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Worth County obtained its territory from Dooly and Irwin counties in 1853. The county was named for Major General William J. Worth who served in the Mexican War. The Flint River forms a part of the county's western boundary. A dam on the river at the north county line creates Lake Blackshear. Pindertown, an Indian village of note in pioneer days, was located on the Flint River in Worth County. For years it had the only post office in that section of the state.

Sylvester was originally known as "Isabella Station," but in 1894 the name was changed to honor a prominent local family. The county courthouse burned down in 1982, and has since been rebuilt.

Worth County is home to Peter Pan Peanut Butter. In fact, every jar is manufactured in Sylvester. Beginning the first weekend in October, Sylvester pays tribute to the peanut by hosting the annual Georgia Peanut Festival. A parade is held downtown, featuring arts and crafts, entertainment, food and a street dance. Beauty pageants are also held to honor the Peanut Queens.

Michigan Governor Chase S. Osborne, who made his winter home in Poulan in the early 1900s, built the famous Big Poke and Little Poke mansions in Possum Lane, now tourist attractions.

Cities and towns (current & historical) are: Acorn Pond, Acree, Alford, Alfred, Alpha, Alt, Anderson City, Ansley, Arrington, Artesia, Ashburn, Att, Aultmans, Bloomfield, Bluespring, Bridgeboro, Brooks, Brookville, Brunswick, Clementsville, Crestwood, Cuffietown, Cyrus, Davis, Davis Mill, Deer Land, Deerland, Doles, Dong, Dosia, East Dougherty, Fennsboro, Ford's Mills, Fruitfarm, Gammage, Gantts, Gintown, Gorday, Gordy, Hillsdale, Hollidays, Indian Cove, Isabella, Isabella Station, Kelvin, Knight, Livingston, Lochermoss, Lumberville, McClelland's Mills, Mercer, Mercer's Mills, Minton, Mount Horeb, Nest, New Mt. Horeb, Oakfield, Oaky Sink, Omega, Orel, Parker, Parkers, Parkers Peck, Parkerville, Peck, Peckville, Pennsboro, Pindertown, Poulain, Poulan, Powelltown, Prichett, Pritchetts, Red Rock, Rouse, San Bernard, Scooterville, Shingler, Small, Spurlock, Sumner, Sylvester (County Seat), Tempy, Terrell, Turner, Turpentine, Ty Ty, Urbana, Utica, Vine's Mills, Warrior, Warwick, Whittington, Willingham, and Worth.

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