JTR's Colorful Families - James Leamon Husted

James Leamon Husted was born in the vicinity of Waltham, Addison Co., Vermont about 1807. His parents were almost certainly James L. Husted and his wife Ruana. They were divorced about the time of James L.'s birth. I believe that Ruana was the daughter of Luther Evarts, Sr. and his wife Deborah, but this is still to be proved. In the early 1830s, Titus Husted of Nassau, Renssellaer Co., New York named his son, James, in his will. James was later found living in Greene Co., Illinois. Several of the Husted family from Addison Co., Vermont had by this time reached Greene Co., Illinois and their arrival there is well documented. A few years later, Lyman Evarts Husted, also moved to Greene Co., Illinois but died from bilious fever within 6 months. He left a family of four sons. I believe that James L. and Lyman E. were brothers. It was also during the early 1830s that James Husted, Jr's. first wife (unknown identity) died and he was left caring for his two small daughters, Laura and Matilda. He soon married Drucilla Landon, who had also migrated to Illinois from Addison Co., Vermont. After several years in Illinois, James moved his growing family to Muscatine Co., Iowa where they prospered. The only clue the family has to where James died and is buried is the note that was attached to the back of this photo and a family tradition that says he was living with his granddaughter in Des Moines in his last years. Can you help us find where James was buried and when? Do you know the identity of the mother of Matilda and Laura?

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