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Will of John Wynne,
1856, Oglethorpe Co. GA.
Submitted by:  Pat M. Stevens  [email protected]
(Posted with her permission)

   Will of John Wynne, 1856

     Jack Wynn transcribed and kindly furnished this will copy to me: 
     Oglethorpe Co., GA Will Bk D Pgs 340-341 (copy from microfilm GDAH)
     pgs 340/341   Oglethorpe County Ordinary Office May Term 1856
     Georgia Oglethorpe County } I John Wynne of said County being in good health and sound & disposing mind and memory do make publish & declare this to be my last Will and testament Revoking hereby all former Wills.

     First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susannah as much of  my household & Kitchen furniture as many of my horses and mules, plows, gear, wagons & carts, as many hogs, sows and pigs, sheep & as much corn fodder oats shucks bacon & meat as she may desire and  select, also my carriage & harness & carriage horses, my buggy and harness & all of my poultry. The above is given to my wife during her natural life & after her death, such as may be then in her possession and not previous sold or disposed of by her, to be divided according to the residency clause of my Will herein after set forth & expressed (?). I also give and bequeath unto my said wife during her natural life and & after her death to be divided according to the said residency clause, the following property, to wit, all the land I own in said county, lying on the left side of the road leading from Lexington to Washington & so much of my land on the right hand side of said road as is included in the following boundary, That's to say Commencing at the upper Corner of the Jackson tract of land near a large Red Oak standing on or near said road & thence runnin rather a south west course to a Black Jack or Post Oak Corner on Ms. Simmons land, Thence running on the line between my land and Ms Simmons land to a pine corner and thence running nearly a north course to a post Oak, thence bounded by lands of Chandler & Dorough (?) and thence bounded by the Brown tract of land ( the land given to my said wife includes of Course my dwelling house, out houses, stables, barns etc etc and also the following negroes to wit, Delilah, Hannah, Jane, David, Ann, the wife of David & her child. Jim & Charity his wife, Evans, Little Jim & Charles, Joe, Erasmus, Doctor & Savannah, the children of Delilah and Albert, the grandchild of delilah & the future increase of said females.

     Second All the rest & residue of my estate real personal and choses (?) in action of whatever nature and kind that I may own and possess at the time of my death. I give & bequeath to my sons Thomas, Glenn, George & my beloved grand daughter Susannah Stevens and the two children of my deceased son William. The two children of son William under this clause one fifth or per stirpes.

     Third In case my grand daughter Susannah Stevens should die before marrying, then I desire that the legacy she receives under this will shall go to my sons Thomas, Glenn & George & the two children of my deceased son William. The said children of William taking per stipes. And in case the said children of William should inherit anything from my said grand daughter Susannah and both of them should die before they arrive at the age of twenty one, the property so inherited shall then go to my sons Thomas, Glenn & George. In case both of William's children should die before they arrive at the age of twenty one, then I desire the legacy they receiveunder the will shall go to my sons Thomas, Glenn & George &  my beloved grand daughter Susannah Stevens, and in case my said grand daughter should inherit anything from William's Children and she should die before marrying, the property so inherited shall go to my sons Thomas, Glenn & George -
     Fourth, It is my further desire that the legacy or legacies given to my son Thomas under this will shall vest in my son Glenn in trust for the support & maintenance of my said son Thomas and his children now born or may hereafter be born, free from all Contracts, Liabilities and Control of my said son Thomas and at the death of my said son Thomas the same to be equally divided between his children then living and the Representatives of such as are dead. The Representatives taking per stipes.

     Fifth. I hereby nominate & appoint my son Glenn Wynne & my nephew John Favers & Patrick M. Stevens Executors of this my last Will & testament. In witness wherof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of these Honourable witnesses on the 12th April in the year of our lord Eighteen hundred and fifty six. 
signed ??? and published in presence of } John { x} Wynn
B. F. Hardeman } mark
Allen J. Arnold }
Sarah F. Wynne } (notation : carried over for probate)


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