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GA Early Military

"The Battle of Leather's Ford" - January 16, 1831

The following from "Whites Among the Cherokees", Mary B. Warren and Eve B. Weeks, 1987, Heritage Papers, Athens, GA 30606
Discrepancies in parentheses.
The Roll Book of the Georgia Guard-1831
Col. John William Augustine Sanford, Commander
"Headquarters of the Guard Agency at Scudder's, Cherokee Frontier"

Whereas, by an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, passed the 22d December, 1830, his Excellency the Governor is authorized and empowered to raise and organize a guard for the protection of the gold mines in the Cherokee Nation, and for divers other purposes, and Whereas, His Excellency the Governor has appointed Col. J.W.A. Sanford, Commander, and Col. Charles H. Nelson, Sub-Commander of said guard,

NOW Know all men that we whose names are hereunto subscribed have enrolled ourselves members of said guard under the above mentioned officers, and, hereby, obligate ourselves to perform all the duties of good, faithful and trusty Soldiers for 12 months from the date annexed to our respective names, unless sooner discharged by the Commander - in - Chief.

(The bottom corner of the first page is torn away so that only a few names remain )

Enrollee's name                                     Enlisted

Jacob R. Brooks, 1st Sarg't.                 8 Jan. 1831        DeKalb
Caleb Sappington, 2nd Sarg't.               3 Jan. 1831        Wilkes
Elias Henderson, Sarg't.                       8 Jan. 1831        Jackson
Thomas J. Rogers                                6 Jan. 1831       Jackson
William C. Perry                                   8 Jan. 1831       DeKalb
---nt T. Henderson                                13 Jan. 1831      Hall
---vid Booker                                        6 Jan. 1831
--- Sample                                          10 Jan. 1831       Hall
--- R. Brown                                        12 Jan. 1831       Hall
--- Barnes                                           15 Jan. 1831
--- PettyJohn                                       7 Jan. 1831
--- Whetchel                                       11 Jan. 1831        Hall
--- Miller                                              5 Jan. 1831
--- M. Cantrell                                     10 Jan. 1831        Hall
--- Yancy                                            12 Jan. 1831
--- Haines (his mark)                            14 Jan. 1831        Hall

(Mrs. Beeson noted: "Here many leaves are cut out of the ledger,
evidently it was done beforehand, for autographs continue
on nextpage with this caption:")

We whose names are hereunto subscribed consent to the
foregoing obligation:

James M. Reed                              13 Jan. 1831       Hall
John T. Cox                                    13 Jan. 1831       Hall
John C. Pope                                  3 Jan. 1831        Wilkes
Jacob Butman                                 12 Jan. 1831      Hall
(William Word should be here)
John W. Hay                                  2 Jan. 1831        Wilkes
William Wood                                 7 Jan. 1831        DeKalb
(William Word, not Wood)
Green W. Durham                           1 Jan. 1831        Baldwin
(Green J.B. Durham)
David Roundaville                            8 Jan. 1831        Clarke
(David Rounsavell)
Nathaniel G. Henderson                  8 Jan. 1831        Jackson
(his mark)
Charles Haynes                             14 Jan. 1831       Hall
Burl Bradley (his mark)                   14 Jan. 1831       Hall
(Bechel Bradley)
R.T. Fowler                                   14 Jan. 1831      Clarke
John Daniel                                   14 Jan. 1831      Hall
Martin B. Harben                           14 Jan. 1831      Hall
(Nath'1. B. Harben)
Redding Pinson                             4 Jan. 1831        Hall
Jesse Townsend                            6 Jan. 1831       DeKalb
John Ballard                                  3 Jan. 1831       Wilkes
John M. Jack                                 8 Jan. 1831       Clarke
(John M. Jay, Sr.)
Joseph W. Shevy                         6 Jan. 1831        Jackson
(Joseph McSherry)
William Tippen                            14 Jan. 1831       Hall
Thomas F. Booker                      3 Jan. 1831         Wilkes
Samuel Hall                               1 Jan. 1831         Baldwin

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