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By Clarence Almon Torrey, Ph.B. of Dorcester, MA
Copied from The American Genealogist Vol. 10 p. 197, Apr. 1934

The following Egleston entries from "The Register of the Parish of Settrington, 1559-1812," transcribed and edited by Francis Collins, and privately printed for The Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 1910, pertain to the family of Bygod Egleston (or Eggleston) of Windsor, Conn., and include the date of Baptism and the paternity of the emigrant. There was a family of some importance, named Bygod, in this parish, and it is believed that the mother of Bygod Egleston was a member of this family. It is likely that a search of Egleston and Bygod wills would be productive of additional data; but the contributor of this article, not having a personal interest in the family, contents himself with giving the essential clue, and will leave it to Eggleston descendants to pursue it further.

The printed register of Settrington contains a literal transcription of the entries in the original Latin. We present below an English translation, which will be more useful to the average reader, with page references for each entry, enabling those who desire to consult the original entries in the printed volume to do so without referring to the index. Dates from Jan. 1 to Mar. 24 inclusive are old style.

Entries From the Register of the
Parish of Settrington, 1559-1812

1586 Feb 20 Bygod s. of James Egleston Page 11
1592 Oct 8 Elizabeth d. James Egleston Page 14
1595 Nov 2 Janet d. James Egleston Page 15
1599 Dec 5 Matthew s. of John Egleston Page 17
1603 Jun 19 James s. of James Egleston Page 18
1604 Mar 31 Mary d. John Egleston Page 19
1606 Apr 6 John s. James Egleston Page 20
1607 Jul 12 Robert s. John Egleston Page 21
1608 Feb 28 Margaret d. James Egleston Page 22
1623 Dec (7) Anna d. Matthew Egleston Page 31
1625 Sep (4) Mary Egleston Page 32
1629 Apr (19) Tamizin d. Matthew Egleston Page 34
1631 Feb 3 Matthew s. Matthew Egleston Page 36
1632 Apr 25 Jane d. James Egleston Page 36
1632 Aug 23 James s. John Egleston Page 36
1634 Mar 20 Mary d. James Egleston Page 38
1635 May 10 John s. John Egleston Page 38
1637 Jan (28) Frances d. James Egleston Page 40
1640 Nov (22) Jane d. John Egleston Page 42
1640 Dec 4 James s. James Egleston Page 42
1643 Feb (25) Laurence s. James Egleston Page 45
1647 Jun 20 Peter s. James Egleston Page 46
1596 Mar 15 Janet w. John Egleston Page 58
1613 Mar 30 James Egleston Page 63
1616 Feb 22 Modwina Egleston Page 65
1633 Dec 9 John Egleston Page 69
1633 Dec 23 Jane Egleston, his wife Page 69
1634 Jan 20 Mary Egleston Page 69
1592 Nov 10 John Egleston and Janet Ranyell Page 80
1597 Nov 6 John Egleston and Modwina Tomlinson Page 81
1614 June 5 William Bainton and Julianna Egleston Page 84
1621 Feb 13 Matthew Egleston and Mary Smith Page 85
1635 Jul 27 John Avison and Margaret Egleston Page 88
1631 Nov 20 John Egleston and Ursula Fisher Page 87

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