Breconshire Old Maps



Tretwr(Tretower)   early 1600s.  Estate map

Tretwr(Tretower)  early 1600s (detail of map above, showing village and castle)

Brecon. 1610 John Speed

Brecknock . 1610  Christopher Saxton/William Kip

Brecknockshire.   1645  Blaeu in Atlas Novus, vol.4

Brecknockshire .  ca.1695  John Seller ( republished by Francis Grose, 1787)
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Brecknockshire, Radnorshire   1718  Thomas Taylor in The Principality of Wales exactly described
National Library of Wales

Brecknockshire.   1720  Emanuel Bowen and John Owen in  Britannia Depicta   The Old Map Shop

The Road from Becknock to Llanbedor.   1736  Emannuel Bowen and John Owen in Britannia Depicta

An Accurate map of Brecknockshire, Divided into it's Hundreds.   1769  G.Rollos
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Brecknockshire.  1787  Thomas Kitchin

Parts of Gloucerstershire, Breckonshire, Glamorgan, Monmouth.  1794   John Cary  

Parts of Breckonshire, Glamorgan, Carmarthenshire.  1794   John Cary  

Brecon. early 1800s

Brecknockshire.  1830 Cartographer not known, in (William)Darton's New Miniature Atlas, originally published as Miller's New Miniature Atlas(1810)          Antiquemaps-online

Brecknockshire.   1835  Joshua Archer   Classical Images

Hay on Wye. 1836 Ordnance Survey

Brecknockshire   1840  J.Archer

Brecknockshire. ca.1840  Robert Creighton

Brecknockshire.   ca.1848  Robert Creighton,  engr. J.& C. Walker for Lewis' Topographical Dictionary.

<> Brecknockshire   1855  Joshua Archer in Dugdale's Curiosities of Great  Britain  Robert Ross & Co.

Brecknockshire.   ca.1860   Joshua Archer

Brecknockshire.  1860  Joshua Archer for Dugdales England and Wales Delineated
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Breckonshire.  1860  Joshua Archer for Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales
Welsh Family History Archive

Crickhowell 1881 Ordnance Survey, 6 inches to the mile, 1st edn.

Brecknockshire   ca.1889  Ordnance Survey (detailed maps)

Crickhowell 1904 Ordnance Survey, 6 inches to the mile, 2nd edn.