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Where Do I Begin on Land Research?

Look at this MAP to get a better idea of where your ancestors might have lived before the Creek Indian Lands were distributed by Land Lottery.

Think your ancestor may have been Native American? Visit the Upson County Native American Page

Visit Land Lotteries--an excellent site for additional information on the Land Lotteries of Georgia

Visit General Information Headright and Lottery Information. Creation of Georgia's Counties. Surveyor General Department. Georgia Bounty Land Grants. by Alex Hitz (1954). Georgia Militia Districts. by Alex Hitz (1956).

My ancestor is listed as receiving a Grant in the 1821 Lottery. Where is this land today? Where can I get a copy of the Grant?

Land Lottery of 1820

Third or 1820 Georgia Land Lottery

My ancestor is listed on the 1830 census for Upson County, but I can't find any Deed in Upson County?

There are several places to check.

Other helpful pages about Upson County Land.
Defines GMD and Land Districts
Shows transition from Indian Lands

1829 Map of Georgia
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