Submitted by: Stefani Evans
Troup Co. Archives from their Manuscript file
MS-005 Biddy Hammett Papers
2:11 Antioch Community Troup County, Georgia
[Transcribed as close to typescript as possible, with spelling and punctuation as 
I find it. Notes in ( ) are in the typescript. I have added or deleted nothing, and 
have made no corrections. Anything I can't read will be designated [?]. Note there are 
W listings are both before the Y listings, and after.  Stefani Evans]

Compiled by Judge John B. Strong, Judge of the Court of Ordinary 1893-1901. Judge 
Strong spent most of his life in Antioch Community, located in Land Lot 160 of the 
15th Dist. on the Ala. state line, Troup Co., Ga., 147 of the 14th Dist.Troup Co., 
Ga., and 150 in the 15th Dist.Troup Co., Ga. His daughter, Mrs. Raleigh Park, La Grange 
Chapter D.A.R., La Grange Georgia, found this detailed list of the citizens of Antioch 
Community among his many papers. Judge Strong wrote these names in a small red-backed 
note tablet. Mrs. Park felt that this list might be beneficial to those who were trying 
to establish their ancestor's place of residence. There was no date given anywhere on 
this memorandum, which I copied for La Grange Chapter D.A.R. when I served as 
Genealogical Chairman.
Mrs. Paul Hammett, Jr.

ALLEN, Robert - father of Capt. Ujamirtus Allen - Drowned in Chattahoochee in effort 
to save life of negro boy. Married...
ALLISON, Robert - never married
ALLISON, Nancy - never married
Allison, Peggy - never married

BASSETTE, Jack - married Miss Heard; sons Richard, Rufus, Floyd; daughters, Mrs. 
Lewis Lancaster. One of the first who crossed on this side.
BOYKIN, J.T. - married Cynthia Hawks; one son J.T. Boykin, Jr.
BRITTAIN, ... widow of ...; sons, Henry, Tom; daughters, Mrs. Holle, Posey (Mrs. Lehman)
BREWER, J.C. - married Mary Ann Garrette; sons, John and Bob. John lost his life in 
the army of Va. Member of Co. F. 21st Ga.; daughters, Miss Dwight Brewer, Miss Hassie 
Brewer, Miss Emmer Brewer, Miss Susie Brewer, Miss Willie Brewer.
Miss Dwight Brewer
Miss Hassie Brewer married J.T. Peddy, Miss Emmer Brewer married ... Hill, Miss Susie 
Brewer married B.P. Ayers, Miss Willie Brewer married J... Britt.
BENNETTE, Harvey - married ...; sons, Jess, George. Jess member Co. F. 21st Ga. lost 
his life in the army.
BURCH, William - married ... Rowe
BURCH, Richard - married Lettie Sales
BOLLING, Daniel - married ...; sons, Sanford, Asbury, Tom; daughter, Mrs. ... Lynch.
BAILY, William - married daughter of Jack Samples, who left one daughter Gene Aims 
Bailey then married Mary Eliza Sales - had 2 sons John and ...
BIRDSONG, Uncle Wash. (G.W. initialed here. Can't tell if G.W. is listed as a son or 
if it is "Uncle Wash's. initials) married ...; daughters, Sallie married W.P. Edmondson, 
Cyrena married J.B. Wilkes, Anna married J.S.M. Record.
BIRDSONG, John W. - married Rebecca Freeman.
BIRDSONG, W.B. - Married Ann Traylor, step-daughter of T.P. Johnson
BROOKS, Jessie - married ...; daughters Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Ba..., Mrs. To[?]le, Mrs. 
Eichleberger, Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Johnson.

CLARK, L.H. - married Nancy Howard Strong; sons, Upson H., W. H., Rufus, Lenard, 
James ...; daughters Sophia, Susan, Sallie, Rebecca, Mollie.
COOLEY, E.B. - married ... Gill; sons, W.E., Henry (Bud), James A. (Dola). Henry lost 
his life in the Army of Va. member of Co.F, 21st Ga.
CARY, Dr. H.H. - married Miss ... Prowdie; sons, Earnest, Ashton; daughters, Ella, Ida, 
Eva, Lula ...

DAWSON, Prof. - 1 st Lieut. Co.F. 21st Ga. Died in Army.
DIXON, Mat - married Miss Goss, sister of J.G. Goss
DIXON, Charles - married Casandra Wilkes, daughter of John Wilkes.
DINGLER, John - related to Aunt Meeley T...

EDMONSON, W.P. - married Sallie Birdsong; sons, Eddie B., Frank, George; daughters, 
Lola, Anna Mell.
EDMONDSON, J.H. - married Miss ... Wilson; sons, Wil, Joe, Ben; daughters, Mrs. ... Wagner

FREEMAN, Jacob - married Miss Gilham; sons John W., J.C.C., Ezekiel; daughters, R
ebecca, Catherine. 2nd marriage Janie and Dorothy..
FORMBY, Wash - married ... ; sons Aaron, Dug.
FLOYD, Thomas M. - married Tamsy Whatley; sons, Gip, Good; daughters, Mrs. Castles

GARRETT, Wash - married Julia Ferman; sons, Tom - lost life in army, George - lost 
life in army, Mosley, Beverly, Frank Ainsworth half brother; daughters, Mary Ann (Mrs. 
Whitley), (Fanny) Nancy mar. C..., Luda (another name illegible)
GARRETTE, Tom D. - brother of Wash.
GARRETTE, Thomas - married Emiline Wilkes; sons John William, Len, and Neal.
GARRETTE, Widow - sons Wright, Sam, Jess; daughter, Mrs. John Terry
GOSS, Jessie - married ...; sons, John G., Jessie, James; daughters, Mrs. Bettie Goss 
Dunn, Mrs. Dixon.
Goss, Henry - married Jane ... 1 st marriage, 2nd mar ... had son Franklin. (This note 
very confusingly written concerning Henry Goss. Cannot tell if connected to Jessie Goss 
family, or exactly how the first and second marriage was placed.)
GILHAM, Robert - married ... ; son, Thomas
GILHAM, Billie - married ... ; sons, Wiley, Bob.
GREENE, Dr. Willis - married ... Andre ... ; sons, [Alan?], Will, Joe, Zeke; daughters 
Ema (died in early life), Sis Green married Maj. Hold[c?]lan.
GREENWAY, Moses - (old bachelor)
GRIFFITH, Nancy - daughter of Stafford Williams and widow of Henry Griffith; sons, 
William, Henry, Tom; daughters Marsha married [Joe Christy or Christy Joe?], Mary 
married 1st Hines, 2nd Crouch, 3rd McKeny. Moved to Ark.

HORSLEY, SMITH - married Sarah Williams; sons, W.H. Horsley (Tip), Joe S. Horsley 
(doctor), Robt. G. Horsley; daughters, Ann married Garrette, Puss married Wood. All 
the boys were members of Co.F, 21st Ga. Regt.
HAND, prof. Tom - married Miss Jane S... Moved to Texas and was one of the professors 
in Baylor University.
HAND, Preacher - married Aunt Susan Wills.
HILL, Wade - married ...; sons, Gib, Pike; daughter, Mary Ann.
HENDERSON, Maj. Jack - married 1 st ... ; married 2nd Emily Young; sons by 1st marriage 
H.J. Henderson Co. F. 21st Ga., sons by 2nd marriage Capt. E.M. Henderson Co. F, Ga 21st; 
daughters, 2nd marriage, Martha mar. Turner, Sophronia, Amanda, Sallie, Benna, Bettie.
[H...?], Joe
HAYNES, Greene - married ... ; sons, Albert, John, Tom, Alex; daughters, H. Ellen, Isabella.
HUMPHRY, George - married ... Greenway; sons, George, Tom; daughters, Posey.
HILT, George - married Croft Young; sons, George; daughters, Hassie, Emma.
HAMNER, Dr. - married daughter of Daniel McCoy.

JOHNSON, B.C. - married ... Wilder; no children.  Old Antioch Church Deacon.
JOHNSON, T.P. - married Widow Traylor formily Wilder; one son, B.C. member of Co. F. 21 st 
Ga; daughters, Bettier mar. Smith, Amanda mar. Rowland, Ella mar. Winn; sons by 2 nd 
marriage to [] Kemp, Tom and James; daughters 2nd marriage, Sallie and Lula.

LYNCH, Lewis
LOW, Dr. J.H. - married Sara Ann Wilkes; no children

MOORE, Augustus
MOON, Jesse, Baptist Minister once pastor of Antioch Church was married and had children.

PITTS, Elihu - married daughter of Archie Whatly, father of Judge Littleton Pitts.
PITTS, Labun - married daughter of Archie Whatly was the uncle of Judge Pitts.
PITTS, Jack - married ... ; was half uncle of Judge Pitts and half brother to Labun and 
Elihu; sons Lewis and Hiltary; daughters ...
ROWLAND, Wiley - married ... Akers; sons, Berry (L.B.), Henry (W.H.), WILEY (W.B.), Sam, 
James; daughters Sallie mar Hu..., Rebecca mar. Ch..., Irena V. mar S...
REYNOLDS, William - married [space?] Young; sons John, Wade; daughters, Rebecca, Emily, Mat.
REED, Wiley had son in Co. F. 21st Ga.
REID, E.A. married Evaline Hill; son, William; daughters Virginia mar. Leslie, Charlotte 
mar. Jas Warr, Alice mar. Jim D..., Mary Eliza mar. T.H. Whi...
REID, J.B. - Married A.E. Whitfield; sons, S.A., John A., Aidney, Matthew; daughters 
Mary Isabell married Strong, Lizzie L. mar. Wallis.

STRONG, William - married Susan Hardeman; sons, J.B., R.H.; daughters, Mary H., 
Sarah S., Lydia D., Susanah, Rebecca, Elizabeth Ann, Nancy Howard.
STRONG, J.B. - married Pollie Wilkes; sons William, R.H., John; daughters, Rebecca mar. 
Johnson, Nannie died young.
STRONG, R.H.* - mar. 1st Mary Williams; mar. 2nd Martha Williams; 1 st marriage 
daughters, Maria Frances, Sarah Elizabeth; 2nd marriage sons, R.H. Strong, W.W. Strong, 
J.B. Strong, C.O. Strong; 2nd marriage daughters, Ann Judson, Mary Ella who died in 
SAMPLES, U.C. - married 1st Boykin; sons, John, Jeff; daughters, Sara mar. Strong, 
Rebecca mar. Phillips; married 2nd Marah Sales; sons, U.C., Dawson; daughters Ellen 
mar. Starnes (Ellen called Punk)
SAMPLES, William - married ... Boykin; one daughter, Jane who married Dick Bassella.
SAMPLES, Jack - married ... Boykin; had one daughter who married William Bailey who 
had a daughter named Georgian Ann who married Bill Collins of West Point.
SMITH, Billie - married ... ; sons, Barney, Bob.
SMITH, Jerry
SALES, Alolphus - married ... ; sons, Sylvanus; daughters, Mary Eliza mar. Bill Baily; 
Lettie married Dick Burch, Emma married Moss, Louisa married ... , Martha rose married 
Dick Gant, Hellen.
SALES, Joe -
STANDIFER, NIDE* - married ... ; no children; was merchant and brother in law of B.B. 
Amoss of La Grange.

TURNER, Sam - married Perinder Rowe; sons Horton, Shadrack, Sam, Jeff; daughters married 
James Taylor and John Taylor.
TAYLOR, James - married ... Turner
TAYLOR, Jonathan - married ... Turner
TUCKER, Jerry - married Meely Dingler; sons Tom, Sims
TERRY, John - married ... ; sons John, Tom, Alonzo, George, Gundy, Tip; daughters, Tildy 
(Mrs. Gilham, Patty (Mrs. Bu...)
TENNYSON, John - married ... ; daughters (2) Fannie and ...

VICKERS, Charley - married ... ; sons, Billy, Ted, Charley, Jack; daughters, Ella 
married Salter, Anna married Gus Edmondson.

Whatley, Archie - married ... ; sons, Ornan, Willis; daughters Mrs. Elihu Pitts, Mrs. 
Labun Pitts.
WHATLEY, Ornan - married ... ; sons, Gibson, Varch, W.B., Archie, House; daughters, 
Tamsy (Mrs. Flagg), Rebecca (Mrs. Brittian), Elizabeth (Mrs. Humphrey), Ernestine9 Mrs. 
WHATLEY, Willis - married 1st ..., 2nd Pitman ... ; sons, Archie; daughters, Tamsy 
(Mayfield), Agathy (Freeman)
WHATLEY, Davis - married ... ; sons Ornan (A.P. Brooks), Bob, Sam; Emma mar. B.b Wilkes, 
Lydia; Minister of the Primitive Baptist and was held in the highest esteem by all of 
his neighbors.
WILKES, John - married Lydia Strong; sons, John W., Tom, Bob, Black; daughters, Cassander 
mar. Dixon, Emiline mar. Garrette, Mary Jane, Missouri died early, Sarah Ann mar Dr. Low.
WILKES, William - married Rebecca Strong; sons Walker, Bob (R S.) W.H., L.H., John; 
daughters, Susan mar Cummins, Sarah, Mary Ann mar. Jack Young, Caroline.
WILKES, Aaron - married Susan Spurlin; no children.
WILKES, Benager - old bachelor
WISDOM, Hamp - married Charity Sales; sons, Dr. Frank Wisdom.
WILKES, John W., son of old John Wilkes married Louisa Sales; sons Lucius Clay; 
daughter Celestia.
WILLIAMS, Stafford - married Sara Dismuke; one son Luke; daughters, Nancy mar. Henry 
Griffith, Mary mar. R.H. Strong, Sarah mar. Smith Horsley, Marsha mar. R.H. Strong, 
Jane mar. Ben Marsh.

YOUNG, L.H. - married ... ; sons, Leftwich, James G; daughters, Emily mar. Henderson, ... 
mar. Reynolds, ... mar. Freeman, Croft mar. Hilt, Hassie mar. Narne..

WHITLEY, J.T. - married Mary Ann Garrette; sons John, Will, Clay, G.T.
Winn, Thomas - married ... ; sons William, Asa
WINN, William - married ... ; son. E.T.; daughters, Clandia mar Ridley, Ida.
WINN, Asa - married sister of Jesse Brooks; sons Tom who died in youth; William; 
daughters, Nancy mar Terry, Eliza mar. Wilkes, ... mar. Cofield.
WILDER, James - married 1st Nancy Weston; sons John, W.W., Mitch, Osborn, Daniel; 
daughters Senie mar B.C. Johns.., Nellie mar. T.P. Johns then James Lewis, ... mar 
Sherbert, ... mar. Bill Johnson - married 2nd Caroline Howell, widow; sons B.F., 
A.J.; daughters Nancy mar T. Brittian and H. Houston, ... mar. J. Pullum

Jesse Moon		R.H. Jackson
William Callaway	G.W. Colquitt
James Rainwater	Mr. Shaffer
Daniel McCoy		Mr. Cox
James Rainwater	Mr. Martin
Mr. Hearn

The following is written exactly as Judge J.B. Strong had it written in his Memorandum.
Teachers.  Dr. J.G. Goss and Hamp Morgan
Prof.	 Gary
"	Mark Ely
"		 Brooks
"	 Tom Hand
"	W.P. Edmondson
"		 Dawson
Judge Littleton Pitts
Dr. J.S. Horsley
R.G. Horsley
J.B. Strong
B.C. Jones
Thad Harris
Payne Mooty"