1870 Mortality Schedule
Persons who died during the year ending 1st of June 1870 in the County of Schley, state of Georgia.
Enumerated by me, William N. Scovall
Transcribed 2006 by Judy Gresham 
Number of the Family as given in the 2nd column of Schedule 1 Surname Name Age Sex Color Married or Widow Place of Birth Month of Death Occupation Disease or Cause of Death
98 Stewart Polly 28 F W M Georgia February Keeping House Remittus Fever
145 Mott John 1 M B   Georgia July   Strangulation
170 Poole Thomas 2 M W   Georgia September   Remittus Fever
173 Marshal Andrew J. 2/12 M W   Georgia October   Croop
174 Marshal William F. 2/12 M W   Georgia March   Croop
178 Payne Viola V. 1 F W   Georgia March   Pneumonia
271 Hargrove Martha 28 F W M North Carolina December No Occupation Pneumonia
325 Drew Shadrach 40 M W M Georgia April Farmer Inflamation of Liver
502 Warren Anthony 2/12 M B   Georgia December   Pneumonia
507 Hart Antonette J. 5 F W   Georgia August   Disease of Brain
511 Buston/Burton Peter B M     Georgia June   Croop
524 Harper Mary 41 F W M South Carolina June Keeping House Liver Inflamation
528 Jones Lucy 70 F W W South Carolina June No Occupation Chronic Rheumatism
532 Owens William D. 6/12 M W   Georgia July   Disease of Brain
547 Hollis Elizabeth 63 F W W Georgia November No Occupation Pneumonia
557 Read Fanny 75 F W M North Carolina February No Occupation Remittus Fever
557 Brown Willowby 2 M B   Georgia February   Remittus Fever
561 Kidd Macy 45 F W W Georgia March Keeping House Consumption
564 Beckwith No Name 5/12 F B   Georgia March   --------------
534 Hart Hampton 19 M B   Georgia March Farm Laborer Homicide
534 Hart Henry 5 M B   Georgia June   Fire Arms Accident
548 Dorman Martha 20 F W M Georgia April Keeping House Pneumonia
569 Johnson Elizabeth 26 F W M Georgia November Keeping House Pneumonia
579 Croxton No Name   F B   Georgia March   Still Born
585 Ross Sarah 61 F W M Georgia February Keeping House Hydra??????
606 Cottle No Name 2/12 F B   Georgia March   Pneumonia
617 Chamblis Eliza 8/12 F W   Georgia September   Intermittant Fever
620 Renew James M. 1 M W   Georgia September   Disease of Brain
671 Burton Franklin 1/12 M B   Georgia December   Pneumonia
689 Felton     M B Georgia November   Still Born
694 Read Hannah 83 F W M North Carolina April No Occupation Disease of Heart
700 Greene     M B   Georgia March   Still Born
706 Lumpkin Chappell 1 M B   Georgia June   Diarrhea
712 Howell Anna 2 F B   Georgia May   Diarrhea
803 Eubanks William L. 12 M W   Georgia January   Disease of Heart
813 Dunn Clara 3/12 F B   Georgia October   Whooping Cough
8 Brown John I. 1 F B   Georgia June   Disease of Brain
16 Killebrew Mary 1 F B   Georgia July   Pneumonia
15 Burton Thomas 3/12 M B   Georgia July   Whooping Cough
22 Montgomery Susan 1/12 F B   Georgia January   Whooping Cough
913 Washington George 3/12 M B   Georgia January   Suffication

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