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Daniel Lamson was the father of Hannah Lamson. She married Joseph CRANE, son of Noah & Mary (Baldwin) CRANE. Mary Baldwin was the daughter of Samuel Baldwin. It looks to me like this was the same Samuel Baldwin and Daniel Lamson that had key roles in the HORSENECK RIOTS.

Date: 09-11-95



Subj: LAMSON in Newark/Horsenk Conf: (528)


Hi Joanne. I'm descended from one of the Mass. LAMSONS (Barnabas) but he is thought by some genealogists to have been a brother of William of Ipswich, Mass, and possibly also THOMAS LAMSON of NEW HAVEN. Wouldn't the latter put a LAMSON closer to those Conn. families who migrated down into NJ? Barnabas had two sons, Joseph and Barnabas. Joseph is my ancestor. His son Barnabas stayed a while in New England but got into some hot water for chasing skirts in Essex co. Mass. I think he fathered a child there (out of wedlock) and left town (story is he went to Va).

Of William's children I don't have any knowledge.

Thomas LAMSON, according to Savage's GEN. DICT. had at least a son Jonathan bpt. 2 Mar 1645. Jonathan and Zubah (who m. Joshua Wills of Windsor Conn in 1670) are the only two children mentioned in Thomas's will of 1664. It is possible though that Jonathan had sons. It is also said that it is not known where Thomas LAMSON was bef. arriving in New Haven (by 1639).

Memorial of Elder Ebenezer Lamson of Concord, Mass by Otis E. Lamson states the following in a footnote somewhere between pp. 13-15: The earliest mention of the name of "Lamson" -variously spelled Lampson Lambson or Lambsonn, and Lamson - occurs in the vicinity of Boston, Mass., and the three men were : William Lamson, of Ipswich, Mass.; Barnabas Lamson, of Cambridge, Mass., Thomas Lamson of New Haven, Conn.

William Lamson is said to have come from England in 1634, and Barnabas Lamson came from Harwich, England in 1635. It is probable that they were brothers or at least closely related. In May, 1634, the people of Newton, now Cambridge, Mass., meditating removal, "sent men to Agawam, (this name was changed to Ipswich in August, 1634), and Merrimack, and gave out that they would move," but they emigrated to Connecticut. So that there was probably some social connection between those three places and William and Thomas may have been influenced in their choice of location in this way, while Barnabas remained in Newton. ...

Thomas LAMSON appears in New Haven, Conn., about 1639, when his name is on a list containing all the "Freemen of the Courts of New Haven." Where he came from originally, or whether he located elsewhere previously before removal to New Haven, is not known. The usual tradition of "three emigrant brothers" so popular in many genealogies, may thus have a more than probable foundation of fact in this case. - W.J. Lamson.

It might be fruitful to check into the New Haven records for some childr. of Jonathan? Just a suggestion, though Savage didn't know the names of any of the children of William of Ipswich. It's also possible that a child (son) might have been already provided for before Thomas made his will, as has happened in some of my own personal cases. By the way, on CD113 there is a genealogy: Some Descendants of Thomas

Bryant of Chester County, PA by Miram L. Luke and Frances L. Ferguson, pub. by Unigraphic, Inc, 1977 which lists the wife of Eleazer Lamson as Abigail SWAIN. Their daughter Elizabeth LAMPSON married John DODD, son of Daniel and Phoebe (BROWN) DODD of Newark, NJ. Would you have any interest in that family? Seems I've seen mention of DODDs before in some of y'all's NJ postings. The DODDs of Newark were originally a Branford, Ct family. Abigail Dodd, dau. of John and Elizabeth, married Job, son of Azariah and Rebecca CRANE. Their dau. Mary DODD m. Joseph CHANDLER; their dau. Phoebe m. Elihu WARD; their son David m. Sarah HARRISON; and Elizabeth m. Judge John PECK. Unfortunately there is no further information on Elizabeth (LAMPSON) DODD's parents, their origins or her siblings. Hope this will be some help. Barb

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