Adding a WorldConnect Search Box

Many of us have chosen to use RootsWeb WorldConnect Project as a way to share our family trees on the Internet. You might like to add a little style to your database presentation rather than just the plain pages RootsWeb presents. See WorldConnect and CSS for some tips on how to accomplish that.

RootsWeb also provides instructions for adding a WordConnect Search box to your site. 

Be aware that the code as given in the RootsWeb instructions will NOT work without the additon of ancesty to the url.

Plain Text Link

You may choose to use something as simple as a plain text link to your WorldConnect database as has been done on my Little Family Genealogy site.

Clicking the Search the Database link will take you to the appropriate database. The code I have used is shown below:

<a href="" title="Little Family Family Genealogy Database at World Connect - Search It!">Search the Database</a>

You will need to change the name of the database to your name db=littlefamily if you choose to use this type of link.

NOTE: The search boxes shown as examples on this page are IMAGES not the actual boxes that will be generated.

WorldConnect Example 1

HTML and CSS for this search box WorldConnect Search Example 1

Screenshot of WC Example 1.

WorldConnect Example 2

HTML and CSS see WorldConnect Search Example 2

Screenshot of WC Example 2.

WorldConnect Example 3

HTML and CSS see WorldConnect Search Example 3

Screenshot WC Example 3.

WorldConnect Example 4

HTML and CSS see WorldConnect Search Example 4

Screenshot WorldConnect Example 4.