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Wilkes County was created in 1777 as one of the original 11 counties of Georgia.

The original Wilkes (in some old records Wilks) County included all of the area now in Lincoln, Elbert, and Wilkes Counties; most of Oglethorpe,, Madison, Taliaferro and Warren Counties; half of Hart County, and parts of Clarke, Glascock, Greene Hancock , and McDuffie Counties, and of course present day Wilkes County.

The County seat of Wilkes County is Washington.

www.kudcom.com/www Tour the town of Washington using their very fine homepage.

I have been informed by Mr. Frank Parker Hudson, the noted researcher and author of books on Wilkes County, Georgia that no part of Columbia County was ever in Wilkes County. It all came from Richmond. I have therefore removed it from the list of counties formed from Wilkes County.

In addition, there is no evidence that has come, either to my knowledge or to that of Mr. Frank Parker Hudson, that any part of Wilkes County was ever a part of North or South Carolina. There was an area of original Franklin County where the border with either North Carolina or South Carolina was adjusted, wherein grants made by GA were later found to be in the other state.

The Clerk of the Superior Court has divorce and Civil Court records from 1778, criminal court, juvenile court, financing statements, discharge records, medical and attorney registers. The Probate court has birth (beginning 1927), marriage (beginning 1806), death (beginning 1927) and wills and probate records from 1792 (Except Book DD that was destroyed by fire.). Federal Census records are available from 1820 forward.

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Revolutionary Days in Washington-Wilkes

February 11-13, 2011.

This should be a weekend of activities for everyone.

Events include a parade and living history performances.

There will also be a Kettle Creek Battleground Memorial Service, tours of the battleground, a Colonial Worship Service, and a special reenactment of the Battle of Kettle Creek.

The Georgia Society

Sons of the American Revolution

Historic Celebrations Committee

The next Battle of Kettle Creek Celebration

will be February 2011

Washington, Georgia

and at the Kettle Creek Battleground "If you want to feel proud to be an American, come to the Kettle Creek Battlefield," said George Thurmond, Past President of the Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution.

The perfect opportunity will be during the "Revolutionary Days" Celebration held each year in February, in Washington, Georgia and the nearby Kettle Creek Battlefield, honoring the Anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek.

Maps and directions to battlefield

Wilkes County Links

Wilkes and Liberty 2003 Early Day Motion in the British Parliament by Tony Banks, MP   Click the link for more information. Mule Day. A trip back into time. (Second Saturday in October)

and many other Festivals and Events. Click on the Festivals and Celebrations link.
History of Georgia, Battle of Kettle Creek

History of Georgia, Wilkes County

1930 Census images.for Wilkes County Washington Wilkes Historical Foundation  
Links to family pages relating to Wilkes County Churches of Wilkes County, Georgia
Cemeteries of Wilkes County, Georgia
Index for Marriage Book B 1806 - 1834 Caution: The file may have errors ... use with caution, but it should be a guide. A Listing of Known Cemeteries in Wilkes County
Membership list for Phillips Mill Church

Wilkes County Reunion List
Wilkes County Researchers Mailing List A mailing list for Wilkes County Researchers An Overview of Wilkes County History by Robert Willingham
Wilkes County Resources Help for the researcher Books and other informationAvailable from the Mary Willis Library

Click Here for a list of Books and other items for sale by the Mary Willis Library

Wilkes County Reunions Reunions relating to Wilkes County Families Information on Dyson of Wilkes County Forsyth County site by Donna Parrish
Old Researcher list for Wilkes County. Many links may not be good. Current Wilkes County Messages and Queries List and View Messages and Queries.
Virtual Tour of The Kettle Creek Battleground
Virtual Tour of The Callaway Plantation
Virtual Tour of The Sarah Porter Hillhouse Home (Now the Slaton Home)
Virtual Tour of The Mary Willis Library (Then and now, with one of the Confederate Treasure Chests)About 20 images.
Updated 17 April 2003
Virtual Tour of Robert Toombs House. Not a full tour yet. Just the Historic Marker and a view of the house.
Washington Historical Museum. Not a full tour yet. Just the Entrance sign, Historic Marker and a view of the house.
Index of Pages of the transcription of some of the Minutes of Fishing Creek Baptist Church<   Georgia Master County Index
Genealogical and Historical Societies known to relate to the county. Mystery Photographs from the Wilkes County Area. Do you know who they are?
Other Georgia Links
 Washington - Wilkes Website  General Information including links to information about the history, recreation, tourism, local government, Chamber of Commerce and other information and links.  
Deeds Relating to Wilkes County
Wills Relating to Wilkes County Only a few for now. More added as you submit them or I find them. Transcriptions and images when available.
Largest Slaveholders from 1860 Slave Census Schedules and Surname Matches for African Americans on the 1870 Census
Georgia Master County Index

United Confederate Veterans Image Do you recognize any of them or know the Camp Number/Name? E-mail me if you do.  

Georgia Department of Archives and History

Ninth Georgia Homepage
(Includes a roster of the men of Co."A", the "Irwin Guards" of Wilkes County.)Loads slowly, but worth the wait.
11th Georgia Artillery Battalion
The "Irvin Guard" of Wilkes County merged into the 11th early in the War, became known as the "Irvin Artillery" (Co. C, 11th Georgia Artillery Battalion. Became artillery Dec. 12, 1861 (Special Order 58). Site has or will soon have:
roster of the Irvin Artillery photos of several Wilkes County soldiers including Capt. John Wingfield, Lt. Joseph Barnett & Sgt. John Dyson.
Revolutionary War reactors known as THE GEORGIA REFUGEES
Representing Capt. John Cunningham's Company, Col. John Dooly's Regiment of Wilkes County Militia in the years 1776-1783. Terry Oglesby, Adjutant THE GEORGIA REFUGEES http://georgiarefugees.tripod.com/default.htm

1887 Account of the Reunion of The Delhi Rangers Company A, 15TH Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Co. A,15th Ga CSA - the "Delhi Rangers"

Geographic Names Information System Query Form for any type of feature and any area of the US. Examples include Civil Features, Streams, Churches, Cemeteries, & Place Names

U.S. Census Digital Interactive Maps

The News ReporterWashington-Wilkes County Newspaper.


Wills Relating to Wilkes County More added as you submit them to Tom or I find them. Transcriptions and images when available.

University of Georgia Historical Links

Georgia Constitution of 1777 Georgia Constitution of 1777 Article IV
Relating to the Formation of Wilkes County
University of Georgia Wilkes County Historical Information Georgia Historical Atlas

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