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Abercrombie, Thomas M.                Co E, 9th Regiment GA State Guards            98780223

Adams, Elijah L.                                Co F, 16th Regiment                                        24284959

Allen, Harrison                                  Co G, 35th Ga Infantry Regiment                   98780985

Allen, William                                    Co G, 35th Infantry Ga Regiment                   23580130

Allgood, Job                                        Co G, 35th Infantry Ga Regiment                  19122619

Allgood, Samuel Young                      Co K, 64th Ga Infantry                                    32141966

Almand, William Asgail                     Co I, 44th Ga Infantry                                     40678412

Anderson, S. H.                                   Co B, 4th Corp, 35th Ga Infantry                  45451151

Anthony, Wade Hampton, Jr              Co A, 16th Ga Infantry                                  36045307

Anthony, Wade Hampton                    Co A, 16th Ga Infantry                                  75103856

Archer, John M.                                   Co G, 16th Ga Infantry                                  31891156

Armistead, Martin Crawford                Co K, 66th Ga Infantry                                 14865988

Arnold, Capt Eugenius C.                      Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                34223335

Arnold, Major John W.                          Co C, 9th Ga Infantry                                   15040684

Atha, Elisha Warren                               Co F,  42nd Ga Infantry                               21420729

Atha, Thomas                                         Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                72170545

Aycock, George W. S., Sr                      Co B, 35th Ga Infantry                                16431874

Bailey, Hiram                                         Co F, 16th Ga Infantry                                 15048180

Bailey, Thomas Wesley                         Co K, 2nd Ga State Troops                          21421026

Baker, Joseph A.                                     Co B, 23rd Ga Infantry                                34172822

Barker, Elijah H. W.                                 Cobb's Legion                                               21421059

Barton, William Pulaski, Sr                     Co B, 25th Ga Infantry                                 20558145

Barton, William Pulaski, Sr.                  Co B, 25th Bt Ga Infantry                            20558145

Baxley, James A.                                    Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                97791831

Baxter, Thomas                                      Co L, 3rd Reg Ga Infantry                           41057944

Bearden, William Pierce                         Co C, 44th Ga Infantry                                15405813

Beddingfield, John F.M.                         Co I, 16th Ga Infantry                                  42489605

Bell, William A.                                        Co F, 16th Ga Infantry                                 21423803

Bennett, John                                           Co E, 11th Ga Infantry                                 19661977

Blasingame, Beverly Fredrick                 Co H, 42d Ga Infantry                                 95794115

Blasingame, Cicero P.                               Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                24042496

Blasingame, Thomas C.                            Co G, 10th Regiment State Guards            34172915

Blasingham, Benjamin                              Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                118889080

Boss, Andrew James                                Co B, 42d Ga Infantry                                  25094956

Boss, George Washington                       Co B, 4th Ga Infantry                                   19548088

Boss, George Washington, Sr                 Co K, 64th Ga Infantry                                 21421490

Boss, Henry J.                                          Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                                 104851077

Boss, Henry Thomas                                Co K, 42d Ga Infantry                                  126074428

Boss, Leonard                                           Co G, 42d Ga Infantry                                  120004802

Boss, William Lumpkin                             Co K, 64th Ga Infantry                                 67778598 

Bradley, Francis Marion                           16th Reg, Co B Ga Infantry                         25568379

Bradley, James Madison                          Co F, 16th Ga Infantry                                  21430084

Brand, Doctor C. "Dock"                        Co B, 35th Ga Infantry                                  1969050 

Brand, Ransome                                        Co B & E, 42nd Ga Infantry                         42487119

Brand, Thomas                                          Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                                  51353671

Breedlove, Cicero George                        Co F, 9th Ga Infantry State Guards            17420686          

Brewer, Allen E.                                        Co B, 23rd Bt Ga Infantry                            116639962

Briscoe, Egbert B.                                     Co D, 2d Reg Ga Cavalry                             34505670

Briscoe, Phillip D.                                      Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                                 33609037

Broach, William H.                                     Co C, 27th Ga Infantry                                 52985255

Brodnax, Samuel Houston                          2d Georgia Cavalry                                      106216053

Brooks, Othenial Husky                             Co C, 9th Ga Infantry                                  19551197

Brown, Benjamin                                         66th Ga Infantry, Co K                                19807226

Brown, J. M.                                                42nd Ga Infantry, Co G                                21418833

Burgess, Edward Alexander                       7th Bt, Co F, Ga Cavalry                              46179062

Burkhart, Louis A.                                        53rd Ga Infantry                                          51472890

Burnett, Alfred P.                                         11th Bt Ga Cavalry, Co I                             21418838

Burnett, Samuel Pride                                  Co F, 24th Ga Infantry                                 51217299

Byrd, Winfield Scott                                     Co F, 45th Ga Infantry                                 14153772

Campbell, John C.                                        Co B, Hampton's South Carolina Legion    70255371

Carter, Robert L.                                         Co K, 2nd Infantry, Ga State Line               59855187

Carter, Robert M.                                        Co H, 4th Ga Regiment                               15139033

Cartey, Benjamin Franklin                           Co L, 3rd Ga Infantry                                  17677083

Clay, Augustus Willingmam                          2nd Company, 27th Militia District            32909368

Clay, Henry Columbus                                  Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                                68077460

Cleaton, William Clem                                  Co D, 2nd Ga Cavalry                                 97740540

Clegg, John Perry Watson                            Co H, 36th Ga Regiment                            21439190

Clegg, Thomas Marion                                  Co H, 42nd Ga Infantry                             18984232

Coker, William R.                                           Co G, 43rd Ga Infantry                             33648802

Conner, James M.                                          Co D, 2nd Regiment Ga Cavalry              21476747

Coody, Francis M.                                          Co D, 6th Ga Infantry                                98785830                

Cook, Joseph                                                   Cobbs Legion CSA                                    21431341

Cox, Alexander M.                                          Co H, 42nd Ga Infantry                            34151534

Cox, John James                                             Co H, 41nd Ga Infantry                            18618093

Cross, Z. N.                                                      Co F, 24th Ga Infantry                             43287149

Dalton, Jesse                                                    Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                            42304797

Daniel, James M.                                              Co E, 6th Arkansas Regiment               53510296

Darby, Frances O.                                            Co F, 16thth Ga Infantry                         46684466

Darnell, J. H.                                                    Co H, 27th Ga Infantry                            73017859

Daves, James O.                                              Co B, 15th Ga Infantry                             43287119

Davis, James C.                                                Co G, 42nd Ga Infantry                            23664993

Day, John Thomas                                            Scogins Btry, Griffins Lt Artillery           61505455

Dial, Gideon A.                                                Co C, 8th Ga Infantry                                21438415

Dial, John B.                                                     Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                             103288265

Dial, Jonathan Jackson, Sr                              Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                             15138928

Dial, William Mallous                                       Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                            41519483

Dickinson, John N.                                           Co D, 2nd Reg Ga Cavalry                       101837858

Dickinson, John Simms                                    Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                              65477523

Dooly, Jesse                                                     Co G, 34th Ga Infantry                              43287583

Duncan, Asa Bennett                                       Co G, 34th Ga Infantry                              65992070

Eason, J. S.                                                       Co H, 42nd Ga Infantry                             120125035

Eckles, Franklin M.                                          Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                             15058457

Edwards, James J.                                           Co I, 16th Ga Infantry                                52039651

Edwards, John W.                                            Co G, 42nd Ga Infantry                             21422193

Edwards, Solomon D.                                      Co G, 35th Ga Infantry                               51394047

Edwards, William T.                                        Co A, 11th Ga Infantry                               105635824

Epps, Nathaniel                                               Co L, 1st Regiment Ga Infantry                25751856

Evans, Charles Thomas                                  Co K, 43rd Ga Infantry                              70469821

Everett, William M.                                         Co H, 41nd Ga Infantry                             95251861

Fambrough, Franklin Marion                          Co K, 2nd Ga State Line                            38357994

Fambrough, Green B. T.                                  Co K, 2nd Ga State Line                            15048172

Fambrough, William M.                                   Co F, 9th Ga Infantry State Guards           26008401

Forester, James Chapel                                    Co G, 42nd Ga Infantry                             33642055

Forrester, Samuel W.                                        Co G, 42nd Ga Infantry                             64918779

Forrester, William Isaac                                    Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                             19661880

Foster, George Washington                               Co G, 9th Ga State Guards                      48773418

Garrett, Charles Crowley                                    Co K. 2nd Infantry State Line                 51996577

Garrett, James J.                                               Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                              16307883

Garrett, John Henry                                            Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                             15058506

Garrett, T. L.                                                        Co E, 9th Infantry State Guards               15058474

Garrett, Warren J.                                                Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                            67946371

Gibbs, Coleman John                                            Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                            147657146

Gibbs, Cornelius Mercer                                    Co H, 11th Ga Infantry                               152203813

Gibbs, Thomas Alexander, Jr                            Co H, 4th Ga Infantry                                  147654690

Giles, Alonzo Church                                           Co C, 9th Ga Infantry                                 9198967

Giles, Jackson Brown, II                                     Co C, 9th Ga Infantry                                9198973

Giles, John Lucas                                                 Co A, 53rd Ga Regiment                            9198985

Gower, J. M.                                                         Co F, 24th Ga Infantry                               16550979

Green, Henry Harden I                                        Co G, 42nd Ga Infantry                            2136760

Gresham, James Monroe                                    Co H, 42nd Ga Infantry                            46323377

Gresham, William                                                Co H, 4th Reg Ga Militia                          98241339

Guthrie, Robert Clyde                                         10th Reg, Ga Cavalry, State Guards       33398302




                                                                    Dec 6, 2014 - This page is a work in progress.  There are at least

260 or more (probably many more) Confederate Soldiers buried in Walton County.  Check back periodically as I will be

adding more names as time permits. 

Suzanne Forte, Walton County GENWEB Coordinator