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Story of Old Courthouse

From The Ellaville Sun, Thursday, November 20, 1957

"....Inferior Court judges busied themselves at once with plans for a two-story courthouse. A contract was let to Jim Broadfield on July 10, 1858, specifying 50 percent of the money would be paid when the job was half done and the balance on January 1, 1860. Broadfield started work at once on the site of the present Ellaville Service Station and Donna Lynne Motel and Cafe.

Donna Lynn Motel
Brick were made at the old brick yards on the O.L. Peacock place at Pond Town where Mrs. Allene McCall now lives. Slave labor was used in erecting the courthouse. Total cost of the building was $7,059. This structure continued to serve as the seat of the county for 40 years. In 1899 it was decided to build the present courthouse and it was completed and occupied early in 1900.

The old courthouse became an office building. Knights of Pythias and the Masons occupied the upper floor and the building was known as the "Castle Hall." Among the businesses using the ground floor were a barber shop, printing office, tailor shop, and doctors' offices. ...."

Contributed by Ernie Jones [email protected]

The Atlanta Constitution
The Atlanta Constitution July 18, 1899

Sealed proposals will be received by the commissioners of Schley county up to 12 o'clock, noon, Wednesday, August 31, 1899, for the erection and completion of a two story brick and stone court house for Schley county, according to plans and specifications prepared by Golucke & Stewart, architects. Plans and specificiations will be on file at the office of commissioners at Ellaville, Ga., and office of archutects, Atlanta, Ga., on and after 28th of July. The payment for work to be made from time to time as work progresses, on estimate by the architcts of the work done, and the balance in cash on completionand acceptance of the building by the commissioners. Bond in double the amount of the contract will be required by the successful bidder. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. Proposals to be marked "Bids for Schley County Courthouse" and addressed to W.D. Murray, at Ellaville, Ga.
By order county commissioners, sitting for county purposes. July 14, 1899.
A.M. Caskey
T.V. Bridges
V.H. Tondee
G.T. Walker
W.D. Murray
Commissioners Schley County, Georgia

Harris Hill

Butler Herald/Ellaville Sun The Butler Herald
Tuesday, January 17, 1911
Page Four

Old Schley County Courthouse Sold to Local Order Knights of Pythias

(From Schley County News) On last Tuesday, legal sale day, the old courthouse in the town of Ellaville, after being duly advertised by the County Commissioners was sold to the highest bidder. It was purchased by the Ellaville Lodge Knights of Pythias at the price of $1,500.00. The parties buying the same will be incorporated into a stock company at once, and as soon as this is done something like $1,500.00 will be raised for the purpose of repairing the same. They propose to renovate the building throughout, putting the building in first class order. The large and commodious courtroom upstairs will be used as a lodge room, as well as an auditorium; the rooms on the side will be converted into reading rooms for club purposes (not lockers). The downstairs will be used as offices, and when properly fixed up, they will be the most desirable in town. Withal, this new project will add greatly to the appearance and convenience of our town.

The old courthouse is one of Schley's oldest landmarks, having been erected about 50 years go. The courthouse was a new structure when our fathers left for the battlefields in the early Sixties.

Contributed by Carla Miles [email protected]

Tearing down courthouse

From "Ellaville and Schley historical sketch..p. 31" -- "Old Schley County Courthouse being torn down - about 1937"

Note:"History of Schley County Ga....p. 153" says "In 1937 a gymnasium was built" ----- In the attached jpg the gymnasium can be seen......built at least before the old courthouse was torn down.

It's my understanding that the confederate memorial in the city park once stood in front of the old court house before the "new" road was built to Buena Vista..Hwy 26. (The old Buena Vista road originated near the train tracks at the north edge of town at the Standridge gas station and Hwy 19............the number "19" can be seen on a sign in the left quarter of this picture with an arrow beneath it pointing north..........the number "3" is beneath the arrow, "Ga state Rd 3."
Ernie Jones

Public Square
Courthouse Square in Ellaville.
Confederate Monument
This is from the original "History of Schley County by Mrs. H.J. Williams (AKA Miss Mamie), written in the 1930's. She is speaking about the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
"The outstanding work of the chapter since it's organization has been the building of the Monument to the Confederate dead. This was accomplished during the administration of Mrs. S.C. Collins.
The monument stands at the conjunction of Broad and Oglethorpe streets. The U.D.C. was aided in its erection by the citizens of Ellaville and Schley County."

plaque for Mother's benches


"Beside the court house and in the center of Ellaville, lovely parks have been created under the supervision of Mrs. H.F. Dixon. Shrubbery grows luxuriantly within their borders. A carpet of Bermuda grass is well kept. In the springtime, flowers bloom along the way, filling the air with the odor of their sweet perfume. Sixteen stone seats were contributed by citizens of the town in memory of loved ones whose names are inscribed on a slab in the park nearest the court house. A fitting memorial the seats are, to those who, while living, weaved into their patterns of life, deeds that were good and noble. They have passed into another world. Their memory still lingers with those of us who left behind, are struggling ever upward and upward to that life that shall never end."

Note: The seats are gone now. The plaque remains on a small monument on the east side of the park nearest the court house. It's inscription is as follows:

"The seats in this park are dedicated by the children to honor their mothers on Mother's Day, May 11th, 1930."


Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Williams Dozier
Mrs. Sarah Jane Harden
Mrs. Mary Chapman Williamson
Mrs. Susie Sherman Smith
Mrs. Jessie Peacock Collins
Mrs. Georgia Battle Jordan
Mrs. Katie Rogers Williams
Mrs. Lillie Davis Dixon
Mrs. Evelyn Stokes Hart
Mrs. Helen Sewell Stevens
Mrs. Mamie Stevens Collins
Mrs. Lillie (Mae Woodall) Hill
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams Jordan
Mrs. Addie Smith Munro
Miss Julia Peacock
Mrs. Nettyle Williams Dixon

Source: The History of Schley

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