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Mary McKosh; James E McKosh Troup Co. need birth, death and cemetery m. Oct 26th, 1870 Mary Birdsong email
Edward Sikes Bryan Co. GA. 19th Dist. Company; needs military data War 1812 1774 - 1832 Bob Sikes email
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Brantley La Grange, Troup Co. Spouse: Nancy Hasson, Father: Green Duke Brantley Mother: Elizabeth A.C. Holyfield b. 1831 d. Bef 1850 Bob Holt email
Catherine Cardwell Troup Co. Father: William Cardwell, Mother: Sarah McCluskey b. 1843 d. 1911 Bob Holt email
William Cardwell GA M. Coosa Co., AL, Spouse: Sarah McCluskey Father: Simon Cardwell Mother: Eliza Combs b. Abt 1805 m. Feb 21, 1833 d. Sept. 24, 1854 Bob Holt email
Zachary Estes, Jr. SC / Troup Co. GA. Spouse: Celia Holyfield b. June 1783 d. March 23, 1855 Bob Holt email
James Henry Fannin Hancock Co. GA / LaGrange

bur: Old Cemetery La Grange, Troup Co. GA Spouse: Julia Farrell

b. Sept. 19, 1835 m. Dec. 17, 1857 d. Oct. 28, 1909 Bob Holt email
Nancy Ferrel Copeland Fannin LaGrange /AL bur: Hill View Cem. La Grange, GA. Spouse: Elbert Augustus Holt Father: James Henry Fannin Mother: Julia Farrell b. March 17, 1870 m. Dec. 26, 1899 d. April 5, 1903 Bob Holt email
Sarah Blount Fannin LaGrange bur: Old Oakwood Cem Montg., AL Spouse: William Carnot Holt Father: James Henry Fannin Mother: Julia Farrell  b. 1862 m. March 21, 1883 d. Jan 14, 1923 Bob Holt email
Farrell, Julia La Grange bur: Old Cemetery La Grange, Troup Co. GA, Spouse: James Henry Fannin b. July 16, 1838 m. Dec. 17, 1857 d. Feb 18, 1907 Bob Holt email
Celia Holyfield Oglethorpe Co., GA /
Troup Co.
Spouse: Zachary Estes, Jr. Father: Daniel Molderfield Holyfield, Mother: Mary Pye b. May 20, 1786 d. June 10, 1827 Bob Holt email
Sarah McCluskey Troup Co. GA. Spouse Spouse: William Cardwell m. Feb 21, 1833 Bob Holt email
John Fletcher Brook Ware Heard Co. GA / Hogansville GA Spouse: Lula Fannie Walker Father: James Burton Ware Mother: Sarah Margaret Tabitha Simms b. Sept. 12,1857 m. 1882 d. Nov. 20, 1922 Bob Holt email
William Carnot Holt, Montgomery, AL / Troup Co. GA bur: Old Oakwood Cem Montg., AL Spouse: Sarah Blount Fannin Father: Edward Rowell Holt,II Mother: Mary Augustus Bellinger b. Feb 21, 1858 m. Mar 21, 1883 d. Oct 31, 1937 Bob Holt email
Mary Bellinger Holt La Grange, Troup Co. Spouse: John Cogburn Nicholson Relfe Father: Elbert Augustus Holt, Mother: Nancy Ferrel Copeland Fannin b. Oct 3 1902 m. Nov, 26, 1926 d. May 27, 1976 Bob Holt email
Frances Louisa Thompson La Grange Spouse: Henry Nicholas Meier  Father Seaborn J. Thompson. m. 26 Apr. 1849. b. 2 Mzr 1829, Wilkes Co. C.W.B. email
Henry Nicholas Meier Hanover German, Troup Co GA Spouse: Frances Louise Thompson b. 1815. m. 26 Apr. 1849. C.W.B. email

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