9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

The 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry formed in June 1861 and contained men from around the State of Georgia. The regiment fought at Gettysburg, Siege of Knoxville, and participated in the Wilderness Campaign while serving under General James Longstreet. For their actions at Gettysburg, they received the Confederate Roll of Honor. Aside from a brief stint in the Army of Tennessee, the 9th spent most of its time during the war with Longstreet in the Army of Northern Virginia and ended their service with that corps. Future Atlanta mayor, George Hillyer served with the 9th and wrote a book about their action at Gettysburg entitled My Gettysburg Battle Experiences.

The men of Company C ("Hillyer Rifles") came from Walton County.


Captain George Hillyer
1st Lieutenant John W. Arnold
2nd Lieutenant Daniel N. Easley
2nd Lieutenant Josa D. Ragan, Jr.

Noncommissioned Officers

1st Sergeant Thomas W. Griffin
2nd Sergeant Isaac F. Shepard
3rd Sergeant Alonzo Church Giles
4th Sergeant Aaron Joseph
1st Corporal William G. Raines
2nd Corporal John M. Michael
3rd Corporal Lucius M. Dyer
4th Corporal John W. Sims


William H. Askew
Thomas L. Atkinson
William R. Austin
Jonathan M. Betts
James H. Boyce
Finny D. Brewer
Columbus W. Brooks
Judge D. Brooks
O.H. Brooks
William E. Brooks
William S. Brown
William Bullard
Eldridge M. Burton
George Washington Chaffin
Henry O.D. Chaffin
James J. Chaffin
Robert W. Chaffin
William T. Chaffin
James C. Christopher
Warren H. Cronic
William C. Cleaton
James W. Conner
Reuben H.W. Cooper
Leslie C. Craig
John W. Davis
Warren H. Davis
James B. Easley
Easley, Luther W. T:
Ferguson, Lorenzo D.
Freeman, John A.
Fuller, Monroe F.
Garrett, Silas
Giles, Jackson B:
Green, John E. B. (or John A.)
Greer, Ebenezer L:
Griffin, John H.
Griffin, William K:
Harris, James B.
Hinton, James Clarke
Jackson, Daniel M.
Jones, Henry
Jones, James B:
Kelley, James R.
Kilgore, James
McCullers, William J: McDonald, Andrew J.
McElroy John Bryant (or McLeroy)
McGauhey, Jasper
McLeroy, James R:
McLeroy, John H:
McLeroy, Needham J:
McMahan, Eugenius Cicero
McMahan, John
McMahan, Noah
Michael, Antoine
Michael, Starnes M
Michael, Thomas
Michaelson, Isaac H:
Moon, Dilmus J:
Moon, John A.
Moon, Robert B.
Moon, Rolla W.
Moon, William B.
Moore, Benjamin S.
Nichols, John C.
Nunnally, Augustus R:
O'Neal, Robert A.
Patton, James
Patton, Samuel
Perkins, John B.

Perkins, Wright
Perry, John W.
Perry, William A.
Prince, Ephraim
Prince, John
Prince, William
Ragan, Cornelius H.
Ragan, M. S.
Ragan, Virgil Burkett
Raines, Littleton R.
Ray, David R.
Richardson, Rolla S:
Roberts, John Absalom
Roberts, T. Griffin
Roberts, William J.
Rogers, George M.
Rogers, James M.
Rogers, Warrenton
Rogers, William A.
Rooks, Andrew J:
Rowe, Charles B.
Rowe, David R.
Rowe, Richard F.
Shepard, Carter A.
Shepard, William Allen (or Shepherd)
Sims, John Calvin
Sims, Walker P:
Smith, John L:
Smith, Thomas J.
Sorrells, Benjamin W.
Sorrells, William A.
Stephens, Andrew Jackson (or Stevens, Abner)
Stephens, John F:
Stephens, William Bradley
Still, Benjamin, Jr:
Still, Benjamin, Sr:
Still, B.
Still, David R.
Still, John B.
Still, Joseph
Still, Joseph H.
Still, Joshua. M.
Still, Sampson Marion
Stovall, David R:
Stovall, William J.
Tanner, Peter G.
Thomas, W. Calvin
Thurmond, Franklin J:
Thurmond, Zachariah
Titshaw, L. Wilson C:
Towler, James A.
Towler, Warren J.
Upshaw, George M.
Upshaw, Robert A:
Upshaw, Thomas
Vaughan, William A.
Webb, Wiley C.
Whitley, Egbert B:
Whitley, Micajah T.
Wilkins, George W:
Wilkins, Samuel M.
Williams, Andrew Jackson
Williams, George
Wood, John N.
Woodruff, James W.
Woodruff, John W:
Worthy, Hiram
Worthy, James C:
Worthy, J. N:

Source: For more detailed information see 9thgeorgiainfantry.org/ccompany.html