GA 1st Regimental Cavalry


 The First Georgia Cavalry Regiment was organized in the
fall of 1861 at Rome, Georgia.  More than a thousand 
officers and men were mustered into service with this 
regiment.  It was ordered first to Chattanooga, TENN.
and from there to Knoxville, Kentucky. The regiment 
served with the Department of East Tennessee untill the 
end of 1862 and then joined the Army of Tennessee, 
where it served untill late 1863. It then returned to 
the Department of East Tennessee and subsequently 
rejoined the Army of Tennessee.  In early 1865, the
First Georgia Cavalry served in the Department of South
Carolina, Georgia, and Florida before returning to the
Army of Tennessee a final time.  The First Georgia
Cavalry, also known as Morrison's Cavalry, was commanded 
first by Colonel James J. Morrison.   
 It also served in the Corps' of General Nathan
Bedford Forrest, and General Joseph Wheeler. Its battle 
credits include: Murfreesboro; Nashville; Big Hill; 
Pegrams Kentucky Raid; Expedition to Monticello; 
Chickamauga; Siege of Chattanooga; Philadelphia; Siege
of Knoxville; The Atlanta Campaign; Sunshine Church;
The Savannah Campaign, and the Carolinas Campaign.
  During its career, the First Georgia Cavalry served
in over one hundred and seventy-five engagements. 
It has been reported that less then fifty officers and
men remained with this unit when it was finally 
surrendered by General Johnston in April, 1865 near 
Charlotte, North Carolina.

Company E
1st Regimental Cavalry

                       MUSTER ROLL
 (Organized April 1862 at Carrollton, Carroll co.,GA.)

J.M. Blalock,1st Cpt.        Thos. W. Kelley, 2d Cpt.
O.P. Shuford, 3d Cpt.        J.J. Velvin, 1Lt.
John Beavers, 1Lt.           John B. Goodwin, 2Lt.
J.T. Hinsley, 2Lt.           Joseph Boon, 3Lt.
G.W. Cook, 3Lt.              J.F. Garrison, 1st Sgt.
T.W. Dobbs, 1st Sgt.         J.P. Griffin, 1st Sgt.
J.R. Handley, 2d Sgt.        W.M. Aderhold, 3d Sgt.
Frank Cook, 3d Sgt.          J.H. Burns, 4th Sgt.
W.M. Jacobs, 4th Sgt.        E.E. Couch, 1st Cpl.
Reuben Cook, 2d Cpl.         W.M. Jones, 3d Cpl.
J.R. McCam, 4th Cpl.         Halley Nelson, 4th Cpl.
C.S. Kingsbery, Company Commissary.
Joseph Kingsberry, Regimental Commissary.

Aderhold, James      Allen, ___.     Adams, Z.T.          
Brown, Joseph        Beavers, John   Beavers, Robert
Brooks, William      Bateman, David  Baskin, C.W.
Barksdale, David     Bennett, ___.   Black, David
Bonner, J.M.         Burns, John     Bonner, Geo. A.
Blackstone, Jasper   Black, Marion   Bagwell, Charlie
Bagwell, Samuel      Chandler, N.J.  Cook, ___.
Cartwright, Wm.      Coleman, Wm.A.  Coleman, John H.
Cobb, Wm. W.         Cobb, Jos. L.   Cobb, James H.
Camp, Nathan         Camp, Wm.       Curlee, Jon.
Camp, Charlie        Campbell,Jerry  Dobbs, Eli
Davis, Hopkins       Durrough,Jacob  Davis, George
Ernest, William      Fitch, F.S.     Gentry, Joseph R.
Gresham, D.Y.        Green,Lafayette Giles, Redding
Hallomon,Charles     Hallomon,John   Hill, William
Handley,William      Handley,Kinion  Horseley,Robt. R.
Hinesley, John       Higgins,Burton  Holcomb, Jot.
Harris, Tom          Harris, Sam     Hart, Doll
Haynes, Thos. J.     Haynes,Harrison Hanvey,Alexander
Horton, Nathan       Howell, E.W.    Ingram,Thos. J.
Ingram, William      Jones, Nathan   Jones, J.T.
Jones, Jethro        Jones, Henry    Jett, S.L.
Kamp, Aaron          Lassiter, Wm.   Lord, Wm.
Lord, James          Lester, J.L.    Miller, Geo. W.
Merrell,Geo. W.      Merrell, W.P.   Millican, A.J.
Millican,Thornton    McCain, Wm.     Mullinix,Jno.O.
Mullinix, James      Minshew, Allen  Martin, Jno.
McClue, Lusso        McClue, V.B.    Norman, Zach.
Nelson, Ashley       Nelson,Ashley(colored).
Parker, William      Potts, William  Pitts, Meady
Proctor, Henry       Reid, Lee       Reid, Dr. H.L.
Reid, H.W.           Riggs,Sterling  Riggs, James
Rakestraw, Wm.       Rakestraw, ___. Ragwell, Charles
Ragwell, Samuel      Stidham, Tom    Steed,Alexander
Shaw, Wesley         Shaw, John      Segars, Jack
Smith, Terrell       Smith, Dr.___.  Torrence, Jack
Tolbert, Thos. J.    Wells, E.W.     Williams, H.M.
Waddell, Lobe        Waddell,___.    Whisterhunt,Philip
Williams, Elihu      Williams,Wesley Young, Allen
Young, Wesley.

Typed by: "E. Coleman, Jr." (
Source of this Muster Roll is the UDC , SCV,
and Carrollton Genealogical Association in Carrollton, Carroll county,
Summary of the 1st Ga Cav history. The source for this is the Compendium of the Confederate States Army for South Carolina and Georgia and various other contributors I have exchanged information with .

E. Coleman, Jr.
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