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Cemetery id - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Amity Methodist Cemetery, Amwell.   Website
Amity Presbyterian Cemetery   Website
Associate Presbyterian Graveyard, Burgettstown   Website
Bamford Plot, Carroll Twp      
Bandel Family Cem. Eighty Four, Somerset Twp., Washington Co., PA    
Barnabas McNamee Cemetery, West Pike Run Twp.    
Beallsville Cemetery, Beallsville, PA see Website   Debbie Day
Bell Burial Ground, West Finley Twp    
Belle Vernon Cemetery, Bele Vern. Sta. 724-929-5266    
Bentley Cemetery, Somerset Twp    Archives
Beth Israel Cemetery    
Bethany Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Old), Bridgeville    
Bethel Church Cemetery   Archives
Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Cumberland)    
Bethel Ridge Cemetery, Jefferson Twp    
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery, Scenery Hill      
Binn-Moody Cemetery, West Pike Run Twp    
Blachley Stone Cemetery, Franklin Twp
Boyle Family (Roman Catholic) Cemetery     Web pages
Braden Cemetery   Website
Brush Run Cemetery (Peters Creek United Presbyterian) 250 Brookwood Rd., Venetia, 15367   Web Pages
Buckingham Cemetery   Website
Burgettstown Presbyterian (Old) Graveyard   Website
Calvary Cemetery (Catholic), near Charleroi PA   Web Pages
Carroll Cemetery   And on Archives
Center United Presbyterian Cemetery, 50 Bowen Road, Midway, PA 15060    Web Pages
Chapel Cemetery    
Charleroi Cemetery Photos    
Chartiers Cross Roads Presbyterian Cemetery (see also Cross Creek Cemetery)     Web pages
Cemetery id  - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Chartiers Hill Cemetery    
Cherry Valley Cemetery    
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, 76 S Kings Creek Rd., Burgettstown, 724-729-3642 (The cemetery is located on the south side of Steubenville Pike, about halfway between Florence and Paris per K. McFarland.)    
Claysville Cemetery    
Closser & Horn   Website
Cooke Burial Ground, South Strabane Township     Archives
Covanter Cemetery   Archives
Cross Creek Cemetery   Website*
Cross Roads Presbyterian Cemetery (See Chartiers Cross Roads)     See above
Dogwood - East Finley Karen Hucko  
Donegal "Old Catholic Cemetery"   Website
Dutch Fork Cemetery   Website
East Buffalo Cemetery   Website
East Finley Cemetery      
Eastern Cemetery    
Eldersville Methodist Church, Burgettstown, PA, 724-947-2598.    
Elliott Cemetery    
Enon Church Cemetery
Tombstone Photos for Griffith and Rachel Jones
Fairmount Cemetery, East Finley, PA - LARGE FILE

Corrections page for Fairmont Cemetery.

Fairview Cemetery (index page) Munntown PA   Also on Archives
Finleyville Cemetery    
Forest Lawn Gardens    
Franklin Cemetery    
Fredericktown Cemetery, East Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., PA.      
Samuel Frye Family Cemetery, Charleroi, PA (links to PDF Files) Located in Fallowfield Twp. on the old Frye farm from way back, and out 5th St. Extension, Charleroi, PA. 
The electric station is right on the road and the cemetery is back behind that on the knoll.
Gilmore Cemetery   Website
Grable Family Cemetery   Website
Grandview Cemetery (west side of Pa. Rte. 18, approx. 1 mile north of Florence. Per K. McFarland)     
Gregg Family Cemetery   web pages
Grimes Cemetery    
Cemetery id  - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Havely Cemetery    
Hazelkirk-Van Voorhis Cemetery     Web Pages
Highland Cemetery Donna Taub Garrett Stones(5)
Hill Cemetery (Grable Farm now J. Gratz Farm) North Bethlehem Twp      Debbie Day
Hootman Cemetery, Donegal Twp.   Website
Horn Cemetery    
Horseshoe Bend Cemetery    
Horseshoe Baptist Cemetery      
Howe Cemetery, Dally Rd.   Website
Huffman-Swagler Cem., Somerset Twp.   Website
Hupp Cemetery    
Immaculate Conception Cemetery    
Independence Cemetery    
LaFayette Memorial Park, Inc, Brier Hill, 724-785-3776    
Leet Graveyard, Canton Twp.    
James Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery (aka Stone Church Cemetery), Finleyville, Union Twp, Washington Co. PA      
Lindly Private Cemetery      
Lone Pine Cemetery, Amwell Twp.   Website
Lower Ten Mile Presbyterian Church, Amity, Pa., 724-945-5592.    
Luellen Private Cemetery (Hill Private Cemetery) Centerville, PA      Debbie Day
Maple Creek Cemetery (partial) (Fallowfield) (was known as the Old Crow Cemetery- see Nov 23, 2008 email post on the PAWash List from "Cyclex") Maple Creek    
Memorial Park Cemetery    
Miller Cemetery   Website ; Archives
Mingo Cemetery, Finleyville, PA in Washington County Linda Vourlogianes Allegheny Co Website; Also on Archives
Mon Valley Memorial Park,  49 Second Street Ext., Donora 15022    
Monongahela Cemetery, Cemetery St., Monongahela, 724-258-8750   Archives
Morton Private Cemetery, Amwell Twp, Bentleyville, Washington Co PA     Also on Archives
Mount Herman Baptist Cemetery, Amwell Twp.   Website
Mount Hope Cemetery    
Mount Zion Church Cemetery     
Cemetery id  - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Mt Prospect Cemetery, 199 Main St, Hickory, PA 15340 

Mt Prospect Cemetery Select Burials - Judy Allison's List
Mt. Tabor Methodist Episcopal Cemetery      
Munntown Cemetery    
Newkirk Cemetery, off Rt 70, Bentleyville, PA     Web pages
North Liberty Street Cemetery   Website
North Ten Mile Baptist Church, Amwell Twp.   Website
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Cemetery 
Daisytown/Centerville, Washington Co., PA
    Web page
Oak Spring Cemetery (partial), 724-745-6565    Website
Ohar Sholom Cemetery    
Old California Union Cemetery   Website
Old Claysville (Purviance) Cemetery Website
Old Dutch Fork Graveyard, Donegal Twp.   Website
Old German Lutheran Church Cemetery, Somerset Township Old German Lutheran Cemetery Card      
Old Jones Cem., Somerset Twp.   Website
Old West Alexander, Donegal Twp.   Website
Olive Branch Cemetery Assoc., Rt. 981 Vele Vrn. Sta., 724-929-9506    
Our Lady Of Lourdes Cemetery    
Paris Cemetery located on PA Route 22 in Paris Pa at the WV border with Weirton WV. It was incorporated in 1881 but dates back to the 1700's. There are revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers buried there as well as a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Uriah Brown. (from Kathy Schrader)    
Payne Place Cemetery    
Peters Creek United Presbyterian Cemetery - See Brush Run Cemetery     See Web pages
Phillipsburg Cem., California   Website
NOTE!!! There are numerous Cemeteries of different denominations with the id "Pigeon Creek" in the area of Ten Mile, Washington Co., PA. To lessen confusion, always use the denomination and full title when writing about one of these cemeteries.      
Pigeon Creek Baptist Cemetery, 45 Church Road Eighty-Four, PA. 15330 (412) 225-3431


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Pigeon Creek Dunkard Cemetery 
(daughter church of Ten Mile Church of the Brethren)
Pigeon Creek Secessor Cemetery       
Pleasant Grove Cemetery East Finley Twp.       
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Amwell Twp.   Website
Polish Cemetery    
Potter Burial Grounds - West Finley Karen Hucko Website
Purviance Cem., Claysville   Website
Queen Of Heaven Cemetery, Rt. 19, South Peters Twp., 724-942-0379   Archives
Cemetery id  - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Redd Family Cemetery, Hazelkirk Rd.      
Redds Private Cemetery, Amwell Twp., Washington Co PA     Website
Rehoboth Cemetery near Belle Vernon    
Robinson's Run Cemetery Co. RD 2 McDonald, 724-926-8511 (Allegheny Co)    
Robinson United Presbyterian Church Cemetery Robinson Church, 521 Church Lane, (Bavington in Robinson Twp) Bulger, PA 15019 (724) 899-3199 (church Phone: )     Website
Rogers Cemetery    
Sacred Heart Cemetery Co., Sacred Heart Dr., Monongahela, 724-258-2885    
Saint Clements Cemetery, Ellsworth PA   Archives
Saint Domanick Cemetery    
Saint James Cemetery. West Alexander   Tombstones
Saint Johns Cemetery    
Saint Lukes Cemetery    
Saint Marys Cemetery    
Saint Marys Cemetery    
Saint Michaels Cemetery    
Saint Michaels Cemetery, Donora PA   Archives
Saint Nicholas Cemetery    
Saint Patricks Cemetery    
Salem Methodist Cemetery, West Finley   Archives
Soldiers Buried In Various Washington Co., Cemeteries     
South Buffalo Cemetery    
Speer Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg   Archives
Sprowls Cemetery   Archives
Star of David Jewish Cemetery     Webpage
Stoney Point Cemetery    
The Old Immaculate Conception Cem.    
Taylor Cemetery, 600 Old National Pike, Brownsville, 724-785-4900    
NOTE!!! There are numerous Cemeteries of different denominations with the id "Ten Mile" in the area of Ten Mile, Washington Co., PA. To lessen confusion, always use the denomination and full title when writing about one of these cemeteries.      
Ten Mile Church of the Brethren (aka German Baptist ; Dunkard), Dunkard Church Road, West Bethlehem Twp.     Debbie Day
Toland Cemetery     Archives
Cemetery id  - Gina Nestor's Location Database Photos Lookups Website
Trinity Cemetery    
Trussel Cemetery    
Tucker Chapel Cemetery      
United Presbyterian Cemetery    
Vankirk Cemetery (Johnson Farm) Cemetry, Amwell Twp.   Website
Van Voorhis Cemetery - Carroll Twp.    And on Archives
Venice Cemetery, (behind Venice Pres. Church)    
Washington Cemetery Section D   Website
Washington Cemetery, Soldiers Sec. "L"

Washington Cemetery Miller Names

Select photos from / in Washington Cemetery

Official Washington Cemetery, Washington PA

  Also photos on Archives
Weller Cemetery     Webpage
West Allegheny Cemetery    
West End Cemetery    
West Finley Cemetery from DAR's transcription

West Finley Cemetery - see below for Karen Hudko's info

  Web page
Westland Cemetery    
West Middletown Cemetery     Archives
Wise Cemetery, West Bethlehem Twp.     Debbie Day
Woodruff Memorial Park, 2095 Washington Rd., Canonsburg, 724-745-7008    
Zion Chapel Cemetery (Donegal Twp) Keyhole Quarterly  April 2007 Spring Issue Vol. XXXVI No. 2
Additional Cemeteries      
Soldier Burials in Misc. Cemeteries     Archives