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Cemetery Records

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Cemetery Name Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Amerson Cemetery Downs 330452N 0824203W 440
Antioch Cemetery Oconee 325037N 0825649W 344
Antioch Cemetery Downs 330722N 0824333W 371
Avant Cemetery Oconee 325132N 0825320W 410
Bay Branch Cemetery Oconee 324831N 0825450W 361
Bay Springs Cemetery Oconee 324904N 0825508W 384
Bethany Cemetery Irwins Crossroads 324829N 0824636W 331
Bethlehem Cemetery Warthen 330626N 0824807W 469
Bridges Cemetery Irwins Crossroads 325215N 0824720W 430
Brook Cemetery Tabernacle 325742N 0825540W 371
Brownwood Cemetery Sandersville 325847N 0824930W 433
Burgamy Cemetery Warthen NE 331031N 0824713W 456
Carter Cemetery Oconee 324913N 0825512W 410
Cummings Cemetery Warthen NE 330913N 0824513W 476
Davisboro City Cemetery Davisboro 325901N 0823609W 325
Deepstep Cemetery Deepstep 330154N 0825828W 351
Deepstep Cemetery Deepstep 330104N 0825842W 259
Downs Cemetery Downs 330404N 0824027W 433
Forbes Cemetery Tabernacle 325507N 0825610W 459
Francis Family Cemetery
Fulford Cemetery Davisboro 325437N 0823526W 354
Gordon Cemetery Downs 330120N 0824420W 430
Halls Cross Roads Cemetery Downs 330124N 0823851W 387
Harris Cemetery Warthen 330304N 0825148W 436
Harrison Baptist Church Cemetery
Hood Cemetery Deepstep 330558N 0825557W 446
Jackson Cemetery Riddleville 325527N 0824251W 410
Joiner Family Cemetery
Jones Cemetery Riddleville 325845N 0824430W 423
Joseys Chapel Cemetery Davisboro 325514N 0823300W 361
Leverett-Sparks Cemetery Friendship 330051N 0830241W 423
Memorial Gardens Sandersville 325833N 0825215W 443
Mineral Springs Cemetery Warthen NE 331317N 0824615W 476
Mount Gilead Cemetery Irwins Crossroads 325118N 0824646W 440
Mount Moriah Cemetery Riddleville 325258N 0824400W 466
Mount Sinai Cemetery Deepstep 330117N 0825903W 308
Moye Cemetery Tabernacle 325315N 0825518W 394
Murphy Cemetery Warthen 330216N 0824940W 440
New Cemetery Harrison 324943N 0823858W 361
New Bethel Cemetery Harrison 325203N 0823833W 384
New Hope Cemetery Davisboro 325551N 0823557W 354
Newsome Cemetery Riddleville 325905N 0824210W 407
Oak Grove Cemetery Downs 330131N 0824416W 420
Ohoopee Cemetery Sandersville 325321N 0825118W 427
Old Bethesda Cemetery Irwins Crossroads 324801N 0825105W 351
Orr Cemetery Irwins Crossroads 324929N 0825146W 381
Pate Cemetery Sandersville 325612N 0825004W 456
Pete Cemetery Sandersville 325613N 0825002W 466
Piney Mount Cemetery Sandersville 325303N 0824811W 440
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Deepstep 330348N 0825429W 456
Pleasant Plains Cemetery Harrison 324824N 0824116W 420
Pleasant Springs Cemetery Davisboro SE 325019N 0823540W 335
Posey Community Cemetery
Red Field Cemetery Oconee 324658N 0825330W 348
Ruthford Cemetery Tabernacle 325320N 0825705W 358
Sandersville City Cemetery Sandersville 325857N 0824854W 430
Sandersville Old City Cemetery - CSA Veterans Sandersville 325857N 0824854W 430
Sinquefield Cemetery Sandersville 325523N 0824747W 463
Sister's Cemetery Sandersville 325915N 0824621W 449
Jordan Smith Family Cemetery Harrison 324807N 0824227W 384
Smith Cemetery Tabernacle 325537N 0825911W 292
Smith Cemetery Tabernacle 325551N 0825325W 440
John Sparks Cemetery Downs 330518N 0824413W 430
Stephen Mills Cemetery Deepstep 330629N 0825451W 479
Tabernacle Cemetery Tabernacle 325816N 0825458W 449
Tanner Community Cemetery ~ Photo
Taylor Cemetery Warthen 330438N 0825214W 459
Trawich Cemetery Deepstep 330334N 0825422W 466
Union Cemetery Warthen NW 330748N 0825307W 443
Veal Cemetery Deepstep 330240N 0825740W 312
Warthen Family Cemetery ~ Photo
Washington County Memorial Garden Riddleville 325744N 0824156W 367
West Cemetery Davisboro SE 324914N 0823421W 305
Whiteoak Cemetery Downs 330404N 0824018W 436
Whitfield Cemetery Davisboro SE 325121N 0823510W 361
Woods Cemetery Oconee 325102N 0825343W 387
Woods Cemetery Oconee 325206N 0825630W 305
Zeta Cemetery ~ Photo Sandersville 325542N 0824901W 479
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