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Joseph Tarplay Garrison and Jim Looney Family (If you recognize anyone in this photo please contact James Lord at [email protected] )

The Following 41 photos provided courtesy Annette Wade

Floy May Mobley Andrews
Katherine B. Carroll Blanchard
Alphonso J. Brown
Alphonso J. & Lena Brown

Evelyn Gresham Caves

J.B. and Mildred Ella Almond Goddard

Albert Sidney Gresham

Emma Gresham

Foster Gresham (toddler)

Foster Gresham (infant)
James Monroe Gresham

James Orion Gresham Family
John Robert Gresham
Kate Dell Gresham

James Orion Gresham, Jr. and Sr.

Jim Gresham

Lillie Smith Gresham

Mary Frances Gresham - 1896

Mary Kate and Jessie Gresham

Mary Upshaw Gresham
Martha Catherine Atkinson Gresham

Susan Kilgore Gresham
William Jeptha Gresham

William Gresham (?)

Lula Hurst

Genie Lowe
Artemus Mobley

Boyce Mobley
Marcus Lafayette Mobley
Mae Gresham Mobley

Mae Gresham (Mobley) and Maude Gresham (Almond)

Will Shepherd

Jessie Upshaw Stockwell

John Phillips Upshaw

Laurie Upshaw, James and Evelyn Gresham

Ebb Upshaw

Ebb, John Phillips and Sanders Upshaw

Mary Frances Upshaw

William S. Upshaw

Jessie Gresham Vickers


Girls Basketball Team 1922 - Social Circle High School


Social Circle High School 9th and 10th Grade - 1922


Sharon Baptist Church,  Forrester, Bird (Byrd), Cown, Still and Thornhill photos furnished by Joyce Byrd Slaughter ( [email protected] )

Sharon Baptist Church Sunday School - 1910

Edward Bauer


Terrill and Mary Stephens Bird

Winfield Scott Byrd (son of Thomas & Eveline Jones Byrd)


Cowan Family 1916 (unknown names)

Cowan Family (unknown couple)


Forrester Family (Jessie Lorenzo Forrester and wife Sarah Frances Still Forrester and children)


Jesse Forrester (son of William Isaac and Sarah Boss Forrester)


John Forrester at Sharon Baptist Church (son of Jesse Lorenzo and Sarah Frances Still Forrester)


Maxie Forrester (daughter of William Isaac and Sarah Boss Forrester)


Sam, Mae and Frances Forrester

Samuel Forrester

Sarah Boss Forrester

Sarah Frances Still (Forrester) age 10

William Isaac Forrester

Elisha Still

Jeremiah Kilgore Still (wife of Martin Still)

Sally and Elisha Still

Studdard Family

George Thornhill

Mary Adaline Forrester Thornhill

Dixie Claire Wallace

William Henry Wood, Sr.

William Robert Wood


First Baptist South - Monroe

Historic Homes

The John Upshaw Home, Social Circle 1925 and Today (Courtesy Annette Wade)

Current Photo of James Monroe Gresham - City Home - Social Circle, GA.  (Courtesy Annette Wade)

"Country" Home of James M. Gresham (Courtesy Annette Wade)

Early Photo of James Monroe Gresham Home, Social Circle, Foster Gresham on Front Porch (Courtesy Annette Wade)

McDaniel-Tichenor Home - Monroe, GA

The Harris Homestead - Monroe, GA

History of Heritage Hall - Loganville, Georgia, Built 1850

Do you Recognize this house or this family?  Is so, contact Annette Wade ( [email protected] )