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Genealogy of the Ball Jar Branch
from Memoirs of Frank Clayton Ball
privately printed in 1937

by Dr. G.H. Ball, after exhaustive research.

Among Lucius Styles Ball's inventions were the Ball Mason Jar,
the Egg Barrel, a Horse-Drawn Hay Rake and a Hay Press.
Five of his sons went into the family business and became
the founders of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

First Generation

1. Edward BALL Esq. Born About 1642 in New Haven, Connecticut?. Died About 1724 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. Occupation Sheriff Of Essex Co., NJ In 1693. He married Abigail BLATCHLEY, daughter of Thomas BLATCHLEY & Susanna BALL, About 1664 in Branford, Connecticut. Born About 1648 Probably in Branford, Connecticut. Died After 31 May 1698 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. They had the following children:

   2    i.  Caleb BALL I
   3   ii.  Abigail BALL
   4  iii.  Joseph B. BALL
   5   iv.  Lydia BALL
   6    v.  Moses BALL
   7   vi.  Thomas BALL

Second Generation

7. Thomas BALL. Born 1687/1688 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. Died 18 Dec 1744 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. Buried in Old Burial Grd., Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. He married Sarah DAVIS, daughter of Thomas DAVIS & Mary WARD, About 1710/1712 in Probably Newark, New Jersey. Born 1689/1690 in Essex County, New Jersey. Died 1 Feb 1778 in Essex County, New Jersey. Buried in Connecticut Farms, Union Co., New Jersey. They had the following children:

    8      i.   Timothy BALL
    9     ii.   Aaron BALL I
   10    iii.   Nathaniel BALL
   11     iv.   Apphia BALL
   12      v.   David BALL
   13     vi.   Ezekiel BALL
   14    vii.   Jonas BALL
   15   viii.   Mary BALL
   16     ix.   Rachel BALL
   17      x.   Thomas BALL
   18     xi.   Amos BALL
   19    xii.   Moses BALL

Third Generation

19. Moses BALL. Born 1735 in Newark, Essex Co., New Jersey. Died About 1775. Established the "Ball family homestead" at Springfield, New Jersey. He married Lucretia DALGLEISH. They had the following children:

    20     i.   Jonathan BALL
    21    ii.   Samuel BALL

Fourth Generation

20. Jonathan BALL. Timeline: "Canada" (Ancestors & Descendents of John Ball, LDS film 861040) He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and afterwards moved to Bridgeport, Addison Co., Vermont - then across the line to Canada, locating at Ascot and Sherbrooke. ®57 He married Sarah STYLES. They had the following children:

    22     i.   William BALL

Fifth Generation

22. William BALL. Born 31 Dec 1784. Died 1866 in Tonawanda, NY. He married Marcey HARVEY. Born 22 Jun 1784. They had the following children:

    23      i.  Sarah BALL
    24     ii.  Betsy C. BALL
    25    iii.  Lucius Styles BALL
    26     iv.  Horatio N. BALL
    27      v.  Julia A. BALL
    28     vi.  George H. BALL
    29    vii.  Edward O. BALL
    30   viii.  William H. BALL
    31     ix.  Elmira I. BALL

Sixth Generation

25. Lucius Styles BALL. Born 6 Jan 1814 in Ascot, Canada. Died 25 Jan 1878 in Canandaigua, New York. We was the father of the 5 Ball Bros. of Ball Masonry Jar fame and Ball State University. He married Maria P. BINGHAM. Born 4 Jan 1822 in Stanstead, Canada. Died 27 Apr 1892 in Muncie, Indiana. They had the following children:

    3      i.   Lucina Amelia BALL
    33    ii.   Lucius Lorenzo BALL
    34   iii.   William Charles BALL
    35    iv.   Edmund Burke BALL
    36     v.   Frank Clayton BALL
    37    vi.   Mary Frances BALL
    38   vii.   George Alexander BALL
    39  viii.   Clinton Harvey BALL

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Memoirs of Frank Clayton Ball, 1937 (privately printed/U of O library has copy)

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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:15:22 -0400
From: Rick Petty
Subject: Update

I enjoyed reading the information on the Ball family. My great grand father was Frank Clayton Ball. The references to the Genealogy of the "Ball Jar" Branch is not completely correct. Lucius Styles Ball did not invent the Mason Jar and in fact had nothing to do with what is referred to today as Ball Corporation. Actually Frank C. and Ed B. Ball founded what was then Ball Brothers Company with the production of Wood Jacket Cans. Having extra glass making capacity, and with the Mason patent expiring, they realized that they could create fruit jars. As the business grew, Frank and Ed asked the other brothers to join the business. When a fire destroyed their factory in Buffalo NY they relocated they business to Muncie IN due to the abundance of cheap natural gas in the area.

I hope this has been of some help. Please let me know if I can provide any further information.

Rick Petty

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