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Interesting Data on Schools a Half Century Ago
by Joe Baughn

Mesonís Roll
List of Students
Georgia:  Oglethorpe County:  Meson's Roll, List of Students,
Eberhart through Miss Julia Johnson
Contributed by: Troy Colquitt [email protected]
(Posted with his permission)

The Oglethorpe Echo, Feb. 10, 1893
Mesonís Roll
List of Students of that Institute
Under Prof. Moss
Forty-Odd Years Its Tutor.

Indeed A Roll of Honor Upon which Appears Names of Three Generations, And Many Men of Renown

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Adkins, George W.
Allen, John L.
Allen, William Linton
Appling, Joseph H.
Arnold, James Lane
Arnold, Moses M.
Arnold, Walter H.
Arnold, Luther J.
Arnold, Oliver H., Jr.
Arnold, E. Vincent
Arnold, Howard C.
Arnold, Henry P.
Arnold Wm. Vincent
Arnold, Early Lee
Asbury, Jack L.
Awiry, Thos. J.
Adkins, Miss Mary E.
Adkins, Miss Eliza Gilmer
Adkins, Miss Georgia A. B.
Adkins, Miss N. Ida
Amason, Miss Leonora Wales
Amis, Miss Evie T.
Arnold, Miss Kate M.
Arnold, Miss Georgia H.
Arnold, Miss Ethel
Arnold Miss Susie
Asbury, Miss Aramintia

Bacon, Miss Annie Birdie
Bacon, Joel J.
Bacon, Richard M.
Bacon, Howard L.
Bacon, Charlie D.
Bacon, Miss Mary A.
Bacon, John S.
Bacon, Willie T.
Bacon, Charlie T.
Baker, Miss Florence E.
Baughn, James W.
Baughn, Peter B.
Baughn, Joseph S.
Baughn, John R.
Bell, Miss Emma T.
Bennett, Swann
Berry, James
Berry, Charles W.
Berry, James M.
Berry, Miss Nancy
Berry, Thos. W.
Berry, Robt. A.
Betsel, A.
Biggs, Thos. D.
Birdsong, Francis M.
Bledsoe, Miss Mary A
Boggs, Choang T
Boggs, Clarence C.
Boggs, H. T.
Boggs James R. Jr
Boggs, Robt. G.
Boggs, James T.
Boggs, Joseph I. C.
Boggs, Sam Hill
Boggs, James Sandford
Boggs, John Price
Boggs, Richard H. H.
Bolton, Willie M.
Bond, Abel
Bowling, Thornberry J.
Bray, Miss Alice Lee
Bray, Elias Benj.
Bray, Jessie W.
Bray Miss Mamie
Bray, Miss Nannie May
Bray, Oscar W
Bray, Miss Katie May
Bray, Miss Evie Lee
Bray, Thaddeus
Brailsford, Thomas R.
Briant, Willie L.
Briant, Henry C.
Braint, Miss Francina Wales
Briant, Miss Sarah Ella
Braint Miss Susie C.
Briscoe, John Capers,   Wooddie
Briscoe, Pierce
Britain, Miss Ann Haseltine
Britain, Miss Louise Anteinette
Britain, Wm. H.
Britain, Jabez Mercer
Brawner, L.Wittich
Brawner, Bud Wall
Brock, James M.
Brooks, Wilson L
Brooks, Miss Mary Fannie
Brooks, Robertus Glover
Brooks, Geo. Washington
Brooks Willie Thomas
Brooks, Houston Martin
Brooks, Sammie J.
Brooks, Geo. Thomas
Brooks, Otis
Brooks, Willie Wynne
Brooks, Alvin Luther
Bush, Wm. N.
Bush, Eddie
Bush, Miss Mary Lou
Butler, Sylvanus Mercer

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Callaway, James B
Callaway, Jonathan I.
Callaway, Robert T.
Callaway, William
Callaway, Shelton O.
Callaway Robt. Lee.
Callaway, Jewett S.
Callaway, Phelan
Callaway, S.
Callaway, Roy
Callaway, Guy
Carley, Joseph F.
Chandler, James M.
Chrisholm, John
Clark, Eddie B.
Clark, Z. H.
Cody, Jeptha B.
Coile, Rev. James N.
Coile, James W.
Coile, John Thos.
Coile, Wm. M.
Collier, Francis Pope
Collier, Eddie Pierce
Collins, Jonathan J.,   Dozier, Luther G,
Colquitt, Wm. R.,   Dozier, James H.,
Colquitt, Geo. Abner,   Dozier, Augustus W.,
Colquitt, Thaddeus Dow,   Dunn, Wm. E.,
Colquitt, John Travis,   Dunn Wm. T.,
Colquitt, Joseph H. P.,   Dunn, David D.,
Cox, Willie Swepson,   Dunn, Ishmael  J.,
Cox, Crawford A.,   Dunn, Jas. Seymore,
Cramer, Wm. T.,    Dunn, Geo. Lewis,
Crawford, James O.,   Dunn, Lorenzo C.,
Crawford, Thos. W.,   Daniel, Miss Martha,
Crowder, William James,   Davis,  Miss Dora,
Crowder, George W.,   Deadwyler, Miss Jimmie E.,
Crowder, Miles Hill,   Deupree, Miss Fannie Dell,
Crowder Benjamin,   Doster, Miss Cordella,
Callaway, Miss Lucy A.,   Doster, Miss Ida T.,
Callaway, Miss Minnie Viola,  Doster, Miss Lizzie May,
Callaway, Miss Lizzie Moore,  Downer, Miss Emma C.,
Callaway, Miss Kate,   Downer, Miss Lilla F.,
Callaway, Miss Mamie Lou,
Callaway, Miss Lucie May,
Clark, Miss Georgia A.,
Clark, Miss Ida Glenn,
Collins, Miss Cleo Camilla,
Crowder, Miss Mary,

Daly, John E.,
Daly, Henry F.,
Daly, Wm. Thos.,
Daly, Charlie A.,
Daly, Joe P.,
Daly, James J.,
Daniel, John Chessley,
Davis, H. Cobb,
Deadwyler, Wm. H.,
Deupree, Charles T.,
Dillard, Joseph B. Jr.,
Dillard, James Rueben,
Dillard, Hinton Crawford,
Dillard, Robt. Simeon,
Dillard, Fielding P.,
Dillard, James F.,
Dillard, Joe L.,
Dillard, Miles H.,
Dillard, T. Ben,
Dorough, T. Travis,
Dorough, Robt. T.,
Dorough, G. R.,
Doster, Wm. T.,
Doster. Freddie C.,
Downer, George T.,
Downer, Henry N. W.,
Downer, Dock F.,
Dozier, Thos. H.,
Dozier, George P.,
Dozier, Wm. A.,

Eberhart, George.
Eberhart, F. Winston.
Eberhart, Nathan M.
Eberhart, Jacob.
Edwards, John G. M.
Edwards, Wm. Thos.
Edwards, L. Burton.
Edwards, Wm. A.
Edwards, Ellijay F.
Edwards, G. Judson.
Edwards, Robt. T.
Edwards, Wm. P.
Edwards, Walter.
Edwards, L. Frank.
Edwards, Charles H.
Eisoache, Wm. S.
Ellis, James B.
Embry, Miss Esther
Embry, Robt, M.
Embry, James W.
Embry, Wilie D.
England, Miss Ida
England, John E.
England, Wm. E.
Evans, Willie H.
Edwards, Miss Susan M.
Edwards, Miss Susie.
Edwards, Miss Albina.
Edwards, Miss Jerriett.
Edwards, Miss America H.
Estelle, Miss Ione M.
Evans, Miss Mollie
Evans, Miss Ella.

Falkner, Andrew
Farmer Luther M.
Faust, William E.
Faust, Ignatius B.
Faust, Johnathan W.
Faust, Sanders C.
Flaian, Leopold
Fullilove, Thos. Pope
Furcron, Wm. C.
Furcron, Henry C.
Furcron, C. Dubose
Faust, Miss Georgia W.
Faust, Miss Leila
Furcron, Miss Mildred L.

Gantt, Jesse T.
Gantt, Robt. J.
Gaulding, Wm. D.
Gaulding, John T.
Gaulding, David M.
Gaulding, Edward G.
Gibson, Miss Julia M.
Gilham, Thos. A.
Gilham, John A.
Gilham, E. Judson
Gilham, Miss Elizabeth
Gilham, Miss Ann Haseltine
Gilham, Miss May Ann
Gilham, Miss Martha C.
Gilham, Vincent T.
Gilham, Billington S.
Gilham, Thos. D.
Gilham, Benjamin M.
Gilham, Alexander A.
Gilham, Ezekiel T.
Glenn, John T.
Goolsby, Luther P.
Goolsby, Miss Clarinda
Goolsby, Miss Roxavilla
Gorham, Jerome
Gorham, Miss Emma
Graham, James A.
Graham F. Roberson
Graham, Carol
Gresham, Will Tom
Gresham, John Scott.
Gresham, Willie P.
Gresham, Miss Lona C.
Griffin, Daniel Stiles
Griffin, W. J. Franklin
Griffin, Thomas
Haire, John A.
Haire, Miss Dora M.
Haire, Miss Annie C.
Hall, Isaac R.
Hammock, Miss Popie.
Hance, Miss Blanche C.
Hance, Miss Lelia E.
Hance, Miss Sallie Joe.
Hance, Miss Mamie A.
Hancock, Richardson.
Hansford, Marion A.
Hansford, Joel M.
Hansford, Benajah.
Harben, Jasper L.
Harben, Greenberry P.
Harben, Wm. M.
Hardeman, Sampson H.
Hardeman, Wm. S. R.
Hargrove, Wm. H.
Hargrove, Robt. A.
Harris, Miss Fannie Theresa
Harris, Miss Isabelle Holmes
Harris, James Thaddeus
Harper, H. A.
Hartsfield, Miss Claudia V.
Hartsfield, Miss Sallie B.
Hartsfield, Robt. G.
Hawkins, Wm. M.
Hawkins, John M.
Hawkins, John W.
Hawkins, Thaddeus H.
Hayes, Z. Clark.
Hayes, Miss Mary E.
Hayes, Miss Julia
Holcomb, Groves Cicero
Holt, Miss Tallula T.
Holt, Miss Adela F.
Holt, Miss Sarah Eugenia
Holt, Dinatius M.
Holt, James B.
Hopping, Augustus
Hopping, John Paul
Hopper, Govenor M.Edwards
Hopper, John H Wylie
Hopper, L G.
Howard, Robt. Groves
Howard. Wm. T. Jr.
Howard, James W.
Howard, Robert B.
Howard, Robt. S.
Howard, Miss Lelia M.
Hubbard, Miss Almeda
Hubbard, John W.
Hunter, John Hudson
Hurt, Miss Mamie A.
Hurt, Gladden L.
Hurt Howard.
Hurt, John T.
Imes, William
Imes, John
Imes, Reuben
Inglesby, Thos. S.
Irby, Joseph F.
Irby, J. C.
Irby, Albert.
Ivey, Miss May

Jackson, Richard M.
Jackson, John
Jackson, William B.
Jackson, Anselom A.
James, Henry Martyn
Jarrel, Miss Myrtie S.
Jennings, Miss Lady Blanche
Jennings, Miss Jessie M.
Jennings, Miss Maude A.
Jennings, Miss Ida May
Jewell, Wm.
Jewel, James
Jewel, Marcus Lafayette
Johnson, Middleton W.
Johnson, Henry Whitson
Johnson, Whitson G.
Johnson, Isaac Winston
Johnson, James Polk
Johnson, Edwin Leander
Johnson, Macon Crawford
Johnson, James D.
Johnson, Alexander H. S.
Johnson, Thomas J.
Johnson, Edwin  Gilmer
Johnson, Lewis J.
Johnson, Leander Martin
Johnson, Leonard W.
Johnson, Wm. Chandler
Johnson, Robt. Daniel
Johnson, Albert Sidney
Johnson, Miss Annie Gertrude
Johnson, Miss Eliza Gertrude
Johnson, Miss Jessie Roberta
Johnson, Miss Katie Glenn
Johnson, Miss Lucy Clayton
Johnson, Miss Lucy Fannie.
Johnson, Miss Mary Elaenor
Johnson, Miss Nina G.
Johnson, Miss Sarah Lumpkin
Johnson, Elijah W.
Johnson, John Burch
Johnson, Henry Whitson
Johnson, Benjamin Thomas
Johnson, Middleton Witt
Johnson, Henry Beasley
Johnson, Will Dan
Johnson, James Martin
Johnson, Neville L.
Johnson, Gus Allen
Johnson, John Wallace
Johnson, Miss M. Antoinettte
Johnson, Miss M. Antoinettte
Johnson, Miss Georgia E.
Johnson, Miss Mary Ellen
Johnson, Miss Julia C.
Jones, Miss Bessie P.
Jones, Miss Helen E.
Jones, Miss Lily Pink.
Jones. Miss Olivia Shackelford
Jones, Wilson Seymour
Jones, Joshiah
Jones, Issac C.
Jordan, John J.

Kerling, John R.
Kidd, John W.
Kilgore, Jackson
Kimbell, Luther Judson
Kinnebrew, Miss Sallie E.
Kinnebrew, Oscar E.
Kinnebrew, Richard H.
Knox, John
Knox, Miss Bella L.
Knox, Miss Georgia E.
Knox, Miss Jennie Lou
Knox, Miss Katie
Knox, Miss Maggie
Knox, William J.

Landrum Malcolm M.
Landrum, Francis M.
Landrum, George T.
Landrum, Hay T.
Landrum, Joseph H.
Landrum, Leonidas Mell
Landrum, Miss Lizzie
Landrum, William H.
Landrum, Wm. Albinus
Lane, John J.
Lane, Thomas H.
Langston, David B.
Latimer, Arthur Fleming
Latimer, Eddie Stokely
Latimer, Geo. Thos.
Latimer, Joel H.
Latimer, John T.
Latimer, Josiah G. W.
Latimer, Luther W.
Latimer, Luther
Latimer, Miss Jessie May
Latimer, Miss Lena V.
Latimer, Miss Lollie M.
Latimer, Miss Roberta E.
Latimer, William A.
Latimer, William R.
Latimer, Wm. Henry
Leary, Martin F.
Leary, Miss Maude
Lester, Eugene Harper
Lester, Miss Georgia J.
Lester, Miss Janetta Claudia
Lester, Miss Jennie S.
Lester, Miss Wortie M.
Lester, Thomas H.
Lester, Thos. Gresham
Lester, Walter Joseph
Lester, Wm. Benjamin
Lindsay, James M.
Little, Wm. Blewford
Lloyd, William H.
Lofton, John T.
Lumpkin, Bowdre
Lumpkin, Geo. F. Platt
Lumpkin, Geo. W.
Lumpkin, George B.
Lumpkin, George
Lumpkin, Henry B.
Lumpkin, Joseph Henry
Lumpkin, Miss Ada
Lumpkin, Miss Lucy Olive
Lumpkin, Miss Lucy
Lumpkin, Sam
Lumpkin, Samuel  P.
Lumpkin, Samuel
Lumpkin, Thomas J.
Lumpkin, Thos. Biggs
Lumpkin, Wm. A.
Lunsford, Elam
Lunsford, Miss Mary Ann
Luthi, John
Lyle, Charlie Carlton
Marcom, Wm. H.
Martin,  George
Martin, Benj. Franklin
Martin, E. Thos.
Mathews, Miss Gertrude M.
Mathews, Miss Lula Lavinia
Mathews, Miss Minnie Lee
Mattox, Christopher H.
Mattox, John Robert
Mattox, Joseph H.
Mattox, Miss Geogia
Mattox, Miss M. A. Tarver
Mattox, Miss Mollie M.
Mattox, Miss Sallie G.
Mattox, Nathan F.
Mattox, Nathan M.
Mattox, Singleton T.
Mattox, Wm. Frank
Mattox, Wm. H.
Mattox, Z. H. Clark
Maxwell, Benj. Walter
Maxwell, Edgar Corrie
Maxwell, Edgar
Maxwell, James M.
Maxwell, Miss Lola M.
Maxwell, Miss Sallie Popie
Maxwell, Robt. E.
Maxwell, Sherby Leonard
Maxwell, Walter
McCarty, Daniel Harris
McCarty, Joe B.
McCarty, Miss Mary Jane.
McCommons, James H.
McCroskey, John Stanhope
McEntire, Harbert H.
McIntire, A. W. B.
McKinley, Carl
McLain, Ferdinand W.
McLain, James W.
McLain, Jared Irwin
McLain, John Thos.
McWhorter, James H.
McWhorter, Miss Julia P.
Mealor, Wm. Paschal
Meredith, James W.
Meriwether, Charles F.
Meriwether, Henry W.
Meriwether, Valentine H.
Milner, John E.
Mitchell, James W.
Mitchell, Miss Fannie Bell
Moan, Miss Hattie Lee
Moan, Miss Nora Belle
Monteith, Miss Sallie J.
Monteith, Peter H.
Monteith, Robt. Alexander
Monteith, Wm. H.
Moon, Geo. Thos.
Moon, James S.
Morris, Miss Nettie Lula
Mosely, J. B.
Mosely, John P. J.
Mosely, Joseph Berry
Moss, James Sims
Moss, John Chester
Moss, Miss Ellen Cleveland
Moss, Miss Laura Henrietta
Moss, Phillip Hanson
Moss, Thos. Alexander
Murrah, Bascomb W.
Myrick, John Bascomb

Norton, Adinaran Judson
Norton, Albert J.
Norton, George W.
Norton, James Madison
Norton, John Judson
Norton, Wm. Jefferson

Ogilvie, Wm. Alexander
Olive, Joel Thomas
Olive, Samuel Lumpkin
Olive, Thadeus Henderson
Oliver, Alfred S.
Oliver, John Francis

Pace, George R.
Pace, Harris A.
Pace, Miss Harriet Susan
Pace, Miss Julia H.
Pace, Walter
Parr, James S.
Pass, Clark
Pass, Matthew J.
Pass, Thos. W.
Patillo, Silas L.
Patman, Edward
Patman, Miss Eliza B.
Patman, Miss Ellen
Pennington, Lucius M.
Perteet, John Crane
Peterman, David Henry
Peterman, Thomas J.
Peterman, Wm. Francis
Petty, Miss Lizzie
Phelps, Hamilton
Phelps, Marshall
Phelps, William
Pittard, Aquilla
Platt, Edwin W.
Platt, Miss Ellen C.
Platt, Robt. Henry
Porter, Miss Margaret Marthelia
Poullain, Hernando Cortez
Poullain, Lancie J.
Poullain, Woodie
Powell, Edward S.
Poyner, James B.
Poyner, Miss Eugenia
Price, James H.

Rainer, John Henry
Raworth, James H.
Rees, James W.
Reeves, George B.
Reid, Rarry M.
Reed, John W.
Rembert, Juluis Toombs
Reynolds, Robt. T.
Richardson, Adolphus S.
Richardson, John
Roane, Eddie T.
Robertson, Snowden
Robertson, George G.
Robertson, Pleasant P.
Robertson, Alvin Theodore
Rogers, James C.
Rowe, Richmond Glenn
Rowe, Walter Logan
Rowe, Travis Dorough
Rowe, Wm. Thos.
Rowe, Claude
Rowe, John
Raines, Miss Susie Lee
Reynolds, Miss Lillie Pinson
Reynolds, Miss Leila
Reynolds, Miss Reba
Reynolds, Miss Daisy Dell
Robertson. Miss. Hassie
Robertson, Miss S. Carrie
Robertson, Miss Stella L.
Rowe, Miss Katie
Rowe, Miss Mary E.
Rowe, Miss Cora Lee
Rowe, Miss Jessie L.
Rowe, Miss June
Rowe, Miss Julia Glenn

Salmon, George W.
Sanders, Britton
Sanders, Jas. M.
Sanders, Willie J.
Scott, Henry Fort
Seymour, Wm. Andrew
Seymour, Alvin I.
Shackelford, Elisha H.
Shackelford, Charles Phillip
Shackelford, Lloyd S.
Shackelford, Wm. Alsa
Shackelford, Lee
Shackelford, Charlie W.
Simons, Willie O.
Sims, Wm. Henry
Sims, Charlie W.
Sisson, D. Webster
Sisson, Richard B.
Slaton, William T.
Slaton, Robert D.
Smith, Wm. Peterson
Smith, Wm. Paschal
Smith, Robert W.
Smith, Geo. W.
Smith, Richard J. M.
Smith, Paschal M.
Smith, Nathaniel Thos.
Smith, Francis Marion
Smith, James H.
Smith, John M.
Smith, John C.
Smith, William M.
Smith, Henry M.
Smith, Thos. Harrison
Smith, William H.
Smith, James T.
Smith, Frank R.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Ford L.
Smith, Geo. Horace
Spratling, James
Spratling, James P.
Spratling, John Web
Spriggs, J. T.
Stephens, Samuel G. T.
Stephens, Linton W.
Stephens, Alexander H.
Stephens, James M.
Stephens, Joseph E.
Stevens, Cornelius O.
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart. Willie
Stewart, A. Thomas
Stewart, Alexander H.
Stokely, John M.
Stokely, Royal D.
Sanders, Miss Lizzie Wells
Shackelford, Miss Ella
Shackelford, Miss Minnie Lee
Shackelford, Miss S. F.
Slaton, Miss Sallie V.
Simmons, Miss Ola M.
Smith, Miss Fannie M.
Smith, Miss Mildred E.
Smith, Miss Maggie A. J.
Smith, Miss May Willie
Smith, Miss Alice Pope
Smith, Miss Mamie
Smith, Miss Bessie
Smith, Miss Katie
Smith, Miss Mary Ann
Smith, Miss Talitha Cumi
Stewart, Miss Margaret Ann
Stewart. Miss Maggie
Stewart. Miss Mattie
Stewart. Miss Helen

Taylor, Thos. J.
Thompson, James W.
Thompson, H. H.
Thompson, Joseph Baxter
Thompson, ----------------.
Thornton, Robt. S.
Tiller, C. Ed
Tiller, J. Luke
Tiller, Percy
Turner, Garland W.
Thompson, Miss Catherine R
Thompson, Miss Margaret Jane
Thompson, Miss Phiny
Thompson, Miss Claudia A.
Tiller, Miss Maud M.

Upson, Frank
Upson, Stephen C.
Upson, Edward
Upshur, Miss Lila E.
Upshur, Miss Irene G.
Upson, Miss Emily
Upson, Miss Serena

Vandivere, Albert
Vickers, Shelton O.

Wade, James Bolten
Walker, Ambrose C.
Walter, Claude
Walton, John
Walton, James
Watson, Gabe
Watson, John
Watson, S. Henry
Ward, Sammie
White, Joseph H.
Williams, J. B.
Willingham, Willis Marcellus
Willingham, Robt. James
Willingham. Willis
Wilson, James
Wilson, Hugh A.
Wise, Robert
Woods, Francis G.
Wray, Phillip
Wray, Walter
Winn, William
Ward. Miss Annie E.
Watson, Miss Mary Alice
Watson, Miss Mattie E.
Willingham, Miss Sallie Pharr
Wright, Miss Susan
Wynn, Miss Mary J.
Wynn, Miss Josie M.

Yarbrough, James
Young, Henry A.
Young, James Patrick
Young, Andrew Jackson
Young, Thos. J.
Young, George Pierce
Young, Robt. Hudson
Young, Benjamin
Young, Henry Giles
Young, March H.
Young, George E.
Young, Alfred Thomas
Young, Fred Henry
Young, Henry.
Young, Eddie.
Young, James M.
Young, Miss Margaret C.
Young, Miss Emmie S.
Young, Miss Nellie
Young, Miss Sallie P.
Young, Miss Iola E.
Young, Miss Martha Roselia
Young, Miss Lois
Young, Miss Carrie S.
Young, Miss Ida T.
Young, Miss Annie Lee

Zachry, Miss Minnie Lou

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