Harrison Musgrove

Estate and other records


16 Oct 1794
August Harrison elected to State House of Representatives for Oglethorpe Co.
In the General Election of Craven, Burke, Wilkes, Warren, Elbert, Franklin, Montgomery, Oglethorpe and Washington Counties: Harrison Musgrove, Esq. was elected for Oglethorpe Co. to the Ga. legislator. Senator: Burrill Pope, Peq; Convention: Matthew Talbot, ___swain, and Edmund Daniell, Esq's.


17 Feb 1795: Harrison was Clerk of Superior Court Oglethorpe Co.
21 Sep 1795: Harrison & Jane (Jenny) Musgrove bought the home place of Jeremiah Dicken, 200 acres on Little River


17 Jun 1796: Harrison Musgrove Jr - was ex. of will of Andrew McBride probated Jul. 27, 1796. Other Ex. Andrew's wife, Wm. Daniell, Samuel Hart. Witness: Douglas Watson, Joseph Parks, Samuel Rhodes.


Estate of Harrison Musgrove Jr
Georgia-Oglethorpe Co. (Between Sep 1 & Nov. 16 1798)

Jane Musgrove and others
executrix and executors of the last will and testiment of H. Musgrove, dec'd
assignees of the State of Ga. (Petition for Foreclousure)
vs Benjamin Allen and Adnarim Allen

Upon the petition of Jane Musgrove, Frances Gordon, Glen Owen and John Sankey, executrix and executors of the last will and testiment of Harrison Musgrove, dec. praying the foreclosure of the equity of redemption in and to a certain tract of land, containg by estimaition one thousand acres lying on Long creek, in the now county of Oglethorpe, formerly Wilkes, butting and bounding north well wardly by vacant surveyed and William Few's land, north well by Filders, Nathan Nab's land and vacant land, fourth eastwardly by vacant land and fourth westwardly by surveyed land; mortgated by Benjamin Allen and Adniram Allento the state of Georgia; Which paid mortgate has been assigned over from the state of Georgia to the said executrix and executors; and on motion of John Mathews; attorney for the pettioners, It is ordered, That the principal interest and cost upon the paid mortgate, be paid in court within twelve months from this date, and unless the same be so paid, the equity of redemption will from thence fourth be forever bound and forclosed, and other proceedings take place in purfaance of the act of the General Assembly in such cases made and provided. True Copy from the Minutes of Court Wilson Lampkin for John Lampkin Clerk.


10 Jun 1800 - Registered
Greene Co, GA Deed Book 2 -Pg. 469-470 Glen Owen, Francis Gordon, John J. Sankey, Executors of the last will & Testiment of Harrison Musgrove deceased of Oglethorpe Co. to Isaac Musgrove of same for $769, 200 acres in the county and state of aforesaid bordered by Ransom Decker, James Daniel, Toney McBride. (SGCR, Vol 2 pg 286)


12 Feb 1805 - Yearly Return estate of Harrison Musgrove-Oglethorpe Co Ga by T. Sanky
1805 - Returns
To Jane Musgrove for boarding, clothing & schooling the children of the said dec’d---
To Catherine Musgrove from the 28th Sep 1796 to Sep 1804 8 years $30 per year $240.00
To Robert Musgrove
to boarding school for clothing from 28 Sep 1796 until Jan 1 1805 inclusive at $12 for year 96.00


Estate of Harrison Musgrove

1806-Jul. 15 To Jane Musgrove

J. Sankey & Glen Owen Ex.

For Boarding, clothing & schooling the children of the said dec'd is as followeth-Viz:

To Catherine Musgrove from the 28th Sep 1796-Sep 1804 at $30 year $240.00

To Robert H Musgrove
to boarding school & clothing from 28th Sep 1796 until Jan 1 1805 inclusive at $12 year say Eight years $96.00

To Sally Owen Musgrove Ditto- at $35.00 for year $280.00

To Polly Warren Musgrove Ditto- $280.00

To Jane Glenn Musgrove Ditto $280.00

Nancy Musgrove

Betty Ann Musgrove

Harrison Musgrove

(Has Bracket-shows the same time at $30 per year) $720.00

__________ Total $1898.00


1820- Yearly Return of the estate of Harrison Musgrove - Oglethorpe Co. Ga.

April 10 - John Sankey had signatures - received in full of each of our parts the estate of said Harrison Musgrove $71.94 and one quarter

Isaac Roberts (Married Jane Glenn)

John Parks (Married Sarah Owen Musgrove)

William Guthry (Married Mary Warren Musgrove)

John Swann? (Married Elizabeth ??)

Richard Parks (Married Catherine)

John Hackney (Married Nancy)

R. H. Musgrove

Harrison Musgrove

Submitted by Ms. Gerry Hill descendant of Jane Glenn