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Will of Glen Owen
Contributed by Meredith Clapper
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Glen Owen

     Georgia Oglethorpe county: 

     I Glen Owen make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament 
     revoking hereby all former wills.

     I give to my beloved wife Dorothy Owen during her natural life the tract of  land whereon I now 
     live and have in cultivation supposed to contain five hundred and fifty acres more or less and also 
     for the same period of time the following negroes to wit: Hago, Ann, Hiley, Sarah, Joe and Berton--
     also for the same period of time my riding carridge and carriage horses and harness my cart & oxen 
     and as much of the stock every kind as she may choose-also as much of my household  & 
     kitchen  furniture as she may desire and such of my plantation with and farming utensils as she 
     may select. I further will and bequeath to my beloved wife the present or any future crop of corn 
     cotton & etc. that may be on hand or being in progress of being made at the time of my death.

     2nd I lend unto my daughter Elizabeth Echols the following negroes to wit: Isaac and Terry during 
     her natural life and also for the same period of time the negro girl Lucy and at her death to be 
     equally divided between her children then in life.
     Said negroes not to be subject to the payment of any debts contracted or to by contracted by her 
     husband in any way. The two negroes Terry and Lucy I consider as so much property over and 
     above what I have given to my other children consequently must be valued to her according to 
     the value of such negroes at the time of my death and be accounted to her as a part of her 
     patrimony in my estate. 
     Terry has been in the possession of my said daughter for several years and Lucy is now going into 
     her possession for the first time. My said daughter being now at my house on a visit and will leave 
     in a few days when she will take Lucy with her. My will & desire is that at my death or the death of 
     my wife my other children be made equal to my daughter Elizabeth before she receives any more 
     of my estate.

     3rd My will & desire is that the balance and residue of my estate both real & personal not 
     herein specifically disposed of be divided into eight shares equal or parts, and  one share given 
     to each of my six children John H Owen, Thomas Owen, Davis Owen, Susannah Wynn, Elizabeth 
     Echols, and Sarah Smith, and one share to the children of my deceased son William Owen and 
     one share to the children of my deceased daughter Jane Arnold. Elizabeth Echols of course 
     receiving nothing until the balance of my children and grand children are made equal to her. 
     Also the property given to my wife during her life I wish to be distributed at her death in the 
     same manner that I have above directed the balance and residue of my estate to be distributed.
     In regard to the portion that may fall under this will to my daughter Elizabeth Echols I will and 
     bequeath the same to my Executor, herein after named in trust for the sole and benefit of my 
     said daughter during her life and at her death to be equally divided among her children then in life.

     4th I nominate and appoint John Wynn and Davis Owen Executors of this my last will in witness 
     whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd of June 1839.
     Glen Owen

     Signed sealed published and declared to be the last will and testament of the testater
     in the presence of Robert ? Daniel
     Robert Innings
     Daniel Morgan

     Georgia Oglethorpe county Court of Ordinary September Term 1839
     The within last will & testament of Glen Owen having duly proven at this regular term 
     of the court in open court upon the oath of Robert Inning, & Daniel Morgan & ordered 
     that the same be admitted to record.
     recorded the 6th day of Sept 1839 Henry Britain C C O


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