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By John R. Adams, Sr.
(Originally published The Taylor County Tracer Vol 3 # 12 December, 1998)

The minutes of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church were destroyed by fire in the home of Earnest Parker, church clerk, February 24, 1965. The following information was obtained from sources sited.

On Friday, July 17, 1840 petitionary letter was presented to Mount Carmel Primitive Baptist Church Crawford Co., Ga. requesting ministerial aid to assist in constituting a church (Shiloh) in Talbot County, Ga. near Deans Mill. The ministers that were members of Mount Carmel at that time was Elders Washington C. Cleveland and James Mathews and one or both of them probably were in the Constitution of Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church. (Minutes Mount Carmel Church, Crawford Co., Ga.)

The Church of Christ Shiloh, Talbot County, Ga. by letter called on us and our Brother James Mathews for him to supply them as pastor, the request granted. (Minutes Mount Carmel; August 15, 1840)

Upatoie Primitive Baptist Association minutes, September 12-14, 1840, held with Mount Paron Church, Muscogee Co., Ga. Item # 4 Called for petitionary letters and received sister churches, viz. Fellowship, Harris County, Harmony, Harris County and Shiloh, Talbot. The first messengers from Shiloh Church was Samuel Barren and William Childs.

Sister Eliza Gunn was dismissed by letter hem Good Hope Primitive Baptist Church Upson Co., Ga. Saturday, November 14, 1840. (Good Hope Minutes) Eliza Gunn, wife of Thomas Gunn, died May 11, 1888. Her obituary in THE GOSPEL MESSENGER, Vol. 10, No. 10, October, 1888 says that "She moved to Talbot County about 1840 and joined Good Hope Church Upson County, there being no church close by, and when Shiloh Church was organized, she moved her letter from Good Hope to Shiloh, and remained a member until 1883, when she came to Upson County, and lived with her son, W. C. Gunn."

The Upatoie Association met with Shiloh Church, Talbot County, Ga., Saturday-Tuesday, September 11-14, 1852. Messengers were William Childs and Benjamin Smith. The church location was listed as 5 miles north of Centerville, Talbot Co., Ga.

Walton T. Carter bought from Cyrus Robinson, both of Talbot County, and State of Georgia, 312 acres of land in situated in Talbot County, parts of land for $716. 55 acres on east side of fraction #86; 10 acres of lot #85; 50 acres of lot #71 on south side of Richland Creek; all of portion of lot #60 containing 45 acres in S. W. corner of land bounded by east leading from Prattsburg to Parker Ferry and on the South by the road leading from Prattsburg to Red Bone by Shiloh Church up the original line; 110 acres of lot #59 known as the Lindsey Place, lying in the North side of said lot of land bounded by the fence on south side between Dr. Mathews and Thomas Childs and W. T. Carter up the original line, thence North to the Prattsburg road land being line up to the creek, all in the 24th District. Cyrus Robinson
Witness: William Drane, William P. Mathews.
Recorded December 2, 1869. Talbot County, Georgia Deed Book P. pages 414,415.

The Upatoie Association of Primitive Baptist met with Shiloh Church, Talbot County, Ga. August 31 through September 2, 1872. Messengers were Elder David Caldwell and B. A. Childs. Shiloh Church location was listed as 2 miles north of Prattsburg, Talbot County, Ga.

ASSOCIATION - We noticed last Saturday and Sunday quite a number of Primitive Baptist passing through town on their way to the Association at Shiloh Church, in Talbot County. We learn from those who were present that there were about thirty ministers in attendance. One of the important subjects before the Association, outside of religion, was the "Homestead Question." We are informed that their action on this question resulted in a resolution that the church should have jurisdiction over members when he took the benefit of the homestead act, and not be Signed dealt with by individual members. If, on hearing the case, the member should be justifiable, he is to be acquitted, and if not justifiable, to be turned out of the church. There was supposed to be over one thousand persons present on Sunday. (THE THOMASTON HERALD, Saturday, September 7, 1872.)

These records place Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church in the location the next Monday. (Friendship Academy shown on the map . This location is where the Cemetery known as Childs cemetery is located today. Janice and I visited this cemetery in 1997. There are many unmarked graves and the grave cover over the Child's lot had fell in on the graves. I believe that this was possibly the cemetery of Shiloh Church. The road by this location is called George Smith Road today.

Shiloh Church was moved to her present location between March and October 1887. Earnest Parker, father of Ordinary Court Judge Ronnie Parker, told me that he remembered his father George Alien Parker tell of when he was 6 years old his father David Alien Parker, Pleasant Creed Caldwell, T. J. Childs, Elder J. E. Battle, B. F. Adams, S. I-I. Cox, Joseph Randall Adams and others tore down the Shiloh Church and moved it by wagon to the present location. My brother, Carl Adams, Leon James and myself along with others replaced boards on the side of the church last year and it was apparent to us that the building had been torn down and rebuilt.

GOSPEL MESSENGER, Vol 9 No 3, March 1887 stated that Elders harvey Wright and W.N. Tharpe of Indiana preached at Shiloh Church in Talbot Co, GA.

The minutes of the UPATOIE ASSOCIATION held at Ephesus Church, Talbot Co., Ga. Tuesday-Thursday, October 4-6, 1887 gave the location of Shiloh Church as Taylor County, GA. The messengers were T.J. Childs, B.F. Adams, and S.H. Cox.

THE TALBOTTON NEW ERA, July 17, 1888 listed under the section headed, MT. ZION MENTIONS, the following articles:
The Primitive Baptist will observe the ordinances of the Lord's Supper and feet washing on the fourth Sunday in this month, at Shiloh Church just over the line in Taylor County, near Daviston.

Miss Ella Boyd, of our city, opened a school at Friendship Academy, Daviston, in Taylor County, last Monday the 9th inst., with forty-six scholars. A patron informed me that he thought that she was certain to get ten or fifteen more the next Monday. (Friendship Academy was believed to be located across County Road fiom Shiloh Church.)(County Road was originally Fort Perry Road)

The location this time was in the east side of land lot 203 in the 15th District of Taylor County, Ga. Well, for whatever reason Shiloh Church relocated to Taylor County, they would soon be back in Talbot County without moving one board. A dispute over the county line between Talbot and Taylor County was growing. Some say it was about the fence law.

The February term of the Superior Cout of Taylor County minutes reflect the following: "It has been presented to us that there is a dispute to the proper line between Talbot and Taylor Counties and request the clerk to ask the Governor appoint a suitable surveyor to mark out and define the proper line between the said counties.


An order was issued in the executive department yesterday appointing Mr. R. R. Reneau to survey the THE GOSPEL MESSENGER, boundary line between Taylor and Talbot counties which is in dispute. Under the act of Oct 20, 1887, where a line between counties is in dispute the fact must be certified to the governor by presentment of the grand jury of each county and a survyor applied for to trace the line. It becomes the duty of the governor to appoint a surveyor who is not a resident of either county, and it become the duty of this surveyor, after running the line, to make a report of the work to the secretary of state accompanied by a plat to be entered in a book kept for that purpose.
THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Counties have ancestors Atlanta, Ga. Wednesday, May 23, 1888.

TALBOT AND TAYLOR Engineer R. R. Reneau has completed the survey of the Talbot and Taylor line. Mr. Reneau has not announced his decision as to the line, but will refer the matter to the attorney general, Mr. W.T. Cosby reports it is highly probably that no citizens of Talbot will be transferred to the Taylor side, neither will any citizens of Taylor be transferred to Talbot. In consequence of this fact, the survey will likely produce no dissatisfaction. TALBOTTOM NEW ERA, September 18, 1888.

We are proud to learn that the disputed line between Talbot and Taylor has been propery adjusted by the proper authority and we trust it will cause no further trouble. A large majority of citizens of that portion of Talbot are very unwilling to be annexed to Taylor and it wouldn't only be an injustice but injury to them after having fully adopted the stock law to be foreced to live in a county that has non. They rejoice in the settlement. THE TALBOTTOM NEW ERA, Oct 9, 1888

The minutes of the Upatoie Association of the Primitive Baptist met with Bethlehem Church, Taylor County Tuesday-Thursday, Sept 3-5, 1889. Messengers from Shiloh Church were J.E. Battle, Pleasant Creed Caldwell, and Benjamin F. Adams. Location of church was given as 4 miles north of Howard in Talbot County.

Well the county line had been moved from in front of Shiloh Church to behind the church and cemetery. The road in front was at this time called Fort Perry Road. Today it is called County Road.

Somewhere in this time frame the deeds to the church were filed in either Talbot or Taylor County. My father, Elder Bentley Adams, was clerk of Shiloh Church for many years before he became a minister. Mother says that she remembers a deed in the church book but it was lost in the fire. I am looking for the deed in both Taylor and Talbot Counties.

Shiloh Church

The inside of Shiloh Church has been modified very little over the past years. The floor and walls are wood. The ceiling still has wood but has been overlaid with ceiling tile. The singing is better in this building than any where I have ever been. There is no music, in keeping with the Primitive Baptist belief, but the songs seem to come from the walls that have heard many a voice of those long gone.

I remember well the old "Lloyd's Primitive Hymns Book" published by Benjamin Lloyd in 1906. I still have a copy. There is no musical notes in the song book.

We now use "OLD SCHOOL HYMNAL" published Old School Hymnal Co., Inc. It has the notes but we still do not use a musical instrument. One song that has caught my eye, besides "Amazing Grace" is one written by Abraham Lincoln titled "Time! What An Empty Vapor 'Tis!" No. 96

Time! what an empty vapor 'tis! And days
how swift they are!
Swift as an Indian arrow flies, or like a
shooting star.
The present moments just appear, Then
slide away in haste,
That we can never say, They're here but
only say, They're past.
Our life is ever on the wing, And death is
ever nigh;The moment when our lives
begin, we begin to die.
Yet, mighty God, our fleeting days Thy
lasting favors share;
Yet with the bounties of Thy grace Thou
loadst the rolling year.
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the
morrow. For what is your life? It is a
vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and
then vanisheth away." James 4:14 

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