Georgia Executions

This is a list of executions in the State of Georgia since 1976.
If you have any information about an execution before then, please submit it.

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Alderman, Jack16 Sep 2008lethal injectionBarbara Jean AldermanSonny Perdue
Bowden, Jerome26 Jun 1986electric chairKathryn StrykerJoe Frank Harris
Brown, James Willie4 Nov 2003lethal injectionBrenda Sue WatsonSonny Perdue
Burger, Christopher7 Dec 1993electric chairRoger HoneycuttZell Miller
Cargill, David Loomis10 Jun 1998electric chairCheryl and Danny WilliamsZell Miller
Carr, Timothy Don26 Jan 2005lethal injectionKeith Patrick YoungSonny Perdue
Conklin, Robert Dale12 Jul 2005lethal injectionGeorge Grant CrooksSonny Perdue
Crawford, Eddie Albert19 Jul 2004lethal injectionLeslie Michelle EnglishSonny Perdue
Devier, Darrel Gene17 May 1995electric chairMary Frances StonerZell Miller
Felker, Ellis Wayne15 Nov 1996electric chairEvelyn Joy LudlamZell Miller
Ford, Melbert9 Jun 2010lethal injectionMartha Chapman MatichSonny Perdue
Fugate, Wallace Marvin III16 Aug 2002lethal injectionPattie Dianne FugateRoy Barnes
Gilreath, Fred Marion Jr15 Nov 2001lethal injectionLinda Gilreath and Gerrit VanLeeuwenRoy Barnes
Green, Roosevelt Jr9 Jan 1985electric chairTeresa Carol AllenJoe Frank Harris
Hance, William Henry31 Mar 1994electric chairGail Jackson and Irene ThirkieldZell Miller
Hicks, Robert Karl1 Jul 2004lethal injectionToni Strickland RiversSonny Perdue
High, Jose Martinez6 Nov 2001lethal injectionHenry Phillips and Bonnie BullochRoy Barnes
Hightower, John Washington26 Jun 2007lethal injectionDorothy Hightower, Evelyn and Sandra ReavesSonny Perdue
Housel, Tracy Lee12 Mar 2002lethal injectionJean Dellinger DrewRoy Barnes
Ingram, Nicholas Lee7 Apr 1995electric chairJ C SawyerZell Miller
Isaacs, Carl Junior6 May 2003lethal injectionAubrey, Chester, Jerry, Jimmy, Mary and Ned AldaySonny Perdue
Lonchar, Larry Grant14 Nov 1996electric chairCharles Sweat and Steven SmithZell Miller
Lynd, William Earl6 May 2008lethal injectionGinger MooreSonny Perdue
McClain, Mark20 Oct 2009lethal injectionKevin BrownSonny Perdue
McCleskey, Warren25 Sep 1991electric chairFrank SchlattZell Miller
McCorquodale, Timothy W21 Sep 1987electric chairDonna Marie DixonJoe Frank Harris
Messer, James E Jr28 Jul 1988electric chairRhonda TannerJoe Frank Harris
Mincey, Terry Michael25 Oct 2001lethal injectionPaulette RiggsRoy Barnes
Mitchell, Billy2 Sep 1987electric chairChristopher and Mrs James CarrJoe Frank Harris
Mize, William Mark29 Apr 2009lethal injectionEddie TuckerSonny Perdue
Mobley, Stephen Anthony1 Mar 2005lethal injectionJohn C CollinsSonny Perdue
Moon, Larry Eugene25 Mar 2003lethal injectionRicky CallahanSonny Perdue
Mulligan, Joseph15 May 1987electric chairMarion Jones MillerJoe Frank Harris
Newland, Robert10 Mar 2009lethal injectionCarol Sanders BeattySonny Perdue
Osborne, Curtis4 Jun 2008lethal injectionArthur Jones and Linda Lisa SeaborneSonny Perdue
Parker, Byron Ashley11 Dec 2001lethal injectionChristy Ann GriffithRoy Barnes
Putman, William Howard13 Nov 2002lethal injectionDavid Hardin, Katie Back and William Gerald HodgesRoy Barnes
Rhode, Brandon Joseph27 Sep 2010lethal injectionBryan, Kristin and Steven MossSonny Perdue
Smith, John Eldon15 Dec 1983electric chairJuanita and Ronald AkinsJoe Frank Harris
Solomon, Van Roosevelt20 Feb 1985electric chairRoger Dennis TackettJoe Frank Harris
Spivey, Ronald Keith24 Jan 2002lethal injectionCharles McCook and Bill WatsonRoy Barnes
Stanley, Ivon Ray12 Jul 1984electric chairClifford FloydJoe Frank Harris
Stephens, Alpha Otis O'Daniel12 Dec 1984electric chairRoy AsbellJoe Frank Harris
Stevens, Thomas Dean29 Jun 1993electric chairRoger HoneycuttZell Miller
Tucker, Richard Jr22 May 1987electric chairEdna SandefurJoe Frank Harris
Tucker, William Boyd29 May 1987electric chairMrs PerryJoe Frank Harris
Willis, Henry III18 May 1989electric chairEd GiddensJoe Frank Harris
Young, John20 Mar 1985electric chairColeman and Gladys Brice and Katie DavisJoe Frank Harris
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