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Church Records

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Church Histories

Church Name Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Ammie S Page Memorial Baptist Church Riddleville 325426N 0824002W 410
Antioch Baptist Church Downs 330723N 0824332W 371
Antioch Church Oconee 325036N 0825644W 348
Base Spring Chapel Warthen 330319N 0825054W 430
Bay Spring Church Oconee 324906N 0825506W 400
Beach Grove Church Irwins Crossroads 325022N 0824842W 351
Beddingfield Church Harrison 325043N 0824024W 328
Bethany Church Irwins Crossroads 324832N 0824633W 344
Bethesda Church Irwins Crossroads 324802N 0825103W 351
Bethesda Church Irwins Crossroads 325043N 0825050W 404
Bethlehem Church Warthen 330627N 0824802W 463
Bold Spring Church Deepstep 330418N 0825558W 390
Cabin Hill Church (historical) Gumm Pond 325614N 0830122W 394
Camp Springs Church Riddleville 325511N 0824141W 420
Chapel Church Warthen 330450N 0825153W 440
Community Church Davisboro 325237N 0823600W 328
Deepstep United Methodist Church Deepstep 330106N 0825842W 259
Dixon Grove Church Tabernacle 325246N 0825342W 354
Downs Baptist Church Downs 330405N 0824028W 433
Embassy Place Church Tabernacle 325254N 0825901W 285
First Baptist Church Sandersville 325840N 0824822W 469
First Christian Church of Sandersville Sandersville 325853N 0824830W 449
First Presbyterian Church Sandersville 325939N 0824835W 456
First Southern Church Tabernacle 325826N 0825317W 449
Friendship Baptist Church Friendship 330451N 0830151W 489
Gardners Grove Church of God Oconee 325056N 0825702W 312
Georgia Grove Church Sandersville 325338N 0824641W 407
Gordy Grove Church Tabernacle 325514N 0825959W 338
Grace Episcopal Church Sandersville 325904N 0824839W 449
Green Grove Church Riddleville 325607N 0824404W 390
Halls Chapel Downs 330124N 0823851W 387
Harris Methodist Church (historical) Warthen 330303N 0825148W 430
Harrison Baptist Church Harrison 324931N 0824348W 413
Henderson Grove Church Riddleville 325835N 0824256W 377
Henderson Grove Church Riddleville 325749N 0823802W 358
Hodges Hill Church Oconee 325225N 0825653W 364
Holly Spring Church Downs 330641N 0824326W 397
Jackson Church Riddleville 325525N 0824251W 417
Jones Chapel Davisboro SE 325146N 0823348W 331
Jordan Church Downs 330101N 0823816W 413
Jordan Station Church Tabernacle 325446N 0825339W 404
Josey Church Davisboro 325514N 0823257W 348
Limestone Church Davisboro 325233N 0823549W 308
Limestone Church Sandersville 325850N 0825146W 328
Marshall Grove Church Sandersville 325749N 0825150W 459
May Branch Church Downs 330224N 0823916W 348
Middle Hill Church Warthen 330358N 0824747W 449
Mineral Springs Church Warthen NE 331319N 0824614W 459
Minton Springs Church Downs 330445N 0824421W 377
Mount Gilead Church Irwins Crossroads 325119N 0824643W 440
Mount Moriah Church Riddleville 325258N 0824402W 459
Mount Olive Church Warthen 330659N 0824908W 486
Mount Sinai Baptist Church Deepstep 330118N 0825921W 341
Mount Zion Church Davisboro 325932N 0823635W 328
Nealer Church Davisboro 325514N 0823649W 387
New Bethel Church Harrison 325204N 0823830W 374
New Hope Church Davisboro 325552N 0823559W 351
New Hope Church Warthen NE 331103N 0824710W 469
Oak Grove Church Warthen 330024N 0824513W 459
Oconee Church of God Oconee 325158N 0825649W 239
Ohoopee Church Sandersville 325320N 0825116W 423
Old Darien Church Deepstep 330631N 0825727W 322
Pine Hill Church Davisboro 325427N 0823407W 299
Pine Hill Church Deepstep 330718N 0825321W 469
Pine Hill Church Warthen NE 330928N 0824716W 390
Piney Mount Church Sandersville 325303N 0824808W 440
Pleasant Grove Church Deepstep 330349N 0825427W 443
Pleasant Plains Church Harrison 324825N 0824113W 423
Pleasant Springs Church Davisboro SE 325020N 0823540W 335
Poplar Springs Baptist Church Gumm Pond 325822N 0830100W 318
Poplar Springs Christian Church Gumm Pond 325815N 0830027W 433
Red Hill Church (historical) Harrison 324659N 0824001W 341
Robin Spring Church Warthen 330045N 0825157W 427
Rutherford Primitive Baptist Church (historical) Tabernacle 325319N 0825705W 358
Saint James Church Warthen NE 331022N 0825121W 522
Saint Pauls African Methodist Episcopal Church Sandersville 325901N 0824856W 430
Saint Pauls Church Davisboro SE 325222N 0823214W 335
Saint Williams Roman Catholic Church Sandersville 325846N 0824829W 459
Samuel Grove Church Oconee 324825N 0825446W 351
Sandersville United Methodist Church Sandersville 325856N 0824846W 446
Sandy Grove Church Warthen 330024N 0824650W 463
Scott Chapel Harrison 324808N 0823807W 371
Sisters Church Sandersville 325914N 0824620W 449
Smith Grove Church Irwins Crossroads 325212N 0824507W 472
Smyrna Church Deepstep 330152N 0825829W 354
Spring Hill Church (historical) Downs 330520N 0824001W 381
Springfield Baptist Church Sandersville 325853N 0824859W 423
Swint Spring Church Tabernacle 325632N 0825624W 387
Tabernacle United Methodist Church Tabernacle 325816N 0825500W 459
Talbot Grove Church Davisboro SE 325040N 0823130W 358
Union Church Warthen NW 330748N 0825305W 446
Union Church (historical) Downs 330047N 0824256W 407
Union Hill Church Sandersville 325253N 0825052W 407
Walker Chapel Tabernacle 325259N 0825518W 384
Warthen United Methodist Church Warthen 330623N 0824803W 469
White Oak Church Downs 330404N 0824018W 436
Zion Hope Church Oconee 324733N 0825236W 348
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