Troup County, Georgia
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Evergreen Cemetery, City of Fitzgerald, GA. 595 names Cam Jordan

Hodnett Cemetery, Cannonville Road and I-85, GA.

Diane Lowe Brown
Habersham Methodist Church Cemetery, near Perkins, Georgia Private Submitter

Cemetery Name            Latitude         Longitude        USGS Map
Antioch Cemetery         330622N          0851021W         Abbottsford
Asbury Cemetery          330947N          0845948W         Hogansville
Bass Cemetery            325314N          0845327W         Hilyer
Bethel Cemetery          325444N          0850615W         Cannonville
Bright Star Cemetery     325403N          0850009W         Cannonville
Butler Cemetery          330049N          0845738W         Mountville
Carter Cemetery          325541N          0845500W         Hilyer
Cox Cemetery             330315N          0845313W         Mountville
Daniel Cemetery          325745N          0845948W         Hilyer
East View Cemetery       330243N          0850038W         La Grange
Evans Cemetery           330340N          0845248W         Mountville
Fannin Cemetery          325942N          0850139W         Cannonville
Forty Tyler Cemetery     325259N          0851113W         Lanett North
Freeman Cemetery         330447N          0851146W         Abbottsford
Friendship Cemetery      325608N          0850736W         Lanett North
Glanton Cemetery         325600N          0845209W         Durand
Hall Cemetery            325222N          0845517W         Pine Mt. SW
Hall Cemetery            325901N          0845552W         Hilyer
Hamby Cemetery           325810N          0845432W         Hilyer
Hardy Cemetery           325649N          0845215W         Durand
Harmony Cemetery         330228N          0851149W         Abbottsford
Heard Cemetery           330456N          0845829W         Mountville
Herndon Cemetery         325936N          0845439W         Hilyer
Hill View Cemetery       330246N          0850134W         La Grange
Jones Cemetery           330039N          0845505W         Mountville
Langford Cemetery        325932N          0845459W         Hilyer
Lebanon Cemetery         325618N          0850331W         Cannonville
Linebarker Cemetery      325729N          0850051W         Cannonville
Long Cane Cemetery       325738N          0850816W         Lanett North
Louise Cemetery          330421N          0845427W         Mountville
Lovelace Cemetery        325435N          0850922W         Lanett North
Loyd Chapel Cemetery     330017N          0850734W         Abbottsford
McCalls Cemetery         325553N          0850113W         Cannonville
McGee Cemetery           325911N          0845723W         Hilyer
Moody Cemetery           330610N          0850449W         La Grange
Mount Beulah Cemetery    330136N          0850401W         La Grange
Mount Pilgrim Cemetery   331407N          0843459W         Haralson
Mountville Cemetery      330215N          0845217W         Odessadale
Murphy Cemetery          325405N          0845540W         Hilyer
Myrtle Hill Cemetery     330957N          0845351W         Hogansville
New Providence           331029N          0845858W         Hogansville
Newsom Cemetery          330119N          0845948W         Mountville
O'Neal Cemetery          325530N          0845921W         Hilyer
Oak Grove Cemetery       325800N          0850041W         Cannonville
Old Emmaus Cemetery      330756N          0845519W         Hogansville
Old Providence           331033N          0845856W         Hogansville
Old Shiloh Cemetery      331108N          0850117W         Hillcrest
Owens Cemetery           330248N          0845300W         Mountville
Perry Cemetery           325719N          0845539W         Hilyer
Pinewood Cemetery        325248N          0851017W         Lanett North
Rakestraw Cemetery       325723N          0845851W         Hilyer
Reid Cemetery            330241N          0845816W         Mountville
Reid Cemetery            331245N          0845704W         Hogansville
Restlawn Memory Gardens  330501N          0850256W         La Grange
Rogers Cemetery          330123N          0850134W         La Grange
Salem Cemetery           325233N          0845723W         Hilyer
Shadowlawn Cemetery      330246N          0850143W         La Grange
Shilolt Cemetery         330655N          0845830W         Mountville
Sledge Cemetery          325348N          0845429W         Hilyer
Sledge Cemetery          325701N          0845848W         Hilyer
Smith Cemetery           325414N          0845801W         Hilyer
South View Cemetery      330107N          0850115W         La Grange
Stinson Cemetery         331139N          0845924W         Hogansville
Talley Cemetery          325725N          0845849W         Hilyer
Tatum Chapel Cemetery    330203N          0850613W         La Grange
Thompson Cemetery        325438N          0845700W         Hilyer
Thompson Cemetery        325556N          0845428W         Hilyer
Thrash Cemetery          330110N          0845313W         Mountville
Traylor Cemetery         325623N          0850903W         Lanett North
Traylor Johnson Cemetery 330044N          0845630W         Mountville
Union Cemetery           330458N          0845909W         Mountville
Webb Cemetery            325741N          0845232W         Hilyer
Wehadkee Cemetery        330102N          0851117W         Abbottsford
West View Cemetery       330959N          0845527W         Hogansville
Whatley Cemetery         330609N          0851112W         Abbottsford
Williams Cemetery        325220N          0850358W         Whitesville
Word Cemetery            331012N          0845426W         Hogansville
Wright Cemetery          325421N          0845249W         Hilyer
Wright Cemetery          325658N          0845408W         Hilyer