McDonald Family Bible

The Old bible leaf owned by Alan Parker; Montgomery, Alabama was given to him by Ann EllaParker.

Note: Hannie McDonald married Joseph Parker and they lived in Dale Co., Alabama. She states on CSA pension application that she was born in Lowndes Co., Georgia. James McDonald was found in the 1840/50 Talbot Co, GA and in the 1860 and 1870 Henry Co., Alabama census and 1880 Dale Co., Alabama census. We do not know when James and Mary Ann died or where they are buried. According to the 1880 census both of their parents were born in South Carolina.

Also have a picture of James and Mary Ann McDonald.

Surnames in this record:


James McDonald August 14, 1804
Mariann McDonald December 15, 1811
Nancy Ann McDonald August 30, 1830
Cynthia Susan McDonald May 4, 1832
William Hugh McDonald December 10, 1833
Martha Ann Dorothy McDonald September 23, 1835
Alcey Ann Louisa McDonald May 8, 1837
Pleasant McDonald November 14, 1839--twin
Frances McDonald November 14, 1839--"
Sarah Jane McDonald October 22, 1841
Cammila McDonald May 15, 1843
Jamimah McDonald July 1, 1845-September 22, 1847
Josephus Allen McDonald July 8, 1847
Mary Callista McDonald January 6, 1849
Hanny McDonald January 28, 1851
Fredonia Virginia McDonald June 7, 1853

Robert McDonald died March 4, 1844 (Note: who is this??)
Nancy Ann McDonald died May 19, 1844 or 6

A big thanks goes out to Mary Ann Nichols ← for submitting this information!

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