Descendants of William Ellis Davidson and Drucilla Hill Return


Descendants of William Ellis DAVIDSON

First Generation

1.   William Ellis DAVIDSON was born 1816 in Barren County, Kentucky. He died 19 May 1857 
in Izard County, Arkansas and was buried in Hills Chapel Cemetery, Izard County, Arkansas.
William married Drucilla C. HILL on 13 Sep 1838. Drucilla was born 1818 in Kentucky. 
She died after 1880 in Arkansas.
They had the following children:
   +   2   F   i.   Mary F. DAVIDSON was born 1839.
   +   3   M   ii.   Westal DAVIDSON was born 1843.
      4   F   iii.   Isabelle DAVIDSON was born 1855 in Arkansas.

Second Generation

2.   Mary F. DAVIDSON (William Ellis) was born 1839 in Kentucky.
Mary married Joseph B. LOVE on 16 Nov 1865.
They had the following children:
      5   M   i.   Ewing LOVE was born 1866 in Texas.
      6   M   ii.   Thomas LOVE was born 1868 in Texas.
      7   F   iii.   Josephine LOVE was born 1876 in Texas.
3.   Westal DAVIDSON (William Ellis) was born 1843.
Westal married Prussia GARDNER. Prussia was born 1852 in Tennessee.
They had the following children:
      8   F   i.   Anna DAVIDSON was born 1877 in Arkansas.

Appendix A  -  Notes

1.  William Ellis DAVIDSON
"Cecil Jones" 
... an inventory of his estate was ordered July 14, 1857.

1850 Lawrence County, Arkansas  Dwg 74 Richwood's Twp 
Davidson William E.  33 m     Kentucky 
Davidson Drucilla C. 32 f    Kentucky 
Davidson Mary F. 11 f       
Davidson Westil E. 07         
Wilson Isaac 20 m

1870 Sharp County, Arkansas  p356/41 Richwoods Twp Ash Flat P.O. 
Davidson W. E. (Westal Ewing) 27 M Farmer   Kentucky 
Davidson Drucilla 55 F Mother   Kentucky 
Galaway Mary 18 F     Arkansas 
Harper Richard 12 M     Missouri 
Davison/Tenison? Robert 19 M     Alabama

1880 Izard County, Arkansas  page /fm 156 LaCrosse Twp 
Davidson Westal M 36   Farmer Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky 
Davidson Prussia (nee Gardner) F W 28 wife Keeping House Tennessee North Carolina Tennessee 
Davidson Anna W F 3 dau   Arkansas Kentucky Tennessee 
Davidson Drucilla W F 65 mother (w/o Wm. Ellis Davidosn) Kentucky South Carolina South Carolina 
Davidson Fannie W F 16 Cousin   Arkansas Kentucky Tennessee 
Love Ewing W M 14 nephew works on farm Texas Tennessee Kentucky 
Love Thomas W M 12 nephew works on farm Texas Tennessee Kentucky 
Love Josephine W F 4 niece   Texas Tennessee Kentucky 
Bandy John M 28 boarder farm laborer Virginia Virginia Virginia

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