Georgia 1807 Land Lottery
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The 1807 Land Lottery was authority: Act of June 26, 1806. The drawing was on August 10, 1807 lasting until September 23, 1807.
The Counties were Baldwin: 15 Districts (6~20) and Wilkinson: 23 Districts (6~28). The lot sizes were Baldwin 202 acres, and
Wilkinson 202  acres. The Grant Fee was $12.15 per 202 acre lot .

Persons entitled to Draw were Bachelors 21 years or over, 3~year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States  1 draw.
Married man with wife and/or child under 21 years, 3~year residence in Georgia, citizen of United States  2 draws.
Widow, 3~year residence in Georgia  1 draw.
Spinster, 21 years or older, 3~year residence in Georgia 1 draw.
Orphan under 21 years, father and mother dead, 3~year residence in Georgia 1 draw.
Family of orphans under 21 years, father and mother dead, 3~year residence in Georgia  2 draws.
Orphan under 21 years, father dead, mother living, 3~year residence in Georgia 1 draw.
Family of orphans under 21, father dead, mother living, 3~year residence in Georgia 1 draw.

Persons Excluded were any fortunate drawer in the previous land lottery. These records have been extracted from the book:
The Second or 1807 Land Lottery of Georgia, compiled by Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. Easley, S.C.: Southern

Aaron, Daniel  to Alor, George
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Name County County Drawn
Aaron, Daniel Franklin Wilkinson
Aaron, George Bulloch Wilkinson
Aaron, William Franklin WWilkinson
Abbett, Elizabeth Warren Wilkinson
Abbett, James Liberty Wilkinson
Abbett, Joseph Warren Baldwin
Abbett, Joseph Warren Wilkinson
Abbett, Jourden Warren Wilkinson
Abercrombie, Leonard Baldwin Wilkinson
Abercrombie, Robert Warren Baldwin
Achkers, Amelia, wd Chatam Baldwin
Acree, John Greene /td> Wilkinson
Acree, Sterling Greene Wilkinson
Acrey, William Warren Wilkinson
Adam, George Richmond Wilkinson
Adams, Asley Burke Baldwin
Adams, Ann, wd Clarke Wilkinson
Adams, Benjamin Warren Wilkinson
Adams, Denorah Elbert Wilkinson
Adams, Edmond Liberty Wilkinson
Adams, Godfrey Clarke Baldwin
Adams, James Elbert Baldwin
Adams, James Hancock Wilkinson
Adams, Joseph Wilkes Baldwin
Adams, Margaret, orp Chatam Baldwin
Adams, Moore, orp Chatam Baldwin
Adams, Nathaniel Chatam Wilkinson
Adams, Thomas Tatnall Wilkinson
Adams, William Clarke Baldwin
Adams, William Hancock Wilkinson
Adare, Susannah, orp Jackson Wilkinson
Adcock, Joseph Lincoln Wilkinson
Addington, Nancy Chatam Baldwin
Adley, Ambrose Warren Wilkinson
Aikins, James Greene Wilkinson
Aikins, Thomas Franklin Wilkinson
Akin, Diana, sw Clarke Wilkinson
Akin, Frances, sw Clarke Wilkinson
Akin, James Sr. Clarke Baldwin
Akin, James Baldwin Wilkinson
Akin, Martha, wd Wilkinson Wilkinson
Akin, Thomas Elbert Wilkinson
Akin, Winney, wd Camden Wilkinson
Akridge, Eliz, wd Jefferson Wilkinson
Albert, Joseph Greene Baldwin
Albritton, George Wilkinson Wilkinson
Albritton, Issac D. Wilkes Baldwin
Albritton, Mathew Bulloch Wilkinson
Aldridge, Aaron Columbia Baldwin
Aldridge, Aaron Warren Wilkinson
Aldridge, Reubin Baldwin Wilkinson
Alexander, Adam Liberty Baldwin
Alexander, Allen, orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Ezzy, orp Elbert Wilkinson
Alexander, Franky, orp Elbert Wilkinson
Alexander, Hugh Jefferson Baldwin
Alexander, John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Alexander, Milly, orp Elbert Wilkinson
Alexander, Mortikey, orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Moses Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Alexander, Nancy, orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Sally, orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Smith Oglethorpe Baldwin
Alexander, William Greene Baldwin
Alexander, Willis, orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Wm. orp Elbert Baldwin
Alexander, Wm Jackson Wilkinson
Alford, Jacob Hancock Wilkinson
Alford, Jacob Montgomery Wilkinson
Alford, Kicnhin Hancock Coffees
Alford, Owen Hancock Baldwin
Alfred, John Greene Wilkinson
Alfred, James Chatam Baldwin
Allard, Ls. N. Chatam Baldwin
Allday, Elizabeth Burke Wilkinson
Allen's, John, orps Oglethorpe Baldwin
Allen's, Robert, orps Columbia Baldwin
Allen's, Wm., orps Franklin Wilkinson
Allen, Alexander Richmond Wilkinson
allen, Alice, wd of Joseph Columbia Baldwin
Allen, Betsy Baldwin Wilkinson
Allen, Drury Baldwin Wilkinson
Allen, Elisha Warren Wilkinson
Allen, George Warren Wilkinson
Allen, George Chatam Wilkinson
Allen, George Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Allen, Henry Burke Baldwin
Allen, Henry Clarke Wilkinson
Allen, Hezie Hancock Wilkinson
Allen, James Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Allen, James Washington Wilkinson
Allen, James Washington Wilkinson
Allen, John, Sr. Greene Wilkinson
Allen, John, Sr. Greene Baldwin
Allen, John T., Cpt. Columbia Baldwin
Allen, John Jackson Wilkinson
Allen, John Jackson Wilkinson
Allen, John Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Allen, John Warren Wilkinson
Allen, John Jefferson Wilkinson
Allen, Mark I. Clarke Baldwin
Allen, Nancy Hancock Baldwin
Allen, Nathaniel, Jr. Lincoln Wilkinson
Allen, Richardson/son John Franklin Wilkinson
Allen, Samuel, Jr. Richmond Wilkinson
Allen, Sarah Burke Wilkinson
Allen, Scarlett Warren Wilkinson
Allen, Susannah S. Hancock Wilkinson
Allen, Thomas Elbert Wilkinson
Allen, Williams Burke Wilkinson
Allen, Williams Burke Baldwin
Allen, Williams Elbert Wilkinson
Allen, Williams Oglethorpe Wilkinson
Allen, Woolson Clarke Wilkinson
Allen, Woolson Clarke Baldwin
Allen, Young Jerfferson Wilkinson
Allen, Young Jefferson Baldwin
Alley, John Chatam Wilkinson
Allgood, John Elbert Wilkinson
Allgood, Spencer Elbert Wilkinson
Allgood, Samuel Burke Wilkinson
Allison's , Wm. orps Greene Wilkinson
Allison, Alexander Greene Baldwin
Allison, James Baldwin Baldwin
Allison, James Chatam Wilkinson
Allison, Robert Jackson Wilkinson
Allison, Watson Jackson Wilkinson
Allter, Mary Chatam Wilkinson
Allums, John's, orps Washington Wilkinson
Allums, Edmond Washington Wilkinson
Allums, Eliz., wd Washington Wilkinson
Almond, James Baldwin Wilkinson
Alor, George Lincoln Wilkinson

Thompson names in 1807 Land Lottery

Last Name First Name County Military District Lot and District County Drawn
Thompson John's orphans Jackson Cooks 231~15 Baldwin
Thompson Alexander Elbert Grove's 233~9 Baldwin
Thompson Alex. Jr. Washington Renfroe's 9~8 Baldwin
Thompson Andrew Jackson Hardwicks 162~17 2
Thompson Anna Baldwin 4 5~18 Baldwin
Thompson Archibald Montgomery 51 157~20 Baldwin
Thompson Beatrix Hancock Crowder's 80~17 Baldwin
Thompson Benjamin Jackson Hardwick's 324~10 Wilkinson
Thompson Charles Washington Howard's 151~6 Wilkinson
Thompson Duncan Montgomery 51 58~6 Baldwin
Thompson Elijah Clarke Silman's 321~17 Wilkinson
Thompson Gains orphan Elbert Dyes 181~8 Wilkinson
Thompson George Wilkes Henderson's 137~18 Baldwin
Thompson George Wilkes Henderson's 218~9 Baldwin
Thompson Henry Greene Moore's 199~9 Baldwin
Thompson Henry Lincoln Bussey's 288~19 Wilkinson
Thompson Henry Lincoln Bussey's 23~25 Wilkinson
Thompson Isam orphan Elbert Dyes 181~8 Wilkinson
Thompson James Bulloch Godfrey's 341~20 Baldwin
Thompson James Columbia 3 387~16 Baldwin
Thompson James Lincoln Mays 73~14 Baldwin
Thompson John P. Oglethorpe Howell's 307~22 Wilkinson
Thompson John Baldwin 4 19~14 Wilkinson
Thompson John Bulloch Denmark's 10~14 Baldwin
Thompson John Hancock Week's 81~21 Wilkinson
Thompson Joseph son of Benj. Jackson Cockran's 15~26 Wilkinson
Thompson Mary Warren Newsom's 81~20 Baldwin
Thompson Moses Warren Newsom's 161~11 Baldwin
Thompson Nathaniel Warren Wilson's 232~10 Wilkinson
Thompson Nathanial Warren Wilson's 627~17 Wilkinson
Thompson Patsy orphan Elbert Dyes 181~8 Wilkinson
Thompson Reuban Burke Thompson's 48~17 Wilkinson
Thompson Robert Elbert Hillyer's 146~27 Wilkinson
Thompson Robert Elbert Hillyer's 259~14 Wilkinson
Thompson Robert Greene Davenport 67~25 Wilkinson
Thompson Robert Oglethorpe Hitchock's 179~14 Baldwin
Thompson Robert Warren Newsom's 111~19 Baldwin
Thompson Sarah Washington 3 219~9 Baldwin
Thompson Susannah, widow Baldwin Howard's 197~12 Baldwin
Thompson Thomas, Sr. Bryan Bird's 135~26 Wilkinson
Thompson William Captain Elbert Thompson's 65~15 Baldwin
Thompson William Elbert Grove's 260~10 Wilkinson
Thompson William Jackson Henderson's 160~124 Wilkinson
Thompson Wm. Dr. Wilkes Edge's 94~16 Baldwin
Thompson Wm. (Taylor) Columbia 2 397~7 Wilkinson
Thompson Wm. L. Clarke Trammell's 131~18 Baldwin
Thompson Wodday Franklin Griffin's 198~8 Wilkinson