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Greene County
Historical Society
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Springfield, MO 65808

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About the Greene County Historical Society....

In addition to a Brief History of the Society, this page has information on Membership and Meetings, a list of Officers, and Publications of the Society. The Society's Bylaws are also available on the website.

Brief History:

After unsuccessful attempts in 1933 and 1946 to organize a historical society, the Greene County Historical Society was organized on June 2, 1954. The purpose of the Society is to foster and maintain an interest in the history of Springfield and Greene County through programs, publications, projects, and observances.

Through the years the Society has been involved in a number of projects, either alone or in cooperation with other groups. Committees were appointed to locate and record historical sites. This eventually led to the formation of the City and County Historical Sites Boards. A push for the establishment of a room in the public library designated for historical materials resulted in the dedication of the Shepard Room in 1961. The Society was involved in the establishment of Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, as well as the establishment in 1975 of the Bicentennial Historical Museum (now History Museum on the Square.)

The official archives of the Society is housed in the Special Collections and Archives Department at Missouri State University. Learn more about accessing these materials.


Meetings of the Society are announced in the "What's New" section of this website. Visitors, guests, and new members are welcome to attend.

  • $5 annually per household
  • $100 Life (one-time payment)

Members will receive the Greene County Historical Bulletin and advance notice of Society meetings and special events. Dues can be sent to the Greene County Historical Society, P.O. Box 3466 GS, Springfield, MO 65808.


  President: John Schmalzbauer
  Vice President: Robert Chandler
  Secretary: Anne Baker
  Treasurer: Julia Armstrong
  Board Members: Bettie Hickman
    Angie Piercy
    Michael Bohlen
    Erin Smither
    Matthew Hernando
    Mara Cohen Ioannides


The following publications can be purchased through the Society by sending a check or money order to the Greene County Historical Society, P.O. Box 3466 GS, Springfield, MO 65808.

  • An Account of the Battle of Wilson's Creek or Oak Hills, by Holcombe & Adams. A soft cover, facsimile reprint of an account of the Battle of Wilson's Creek first published in 1883 for one of the early Wilson Creek veterans reunions. The 1997 revised edition contains an introduction, photos, and index, as well as the original account. Price: $8.75 postage paid.

  • The Civil War Letters of Albert Demuth and Roster of the Eighth Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. A collection of letters written to Demuth's parents in Springfield, Missouri, between 1862 and 1864. In his letters he shares his experiences of army life and freely expresses his feelings about the war. His earlier service was in the Greene County Home Guards and the Phelps Regiment and then in the 8th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry (Union) as a Captain. After the war he was elected Greene County County Clerk in 1866, serving for twelve years. The roster has been transcribed from the National Archives microfilm of the 8th Missouri Cavalry. It contains the names, company, rank, age, date and place of enlistment, and remarks concerning death, illness, hospitalizations, and transfers. Price: $8.25 postage paid.

  • Nine Months in the Infantry Service, the Civil War journal of R. P. Matthews. The journal records Matthews' experiences in the Phelps Regiment Missouri Volunteers from its organization in the fall of 1861 to its mustering out in May 1862 following the Battle of Pea Ridge. A roster of the regiment as transcribed from the National Archives microfilm is included. Price: $8.25 postage paid.


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