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Towns, Communities and Populated Places

The early settlers of Washington County traveled by horseback, ox cart and wagon train. Most were poor and came from North Carolina seeking a better life. When the travelers reached their destination, most of them lived in their wagons or make do shelters until land could be cleared and homes built. The first settlements were in the northern part of the county around Warthen. Then, in 1797, a wagon train from Edgecomb County, N.C. arrived at Saunders Crossroads and families such as the Admas, Jordans, Mannings, Mayos, Cobbs and Duggans set up residence. The land in Washington County was originally granted for Revolutionary War service. Later, Land Lotteries were held to disperse the remaining land. If you know of any town histories that may be available for posting here please let me know.

This list was created using the USGS website. Please let me know if you know of other communities not listed here. If you know of any town histories that may be available for posting here please let me know.

Postcards of Washington County Buildings and Community Daily Life

Place Name Class Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Brook Springs Com Tabernacle 325815N 0825646W 239
Chalker (historical) Com Mitchell 330942N 0824405W 289
Davisboro Com Davisboro 325845N 0823628W 299
Davisboro Post Office PO Davisboro 325843N 0823630W 299
Deepstep Com Deepstep 330106N 0825809W 312
Downs Com Downs 330359N 0824024W 440
Ennis Com Tabernacle 325439N 0825856W 295
Fowlers Store (historical) Loc Gumm Pond 325839N 0830353W 249
Gardner Com Oconee 325113N 0825746W 220
Goat Town Com Deepstep 330108N 0825852W 272
Halls Crossing Com Downs 330127N 0823850W 387
Harrison Com Harrison 324935N 0824330W 410
Hazard Com Oconee 325214N 0825312W 328
Hebron Com Tabernacle 325752N 0825951W 390
Heidrich Com Riddleville 325836N 0823903W 299
Irwins Crossroads Com Irwins Crossroads 325127N 0825058W 404
Jordans Mill (historical) Loc Downs 330209N 0824029W 331
Kaolin Com Deepstep 330135N 0825251W 427
Lindsey (historical) Com Warthen NE 330748N 0825005W 469
Mays Mill (historical) Loc Warthen 330501N 0824542W 374
Oconee Com Oconee 325120N 0825700W 233
Peacocks Crossing Com Irwins Crossroads 325214N 0824520W 466
Pringle Com Harrison 324801N 0823804W 374
Riddleville Com Riddleville 325425N 0823956W 410
Rose Com Riddleville 325858N 0823923W 381
Sandersville (County Seat) Com Sandersville 325854N 0824836W 449
Sandersville Post Office PO Sandersville 325903N 0824838W 449
Silas (historical) Com Warthen 330006N 0824759W 456
Sparks Com Downs 330517N 0824415W 430
Sun Hill Com Riddleville 325706N 0824345W 354
Tabernacle Com Tabernacle 325817N 0825500W 456
Tanner Com Riddleville 325832N 0824431W 420
Tarvers Mill Loc Davisboro 325353N 0823143W 272
Tennille Com Sandersville 325610N 0824841W 466
Tennille Post Office PO Sandersville 325611N 0824845W 459
Veal Com Oconee 324646N 0825539W 381
Warthen Com Warthen 330608N 0824813W 476

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