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John Chester Lackore

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John Chester LACKORE. Son of George Wilmington LACKORE & Mary Jane BALL. Born 6 Oct 1866 in Forest City, Winnebago Co., Iowa. Died 11 Jun 1943 in Hayfield, Iowa. Buried in Madison Cemetery, Hayfield, Iowa.

From Clifford Lackore: My father, John, was a farmer in good old Madison Center, Forest City, Iowa. He bought his farm one year before he was married. Back in the old days in the 1800's, I remember my father talking about some of his life out there on the Iowa prairies. There were terrible snow storms and the fine sifting snow was so thick one could hardly breathe. The fine snow blowed through the cracks of their log cabin and was so thick on the bed clothes that Dad could, and did, write his name in the snow on the cloth over his chest.

My father, when Pink and I were really small, was County Constable. I remember (faintly) his big, rusty revolver. It must have been a .38 or larger. He had only one occasion to use it (as dad told it). He had to stop a neighbor in a deal concerning a fence line. The man said, "It's a good thing I was a Christian or I would have shot you!" to which Dad replied, "Then it's a good thing you are!" Dad got rid of that old pistol before Pink and I were old enough to play with it.

Marriage Age: 30 years and 344 days
Lived: 76 years and 248 days
Marriage Length: 45 years and 269 days

He married Emelie "Millie" Henrietta PATET, daughter of August PATET & Amalia Henrietta LAU, 15 Sep 1897 in Madison Twp., Hancock Co., Iowa. Born 10 May 1872 in Iwitz, Poland. Died 2 Mar 1954 in Forest City, Winnebago Co., Iowa. Buried in Madison Twp. Cemetery, Hancock Co., Iowa.

Marriage Age: 25 years and 128 days
Lived: 81 years and 296 days
Marriage Length: 45 years and 269 days

They had the following children:

21 i. Clifford Eugene LACKORE
22 ii. Elvin Lee "Pink" LACKORE
23 iii. Irene Dorothy LACKORE
24 iv. Viola Ruth LACKORE

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    47 Cottage St., South Orange, NJ 07079-2206

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