William St. L. Musgrave

William St. L. Musgrave
Petition for United States citizenship - 1820
Oglethorpe County, GA Superior Court Book 1820-1823
October Term, 1820 [pages not numbered]

To the honorable the Judge of the Superior Court; The petition of Wm. St. L. MUSGRAVE showeth that your petitioner is a native of the town of Bradford County of York in the Kingdom of Great Brittain and was during the late war between Great Brittain and the United States captured by a private vessel of the United States and has ever since that period been a resident of the State of Georgia and humbly prays to become a citizen of the United States according to an act of Congress passed granting rights of citizenship to Aliens and your petitioner will ever pray.

William Saint Ledger MUSGRAVE

Jackson County State of Georgia
March 27, 1820

State of Georgia
Oglethorpe County
Personally came before me, Sam'l LUMPKIN, Wm. St. L. MUSGRAVE, who being duly sworn according to law deposeth that he has been in the United States of America five years and a resident of this State one Year.

William St. L. MUSGRAVE

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 19th October 1820.


Georgia Oglethorpe County
Personally came before me Wm. St. L. MUSGRAVE in open court and who being duly sworn deposeth and saith; I, Wm. St. L. MUSGRAVE, do solemnly swear that it is my wish and intention to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce forever all allegiance & fidelity to any foreign prince, state or potentate or sovereignty whatever and especially to the King of Great Brittain and Ireland whose subject I last was. I do further swear to support the constitution of the United States and to pay fidelity and allegiance to the same so help me God.


Sworn to before me in open court.
Augustine S. Clayton, Judge