Map of Ancient New Haven, CT -- The Gene Pool

A copy of the 1641 Brockett map as shown in "Three Centuries of New Haven, 1638-1938"
by Rollin G. Osterweis, published in 1953 by Yale Univ. Press

Map of New Haven, Connecticut

(Note from JTR: The names written on this map were often difficult to read.
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SQUARE 1 (top left): Edmund Tapp, James Prudden, Peter Prudden, William Fowler, Thomas Osborne, Wid. Baldwin, An Elder, Richard Platt, Zachariah Whitman.

SQUARE 2 (top middle): Thomas James, T. Powell (?), Widow Greene, Thomas Yale, Thomas Fugill, John Punderson, John Johnson, Abraham Bell, Edward Wigglesworth, John Burwell(?), Joshua Atwater, Mrs. Constable, Mr. Mayres, John Evanse

SQUARE 3 (top right): William Thorp, Robert Hill, Wid. Williams, Andrew Low, Jeremiah Dixon, Edw. Tench(?), Anne Higginson, Mr. Lucas, Deamor(?), David Atwater, John Goffinch(?), Francis Newman, Henry Browning

SQUARE 4 (center left): Thomas Buckingham, Thomas Welch, Jo. Whitehead(?), Samuel Bailey, William Hawkins, Richard Miles, Nathaniel Axtell, Stephen Goodyear, Henry Stonehill, Thomas Gregson

SQUARE 6 (center right): Francis Brewster, Mark Nance(?), Jarvis Boykin, Benjamin Ling, Mrs. Eldred, Robert Newman, Mr. Marshall, Richard Beckley, William Andrews, John Cooper

SQUARE 7 (bottom left): Roger Alling, John Brockett, Mr. Hickocks, John Budd, William Jeanes(?), Nath Elsey(?), Robert Seeley, Benjamin Fenn, William Wilkes, George Lamberton, Thomas Jeffrey, Mr. Mansfield, Richard Hull, William Preston

SQUARE 8 (bottom center): Matthew Gilbert, Thomas Kimberly, Owen Rowe, Mr. Davenport's Walk, An Elder, Jasper Crane, John Davenport, John Chapman, John Benham, Thomas Nash, Richard Malbon

SQUARE 9 (bottom right): Richard Perry, Nathaniel Turner, Ezekial Cheever, Theophilus Eaton, David Yale, Mr. Eaton, Samuel Eaton, William Tuttle

OTHER: William Ives, George Smith, Widow Sherman, Matthew Malstron, Anthony Thompkin, John Reeder, Robert Cogswell, Mathias Hitchcock, Francis Ball, Richard Osborne, William Potter, James Clark, Edward Patteson, Andr. Hull, Saml. Wilthead, John Clark, Edw. (?), John Moss, John Charles, Richard Beach, Arthur Halbidge, William Peck, Timothy Ford, John Potter, Widow (?), Thomas Trowbridge, Henry Rutherford, John Livermore, Peter Brown, Daniel Hall(?), James Russell, George Ward, Lawrence Ward, Moses Wheeler...

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