Popular Books From 1889

The Marion County Patriot, No. 6
February 8, 1889   
Page Three
Popular Novels
The Patriot Book and Stationery Store has just received a lot of novels by the best and most popular writers.  The following is a list of them on hand at present: "Jess," "She," "Mysteries of a Hansom Cab," "Lady Magdelein's Pride,"
"Mr. Meeson's Will," "King Solomon's Mines," "Fashion's Follies," "Nezar," "All in a Wild March Morning," "Hunted Down," "The Dark House."  The books are bound in paper covers and will be sold at 25 cents each.  Parties desiring to exchange books of this class will be allowed 15 cents when they are returned in good order.

Submitted by Carla Miles