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Will of Samuel Patton
Contributed by Meredith Clapper
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Will of Samuel Patton

In the name of God Amen. I Samuel Patton of the County of Oglethorpe in
the State of Georgia, being of sound mind and perfect memory, do make this
my last will and testament in manner and form following, (to wit)
First I lend to my beloved wife Mary Patton untill my youngest child comes
of age, should she continue a widow, the land and plantation whereon I
now live, with all my negroes, stock of every kind, household and kitchen
furniture of every kind and plantation utensils, provided nevertheless,
should my said wife marry before my youngest child comes of age, my
herein after named, are at liberty to continue the whole of my estate in
their hands, if they should take proper care of my children and my estate.
And when my youngest child comes of age I lend my said wife during her
natural life, one negro of her own choosing, one bed and furniture, one
horse creature bridle and saddle, one chest-the plantation whereon I now
live with a sufficient quantity of plantation tools and at her death to
revert to my estate.

I give to my son Samuel one negroe boy named Bob, in lieu of all and every
part of my estate.

I give to my daughter Susannah Gore five dollars in lieu of all and every
part of my estate which maybe left she having been already provided for.

I give to my son Solomon the track of land in Oglethorpe County which I
had of Murphy, one bed and furniture, one horse creature, bridle and saddle
when he shall come of age and at the death of my beloved wife, the land
whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever.

I give to my daughter Rebekah one horse creature, bridle and saddle, when
she marries or comes of age.

I give to my son Solomon, and my four daughters, Sally, Cynthia, Elizabeth
and Rebecca at the time my youngest children come of age, all my estate
of every kind, except what I have before given away, and lent to my wife,
to be equally divided between them, and at the death of my beloved wife,
what is lent to her, to be all equally divided between them.

In my will and desire that my executor raise from my estate the horse
bridles and saddles disposed of and have them as nearly equal in value
as the nature of the case will admit.

I do hereby appoint John Herring and Hezekiah Luckie Executors of this
my last will and Testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by
me made.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this
16 day of february in the year of our Lord 1817.
Acknowledged in presence of Samuel Patton, seal
Test Edward Nix

Joseph Stephens his mark

Obediah Carter his mark



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