New England Ministers

New England Ministers

Time of the arrival in New England of the following ministers, from
"The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" Vol. 1 (1847)
and various other sources. Additions? Send to:


Rev. John Maverick

Rev. George Phillips

Rev. John Warham

Rev. John Wilson


Rev. John Eliot


Rev. Stephen Bachiler

Rev. Thomas James

Rev. Thomas Weld


Rev. John Cotton (1585-1652) <St. Botolph's, Boston, co. Lincolnshire, Eng <Boston, MA

Rev. Edmond Hobart (1570-1646) <Hingham, co. Norfolk, Eng <Hingham, MA

Rev. Thomas Hooker

Rev. Samuel Stone

Rev. William Leveredge?


Rev. John Lathrop

Rev. John Miller?

Rev. James Noyes

Rev. Thomas Parker

Rev. Zechariah Symmes

Rev. Nathaniel Ward


Rev. John Avery

Rev. Peter Bulkley

Rev. George Burdet?

Rev. Henry Flint

Rev. Peter Hobart

Rev. John Jones

Rev. Richard Mather

Rev. John Norton

Rev. Hugh Peters

Rev. John Reyner?

Rev. Thomas Shepard

Rev. William Walton


Rev. Thomas Jenner

Rev. Samuel Newman

Rev. Ralph Partridge

Rev. Nathaniel Rogers (1598-1655) <Haverhill <grad. Emanuel Coll., Cambridge <Assington, Eng <Ipswich, MA
He was married to Margaret CRANE, dau. of Robert & Mary (Sparhawke) of Coxhall (Coggeshall?), co. Essex, Eng. It has been said that Margaret could possibly be the Aunt of Jasper Crane

Rev. John Wheelwright

Rev. Samuel Whiting


Rev. John Allin

Rev. Edmund Brown

Rev. Thomas Cobbet

Rev. Timothy Dalton?

Rev. John Davenport -- <St. Stephens, Coleman St., London <New Haven Colony
From the Winthrop Journal of 26 Jun 1637 -- "There arrived two ships from London, the Hector and the (blank). In these came Mr. Davenport and another minister, and Mr. Eaton and Mr. Hopkins, two merchants of London, men of fair estate and of great esteem for religion and wisdom in outward affairs." In the Hector came also the Lord Ley, son and heir of the Earl of Marlborough. From "The New Haven Colony" by Isabell MacBeath Calder,
published by Yale Univ. Press in 1934:
In Nov. of 1633, Davenport fled to Amsterdam to escape increasing disapproval of the Crown where the group organized their move to the New World. The group included: John and Elizabeth Davenport (left infant son in care of noble lady); Theophilus Eaton, Anne Eaton, dau. of George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester, and widow of Thomas Yale, the second wife of Theophilus Eaton; old Mrs. Eaton, his mother; Samuel and Nathaniel Eaton, his brothers; Mary Eaton, the dau. of his first wife; Samuel, Theophilus and Hannah, the children of his second wife; Anne, David and Thomas Yale, the children of Anne Eaton by her former marriage; Edward Hopkins, who on Sep. 5, 1631 had married Anne Yale at St. Antholin's in London; and Richard Malbon, a kinsman of Theophilus Eaton. Also many inhabitants of the parish of St. Stephen, Coleman St. Nathaniel Rowe (son of Owen Rowe who intended to follow); William Andrews, Henry Browning, James Clark, Jasper CRANE, Jeremy Dixon, Nicholas Elsey, Francis Hall, Robert Hill, William Ives, Geo. Smith, George Ward and Lawrence Ward. Others (probably from the neighborhood, but not members of St. Stephens): Edward Bannister, Richard Beach, Richard Beckley, John Brockett, John Budd, Ezekiel Cheever, John Cooper, Arthur Halbidge, Mathew Hitchcock, Andrew Hull, Andrew Low, Andrew Messenger, Mathew Moulthrop, Francis Newman, Robert Newman, Richard Osborn, Edward Patteson, John Reader, William Thorp and Samuel Whitehead. T

Rev. Samuel Eaton

Rev. John Fiske

Rev. John Harvard -- According to "Planters of the Commonwealth" by Banks: It is possible that the "other Minister" with Rev. John Davenport (see above) was the famous John Harvard as he arrived here this summer."

Rev. George Moxon

Rev. John Prudden

Rev. William Thompson

Rev. John Youngs (1598-1672) <grad. Cambridge <St Margarets, Southwold, co Suffolk, Eng <Salem, MA <Southold, LI
Congregation included: Robert Ackerly, Isaac Arnold, John Budd, John Conklin, Matthias Corwin, Jacob Cory, Peter Hallock, Thomas Mapes, Richard Terry, John Tuthill, William Wells


Rev. Ezekiel Rogers 1590- <Wethersfield <Bennett's Coll., Cambridge <Rowley, Eng <Rowley, MA

Rev. Robert Peck

Rev. Edward Norris

Rev. Charles Chauncy

Rev. Thomas Allen

Rev. Henry Phillips?

Rev. Marmaduke Matthews


Rev. John Knowles

Rev. Henry Whitfield

Rev. Richard Denton?

Rev. Jonathan Burr

Rev. Ephraim Hewett

Rev. Henry Smith

Rev. John Ward

Rev. William Worcester

Rev. Abraham Pierson <England <Lynn, MA <Southampton, LI <Branford, CT


Rev. Henry Dunster (1609-1658/9) <grad. Magdalene Coll, Cambridge <Baleholt, parish of Bury, co. Lancaster, Eng <Scituate, MA
He was married to Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Josse GLOVER. His mother, Anne, lived on Coleman St. and attended St. Stephens church. Josse & Elizabeth's daughter, Elizabeth, married Adam Winthrop. He was a son of Gov. John Winthrop by his third marriage.


Rev. Richard Blinman?

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