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Estate of Josiah Jordan
Contributed  by Troy Colquitt
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Josiah Jordan Estate
Oglethorpe County, Ga.
1813-1830 Minutes
Court of Ordinary

(page 435)
Georgia             }         Court of Ordinary Nov. Term Oglethorpe County }
Upon the application of the distributees of the Estate of Josiah Jordan dec'd Consisting of widow Milly Jordan  Nathaniel Mitchell in right of his wife Temperance Mitchell the heir and distributee of Martha Mitchell dec'd wife of Hartwell Mitchell Jacob Mathews in right of his wife Winney Mathews the heir and distributee of Josiah Jordan dec'd  Geo. W. Jordan Minor  Wm. E. Collier in right of his wife Polly Minor  Patience Jordan Minor  Jno. P. Jordan Minor & Ann M. Jordan Minor stating that is desirable to the said distributees of Josiah Jordan Dec'd to have the personal Estate of said Josiah which has come into the hands of the administrator since the former division thereof apportioned equally between the said Distributees.

It's further ordered that Dr. Ira C. Smith  Majr. George Doggett  Isham Rainey and Wm. Arnold be and they are hereby appointed commissioners & appraisers and they or any three of them are hereby authorized to divide the personal Estate of Josiah Jordan dec'd which has lately come into the hands of the administrator

(page 436)
into ten equal parts among the said distributees giving an equal portion to cash of said Estate due motion being previously given to all Concerned It's further ordered that the said Petitioner be authorized to divide the portion Coming to the heirs of Hartwell Mitchell equally between the same.

Josiah Jordan Estate
Book # 4 1815-1831
Inventories and Returns On Estates
Oglethorpe County
Appraisement & Partition of the personal property of Josiah Jordan Sen'r dec'd among the distributees Of said dec'd  January 6th 1825
(page 67)

Lot 1st
Solomon a fellow
$  500 }
Fanny & child 
450 }
Pat a woman 
275 }
Assign to Milly
Sophia a girl
150 }
Jordan   widow
Amey a woman
Lot 2nd
Osborn a fellow
$ 500 }
Ginney & child Jeffery
500 }
Drawn by Jn. P.
Jim a boy
300 }
Jordan.  Minor
Malessa a girl 
125 }
               $ 1425
Lot 3rd 
Brittan a fellow
$ 300 }
Mary & child Sally
300 }
Drawn by Patience
Milly a girl
250 }
Jordan.  Minor
Betty a woman 
150 }
Lot 4th
Burrell a fellow 
$ 500 }
Little Jinney girl
375 }
Rachel a woman 
300 }
M. Jordan.  Minor
Lucy a girl
250 }
Lot 5th
Billy a fellow
$500 }
Franky a woman
400 }
Drawn by Geo. W.
Peter a fellow
300 }
Jordan.  Minor
Elya a girl
175 }
Lot 6th
Clark a Boy
$400 }
Hinny & child Lola
500 }
Drawn by Polly
Herod a fellow 
300 }
Jordan.  Minor
Green a boy
200 }
Lot 7th
Jack a boy
$350 }
Rhoda & child
500 }
Drawn by the heirs
Cate & child Isbele
350 }
of Martha Mitchell wife of Hartwell Mitchell
Mason a girl
200 }
Lot 8th
Rec'd before the death of the dec'd
By Nathaniel Mitchell
At present Little Cate a girl
Ninth Lot
Rec'd as above stated by
Jacob Mathews
At present Middleton a boy
Lot 10th
Rec'd as above stated by
Josiah Jordan Jun'r
At present Willis a boy 
                   $ 1668


Georgia           } We do hereby Certify that the above and Oglethorpe County } foregoing is a just and true appraisement and distribution of the personal property of Josiah Jordan Sen'r dec'd produced to us by Jacob G. Mathews the Adm'r

To the best of our Knowledge & understanding
This 6th day of January 1825
                           Bird Parks
                        George x Doggett
                          Wm. Arnold
                         Willis Jones

( Complier's note-these returns begin at page 52- January 17th 1822 and contains 28 pages, estate consisted of four plantations, last page recorded Nov. 5th 1829. There are deeds recorded as late as April 25th 1839 by the Administrator, Jacob Mathews.  Jacob Mathews's family, Josiah Jordan's widow, Milly (Mildred) Jordan, and  John Vines Collier moved to Stewart County Ga. after 1833.  My forefather John Vines Collier moved back to Oglethorpe County around 1848, after his wife Olive J (Jacob Mathews's daughter) Collier died in Stewart County)

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