The Gene Pool: Revolutionary Petition of Patriots in Pequannock Twp., NJ
Revolutionary Petition of Patriots
in Pequannock Township

From Munsell's History of Morris Co., NJ, Pg. 275 (Publ. 1882)

Rev. Joseph F. Tuttle says that this paper is signed by one hundred and seventy-seven names, that some of these names are splendid specimens of penmanship, but others are scarcely legible; that eighteen signers made their mark. Doubtless, as Mr. Tuttle remarked, "many of these signers knew better how to hold a musket than a pen." It is said that "Colonel Joseph Jackson had the fact from his father that this association of Whigs in this township had 400 signers." It is believed that each member of the "committee of safety" had a copy of the foregoing agreement, and that if all those papers could be obtained we would find the names of over two hundred more signed thereto. But the foregoing is sufficient to show that a large majority of the leading citizens were openly pronounced in their determination to support the measures of the Continental and Provincial Congresses, and to stand firmly together for self-protection amid the perilous circumstances in which they were placed.

[May] 1776

Articles of Association of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Pequannock, in the County of Morris, pledging themselves to sustain the action of the Continental and Provincial Congresses, in defending the Constitution, signed by 180 persons.

We, the Subscribers, Freeholders and Inhabitants of the township of Pequannock, in the county of Morris and the province of New Jersey, having long viewed with concern the avowed design of the ministry of Great Britain to raise a revenue in America, being deeply affected with the cruel hostilities already commenced in Massachusetts Bay for carrying that arbitrary design into execution, convinced that the preservation of the rights and privileges of America depends, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants, do, with hearts abhorring slavery, and ardently wishing for a reconciliation with our parent state on constitutional principles, solemnly associate and resolve under the sacred ties of virtue, honor and love of our country, that we will personally, and so far as our influence extends, endeavor to support and carry into execution whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental and Provincial Congresses for defending our constitution and preserving the same inviolate, according to the resolutions of the aforesaid Continental and Provincial Congresses, firmly determined by all means in our power to guard against the disorders and confusions to which the peculiar circumstances of the times may expose us.

We do also further associate and agree, as far as shall be consistent with the measures adopted for the preservation of American Freedom, to support the magistrates and other civil officers in the execution of their duty agreeable to the laws of the colony, and to observe the directions of our committee acting.


    ALLEN, David; ALLEN, Job; BARR, George G.; BATES, Alexander; BEDFORD, Joseph; BEMAN, David; BEMAN, Josiah; BEMAN, Josiah; BERRY, Henry, Jr.; BIARD, John; BIGELOW, Jan; BIGLOW, Aaron; BIGLOW, Daniel; BIGLOW, Jabez; BIGLOW, Josiah; BLAIR, Samuel; BROWNE, John; CARDIFF, James; CARDY, John; CARRINGTON, Jonathan; CONE, John; CONE, Nathan; CONGER, Joseph; COUGH, William; COULTER, James; CRAWLEY, Charles; DAILY, James; DANELS, Benajah; DAVENPORT, Humphrey; DAVIS, Hugh; DAVIS, John; DEBOW, John; DOREMUS, John; DORMAN, Philip; DRUMMAN, William; DUNZOY, Louis Demorest; EDWARDS, William; ESLER, ConrAd; ESSELER, John; FAIRCHILD, Benjamin; FARRALL, Garrett; FARRAND, Phineas; FARRAND, Samuel; FISHER, William; FRANCISCO, Peter; FREDERICK; FREDERICK, Martin Sr.; GALLOWAY, John; GASTON, Robert; GOLDSMITH, Josias; GOULD, John; HARRIMAN, John; HARRIMAN, Joseph; HARRIMAN, Richard; HARRIS, Samuel; HARRISON, Jake; HATHAWAY, Silas; HAYWARD, Daniel; HEDDEN, Aaron; HENNION, Henry; HILER, Jacob; HILER, John; HILER, Nicholas; HILER, Peter Jr.; HILER, Peter; HILER, Philip; HINDES, James; HOFF, Charles Jr.; HOFF, Garrett; HOFF, John; HOFF, Joseph; HOFFMAN, Christian; HOLENKOUS, Philip; HOLMES, Joseph; HOPPON, Jacob; HOWARD, Hiram; HOWARD, William; HULL, Joseph; JACKSON, Daneil; JACKSON, Edward; JACKSON, J.; JACKSON, Stephen; JACOBUS, Abraham; JACOBUS, Brand; JACOBUS, Cornelius; JACOBUS, Cornelius A.; JACOBUS, James; JENNINGS, James; JOHNSON, Jonathan; JOHNSON, Peter; KELLY, Isaac; KENT, Helmer; KING, John; KINGSLAND, Edmund; LEE, John; LEONARD, Elijah; LINDLEY, Samuel; LINK, Henry; LITTLE, Peter; LOUGHENNER, Abraham; LOWERUS, Henry; LYON, Eliphalet; LYON, Jacob; MAGIE, John; MAHURIN, Seth; MARINUS, John; MARTIN, Samuel; McCONNEL, John; McPHERSON, Gillis; McRANK, Edward; McURDY, James; MILLER, Isaac; MILLER, John; MILLER, John Jr. of Jrs.; MITCHEL, James; MONTGOMERY, Michael; MOORE, Joshua; MOURISSON, Hinery; MOURISSON, Mouris; MUNSON, John; NIX, John; NORTON, James; NOX, James; PARLAMAN, John; PEAR, John; PEER, Abraham; PEER, John; PIERSON, John; PORTER, Joseph; PRICE, Philip, Jr.; PRICE, Samuel; PRICE, Thomas; PRICE, William; QUIGG, Hugh; REYNOLDS, John; RICHARDSON, John; ROBEARDS, Luman; ROBESON, John Jr.; ROBESON, John Sr.; ROBURDS, Peter; ROGERS, Joseph; RONAL, James; ROSE, William; ROSS, Isaac; ROSS, William; SALSBURY, Jonathan; SHANE, James; SHOWEN, Ada; STILES, Moses; STOCK, Henry; STUART, Charles; TALMAGE, Daniel; THARP, James; TICE, Peter; TUTTLE, Ebenezer; TUTTLE, Moses; UPHAM, William; VAN COCK, Richard; VAN DUYN, Isaac; VAN HOUTEN, Henry; VANDERPOOL, David; VANDUYNE, Jacob; VREELAND, Coon; WALTON, Mark; WANKLE, Benjamin; WELSHEAR, Thomas; WHITE, John; WIGGINS, Gershom; WILLIS, Aaron; WILSON, John; WILSON, John; WILSON, John; WILSON, Robert; YOUNG, Arthur; YOUNG, Henry; YOUNG, Martin; YOUNGS, Israel.

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