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(1751-1832, Essex Co., New Jersey)

From Reminiscences of Montclair by Peter Doremus

Joseph Crane, the third son of Noah Crane, who with his brother Nathaniel inherited the farm under the mountain, was born in 1751, and married Hannah Lampson of Orange. He built and lived on the opposite side of the street from the old homestead, a little north of the northeast corner of Orange Road and Plymouth Street. The old grandfather home with its hallowed surroundings, the mysterious old garret with its spinning wheels and other implements for converting the home-grown flax and wool into material for family use, with the dark cellar in which were stored the bins of apples and vegetables, barrels of cider and vinegar, together with the peculiar odor of the special closet for cookies and pies, are still fresh from childhood's memory. He was a man of strong physique and marked integrity of character, interested in public affairs, the promotion of religion and education; was highly esteemed as a citizen and was an elder in the old church in Bloomfield from the time of its organization until his death. He contributed, as per subscription list still extant, L60 sterling toward the building of the church. Two of his sons were graduates of Princeton College and later ministers in the Presbyterian Church. He died October 11th, 1832. The following epitaph on his tombstone in the Bloomfield Cemetery is recognized as an honest record by the few who remember him: "As husband and father he was affectionate and faithful; as a neighbor, upright and obliging; as a citizen, patriotic and useful, and as a professor of religion, was an officer in the church in an eminent degree exemplary. He had the confidence of all that knew him. Lived esteemed and died lamented. He was a good man and full of the Holy Ghost."

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