belgian Government.

If you are doing your genealogy in East Brabant area, Genealogie in het Hageland is working hard to put datas online. This is in English and Dutch.

Belgium War Graves contains some names of Belgian soldiers who died during WWI. It has a list of graves in England, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Beligum. Keep at it as sometimes it couldn't find the link.

GenealogyLinks.net has a good page on Belgium Genealogy links.

Genealogie en geschiedenis van Sint-Amands website. Sint Amands is a town southwest of Antwerpen - in Dutch only

If you were told that you have Black Dutch in your heritage, find out more at this Black Dutch link .

Belgian Info
Ergane A translator program (near the bottom of the page) that not only works, but is freeware! It translates words and phrases from one language into Esperanto, then into another language. You use the main program with as many language dictionaries as you want to download - there are dozens. The required files (you may need some DLL's, which are provided; get them all) plus English, Dutch, Latin and French dictionaries total around 10 Megabytes. You can also get phrases and words translated at their website.

WinTran, a shareware Dutch translator that works with your word processor. It has a limited vocabulary (unless you register) and it can be tricky to set up. You need a PC and PKUNZIP.

    For Windows 3.1 (897.5K)
    For Windows 95 (979.8K)

Babelfish will translate web pages on-line between English & Dutch or French or some others.

Learn Dutch....this site builds your vocabulary, gives you the feeling of the language, and has sound files so you can hear the pronunciation. Do it before they start charging for it!!

Woorboek Genealogical Dutch to English Dictionary

On-Line Dictionaries including Dutch

Freeware Dictionaries, Dutch, Latin, French, etc., only for Windows

Flemish First Names - See which Flemish name(s) corresponds to any Latin name you might find in the records. If you can't use the above link - try this link and click on Europe>Names>Flemish First Names.

Music & Art

 Oxalys is a chamber music group in Brussels.

   Hear the Belgian national anthem and read the words in French, Flemish and English ...NOT the Flemish anthem (we're looking)

Here's the text of the Flemish anthem

Another text of the Flemish anthem but this one is from Flanders Authority.

Tintin  Belgium's most famous cartoon character. Bigger than the Smurfs.

Manneken Pis  Mannie is all some people know of Belgium. An animated website and you can download wallpaper and screensaver or send a greeting card from this site.


Belgians Abroad

Belgium Ad-Valvas  (Internet directory for Belgium) In Dutch or French only.

Babel Belgians Abroad Electronic Link

U.S. Embassy , Brussels (Information Services)

Belgian Phone book

Belgium in Internet - some of the links are in English.

Geographic and City Information

Map of Belgium at the U. of  Texas

Belgium on CityNet (tourism)

The Embassy Page

Flanders Coast

South Brabant province, down in Waloonia (in English)

Steden Links to many more Belgian city sites. This site is in Dutch, but it's self-explanatory and a good place to browse. If you like old pictures and history, want to know who won the bicycle races, or just need to know when the recycling center is open in Berlaar, start here. You'll feel at home soon.

Tielt Town Hall
Other city sites:
Try Belgian cities in this format - www.city.be - you replace the word city with a Belgian city of your choice to check if they have a website in that city. If you do find a link to a town that is not listed in here, please send me an email.

Aalst City info, plus some genealogy
Antwerp (In English)
Izegem in West Flanders
Koksijde - click on 'English' for English version.
Mechelen - in Dutch
Oostende (In English)
Poperinge  a town in West Flanders - Click on EN for English version.
Sint Gillis Waas
Waregem - in Dutch

Miscellany - history, clubs, etc.

The Belgium Club of St. Boniface - Manitoba, Canada

Rural Belgium in the 19th century

Volk in Nood A Flemish charity, mostly in Dutch with some English pages and more coming. We've challenged them to educate more Americans about Flemish history, roots and politics. They have a great Links page if you're in the mood for surfing Belgium. A freebie: a currency translator, including Euros. Download dll.zip, euroe.exe and ocx.zip, about 600K.

Flemish Republic   &    Flemish Government (In Dutch)
Separatism is alive and well. If you think Flemish equals Belgian, you'd better check these out.

Why do the Flemish celebrate on  July 11? It all started in 1302

CIA FactBook on Belgium

Belgian State Archives

World Wide Walloons has much info, including new Belgian town pictures.

Family Genealogy Web sites

Genealogy pages of Ronald van de Vijver - Lots of names

Faas, Kroes; from Biervliet, Zeeland, Wayne County, NY.

De Bootje Gazette:  Bob DeBoo's family

Eric Beeman in Ann Arbor, Mich.:  Vandenbossche, Michaux, Beeckman, Decoster

The (Van) Landschoot Family Home Page - Hans Van Landschoot of Beligum, is researching on the surname Landschoot. He is in touch with the Landschoots of Michigan and New York. He would love to get in touch with any Landschoots in Illinois or Iowa. He has about 1400 names in his files. Lots of photos on this website!

De Clercq/De Clerck Family Genealogy - In either Dutch or English.

De Familienaam Rog(ghe)man(ns) - the surname Rogman (other variations are Rogmans, Roggman, Roggmann) - in Dutch with some English.

Send us your website URL's, with surnames and towns!

Non-Genealogy but Still Interesting

Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY makes beer the Belgian way, and has interesting info at their site about why Belgian beer is different from American beer. LOTS different!  Plus lots of Belgian stuff to buy, like Tintin posters and Duvel Beer t shirts. The dark Abbey-style is really good.

Belgian Style   Multimedia guide to Belgian beer, from an American importer

The Belgian Shop: still more beer

Belgian Recipes and traditions

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