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Will of Stephen Potts
Contributed by Meredith Clapper
<[email protected]>  June 17, 2004


 Will of Stephen Potts

     Oglethorpe County
     State of Georgia 

     In the name of God, amen. I, Stephen Potts, of the county & state aforesaid    
     being  old & infirm in body, but of a sound & disposing mind & memory, do    make & 
     ordain this my last will and testament (revoking all others heretofore made).
     In manner & form following-

     1st Item. I give & bequeath to my son James Potts a negro woman Milley & her 
     child Lucy with all their increase both of the above negroes being now in his
     possession also my negro boy Primos.

     2nd Item. I lend to my daughter Margret McWhorter one negro woman
     Doll & her two children Lucy & Tom, with all her future Increase &
     at my said Daughters death the said negros with their increase to
     be equally divided between the heirs of her body.

     3rd Item. I give to my son Stephen Potts the old tract of land I
     now live on, including a small part of the opposite tract of land
     which I design for my son Henry (to wit) all the land that lies
     north of the main branch which runs through the plantation together
     with all the benefits thereon. Also thirty acres which I bought of
     Joseph Lumpkins Sen. Adjoining my old tract likewise three negroes
     namely Ned, Bob & henry.

     4th Item. I give & bequeath to my son, Henry Potts, the tract of
     land adjoining the one I now live on that I bought of John Dickey
     except the small part as before desposed to my son Stephen together
     with all the benefits thereon, together with three Dick, Sawney &
     Nancy also two cows.

     5th Item. I give to my grand daughter Nancy Foster one negro boy
     named Sterling.

     6th Item. I give to my grand daughter Jenney Foster one negro girl
     named Janney.

     7th Item. I lend to my daughter Jane Potts three negroes namely
     Hanah & her child Ben & Jacob during her natural life & at her
     death to be equally divided between the heirs of her body.

     8th Item. It is my will & desire that twelve hundred acres of my
     Oconee lands be equally divided between my three sons, James,
     Stephen & Henry Potts.

     9th Item. I will the balance of the above tract of land if any to
     my grandson Stephen Potts son of James Potts.

     10th Item. I give to my grandson Hugh McWhorter one negro girl
     named Amey & her increase.

     11th Item. It is my will & desire that my old negro man Adam be by
     my executors put up to the highest bidder for sale but it is to be
     understood that only my children are to be biders & he or she that
     will give the most to take him & if no bid is made it is my desire
     that he should remain at the old place with my son Stephen Potts.

     12th Item. I give to my son Stephen Potts one other negro boy named
     Isaac upon his paying fifty dollars to be equally divided among the
     rest of my children.

     13th Item. I also give to my son Stephen Potts my set of blacksmith
     tools with one half of my farming tools also my still & vessels &
     likewise my cupboard which belongs to the house.

     14th Item. I give the other half of my farming tools and my waggon
     to my son Henry Potts.

     15th Item. It is my desire that my old negro woman Bett should live
     with either of my children that she chooses & it is my earnest
     request she should be well used & if through age or infirmity she
     should unable to gain a support, it is my will that each of my
     children do pay an equal part towards her support & maintanance.

     16th Item. It is my will & desire that all the small articals about
     the house such as potts, ovens, pewter etc. be equally divided
     between my two sons Stephen & Henry Potts.

     17th Item. It is my will & desire that after all my debts & lawfull
     expenses are satisfield that all money by me debts due me &
     everything else not heretofore devised be equally divided between
     James Potts, Margarett McWhorter, Stephen Potts, Henry Potts & Jane

     18th Item. It is my will & desire that the negroes, money & other
     property which I have devised to daughter Jane Potts her lifetime &
     after her decease to her children be so applied to the use &
     benefit of my said daughter & her children as any executors herein
     after named may think best.

     Lastly I hereby constitute & appoint my three sons James Potts
     Stephen Potts & Henry Potts my lawfull Executors to this my last
     will & testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand &
     affixed my seal this twenty sixth day of January one thousand eight
     hundred & five.

     Stephen Potts seal
     In presence of
     Thos L. Bailey probate of will
     Geo. Moore you do solemnly sware that you saw the within named
     Stephen Potts
     Charles Smith decd sign seal publish & declare the within
     instrument of writing to
     be his last will & testament & at the time of his so doing he was
     of sound mind & memory to the best of your knowledge & belief. So
     help you God.
     Sworn to & subscribed in open Geo. Moore
     Court & ordered to be recorded Charles Smith
     Jany term 1813 Matt Rainey CCO Recorded Jany 29th 1813 Matt Rainey



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