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I am searching for information on Henry Allen (1794-187_) and Elizabeth Colbert (1799-1880) who lived in Oglethorpe Co. and Madison Co.  Elizabeth
Colbert is buried at Black's Creek Church and Henry Allen is buried ???.  I have no information past these two and am interested in any information on
Their ancestors, children, and other sources.  Their daughter Mary Ann Allen (1819-1904) is my ancestor.  She married Archibald Short 11-27-1834 in
Oglethorpe Co."    Michael Black


DOTSON   02-11-06
Howard R. Dotson, born 1909 in Georgia, He Married Effie O., she was born 1912 in Georgia, They had a Son Billie born 1928.
Listed in the 1930 Clarke County, Georgia Census,.
Howard R. Dotson died June 9, 1988 in Oglethorpe Co., GA -- Effie O. died November 29, 1991 in Clarke Co., GA
Who were the Parents of Howard and Effie Dotson ?
James T. Lord


DOBBS,  BLANTON. FREEMAN      02- 11-06
I am trying to research Josiah Dobbs, born in1785 in North Carolina. I believe he was in Wilkes county in the early 1790's up into the early 1800's. I saw that Oglethorpe was formed from Wilkes county. I believe his father was John Dobbs.
I believe  he married Mary Polly Blanton born 1805 Oglethorpe county, prior to 1838, when they had there first child in Illinois.  He has two other children who showed up with them in the 1830 census, Issac Blanton Dobbs born 1810 Tenn, and William B. Dobbs born 1814 in Tenn. As you can see, it would of been impossible for Mary to have been there mother. Could these be her siblings or could this have been a first marriage of Josiah to an older sister.
I found this information. Mary Polly Blanton born Aug 29, 1805 in Oglethorpe cty to Benjamin and Sarah or Sally Freeman. I don't know if this is correct, but I do know from census records in Illinois that she was Mary Polly?  born app. 1805 in Georgia.
I started searching for the Blantons, because Issac carried the name Issac Blanton Dobbs all through his life, which was unusual because most of the kids just had one name. Also William, went by William B.
As I said all we have On Mary is that she went by Mary Polly, No Last name.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I' m also going to try and contact someone from Wilkes county to see if I can firnd them there. Many thanks in advance.  Mary Dobbs Nealis   Holton, In.


HAWKINS, SIMPSON      01-01-06
William J. Hawkins, born 1870 in Hall County, Georgia -- He Married Lucy Simpson,  she was born 1876, in 1920, they were living in Oglethorpe Co., GA --
Children, Lottie M., Clyde, Nina, Lena, Lucile, and Mildred Hawkins. Seeking Family Information;
James Lord ________________________________________________________________________

SHEDD / SHED         8-21-05
I am looking for the Shedd/Shed families living in the Beaverdam area during the early 1900's. In the 1920 Census for Beaverdam, Oglethorpe, Georgia
Dudley G. Shedd is listed. I believe the G. stands for Gilbert Dudley is living with his wife Blanche and his mother Harriett E. Shedd. Both Dudley and his mother were born in S.C. I believe in the Oconee Section of S.C. if I have the correct family.
If this is the correct family, Gilbert would have the following brothers and sisters: Ella, Ida, Della, Clarence, Henry, Merret, and Hubert. His mother would have been Harriet Elizabeth Thrift Shedd and his father would have been Hiram Thompson Shedd all of Oconee Co., SC
I would love to hear from family members or anyone knowing this family.  Thank you. Gail Boyle


POWERS, GILMER        2-13-05
Looking for the cemetery of Nicholas Powers of Oglethorpe, GA.  He was a Methodist Minister there until his death in 1843.  He immigrated from Ireland to SC and came to Oglethorpe about 1810.  He married Mary Meriwether Gilmer, the widow of Warren Talliferro.
Thanks, Lucy

Ellen E. MATTOX  1-30-05
 I am looking for any information on this lady that when she married Abner Attabury Webb in Oglethorpe County, Georgia on November 2, 1865, she went by the name of Ellen E. Mattox, but over the years and when she died, on her grave marker is Nellie Maddox. A sister of hers also married a Andrew Jackson Webb, brother to Abner Webb and her name is Lavonia Mattox Webb, and I know that they had at least one brother by the name of Hosia Mattox and he was a big farmer in Madison County, Georgia. At the time the Webb's lived in Elbert County and the Mattox's lived across the Broad River which is Oglethorpe County Georgia and Madison County also joins these two counties.    Have some info, but would like to have more on this or these families and/or pictures.
Thanks for your time, Thurmond

I am looking for any information on the Mattox Familles of Oglethorpe, Madison and Elbert Counties of Georgia. The main Family that I am interested in is a David Mattox  married? His son William David Mattox married Eurenna Beall or Bell. Their  children were Hosea Mattox who married ? both are buried in Danielsville,  Georgia. Levania or Lavonia (Puss) Mattox married Andrew Jackson Webb who is a  brother to Abner Webb who married Ellin E. (Nellie) Mattox also a Victoria  Mattox married ? Would like to know of any information on any of the above  and any of their kinfolk.
Thanks, Thurmond

"Charles CAMPBELL m. Elizabeth CAMPBELL in VA.  They were both b. in VA and lived near Harpers Ferry, VA [now WVA].
They were cousins and pure Scotch.  They moved from VA to Oglethorpe Co. GA.  Charles CAMPBELL served in the American Army during the Rev. War.  Levi CAMPBELL b. in Oglethorpe Co. GA.  Levi was the only child of Elizabeth CAMPBELL."
On the surface this looks good... but as I've taken it apart to search
each section, I've found several problems with it:
1.   To date...NO...CAMPBELL's found near Harpers Ferry
2.   There was a Charles CAMPBELL who did serve in the Am Rev War in VA ...but he m. Mary ____, and died after the war in       VA.  Our Charles CAMPBELL Sr... is reported to have d. in Vermilion Parish, LA.
3.   Levi wasn't b. in Oglethorpe Co. GA... [created from Wilkes Co. GA] dob 1755-1763, The area wasn't inhabited by whites 'til after 1770, and the Indian Treaty of 1783 saw the area opened up for white settlers.
4.   Levi wasn't the only child of Elizabeth BELINDEN [BELLENDEN] CAMPBELL.
Land record found in Oglethorpe Co. dated 1796, from Levi to his father prove that his father was known as "Charles CAMPBELL Senr";   with two witnesses, Charles CAMPBELL [Levi's brother] and Aaron DAVIS.
Land record, dated Dec 1800, where Charles Senr sold back to Levi this same land, Charles CAMPBELL Senr signed, along with wife Milly [X] CAMPBELL, which proves that the m. record for June 1800... was for Charles Senr who m. Milly
Baillie. [Mrs. Richard <Milly HORN> Bailey, widow, b. Johnston Co. NC]
Thru Tax records, Census', the above 2 noted land records, along with a reputed letter written by Laurany... stating she had 2 brothers, Levi & Charles, I now... have the following known children for Charles CAMPBELL Senior:
1. Levi CAMPBELL, b. 1755-1760   d. 22 Jan 1817, Vermilion Parish, LA
  m. Sarah WATKINS, d/o Reace WATKINS Sr m. Sarah BARBER
2. Charles CAMPBELL, b. 1758-1765
    [NOTE: a Charles CAMPBELL, d. 1819, Morgan Co. GA, presumed same man]
  m. ___________
3. Laurany CAMPBELL, b. 1770 NC... widow'd by 1796 Tax List.        d. ____ MS
  m. 1st, Benjamin WATKINS, s/o Reace WATKINS Sr m. Sarah BARBER
  m. 2nd, Sherwood DAVIS, brother of Aaron DAVIS
4. Keziah CAMPBELL, b. abt 1775 NC   [presumed daughter]        d. abt 1806
  m. Moses WATKINS, s/o Reace WATKINS Sr m. Sarah BARBER
5.... I believe there were more children, thru abt 1780, or later.
The 3 CAMPBELL siblings m. 3 WATKINS siblings... or it is presumed so, because with Kesiah... we're still trying to prove her connection.   So far, only our family tradition says so, and the name is used again in Levi's descendants.
According to the 1796 Tax List, there was also a William, and a Robert, but at this time we haven't managed to locate any data for Robert, and only a hint of William CAMPBELL migrating to central TN, along the Natchez Trace. It's reported that with William went Laurany & her 2nd husband Sherwood DAVIS... who later went on into the MS Territory... now AL & MS, where they died.
Sometime back, we cousins came across an account of a Bible for Elizabeth...which had been destroyed by fire, but before it was lost the maiden name written in it... was hurriedly transcribed out as.... BELINDESS.   When the Bible was burned, it was 'assumed' that this was a German name, not Scottish, because German immigrants would often name their daughters... "Belinda".
Since our family tradition is 'pure Scotch'... this anomaly caught my eye, and I spent quite awhile researching german names. During this time I checked thru German Tax Records, Census, and Church records and NEVER found a BELINDESS name.
My conclusion is that ...as a German surname... it does NOT exist.
I turned to looking in Scotland for anything close, using the OLD WRITING STYLES, and came up with BELINDEN after realizing the 'ss' was simply a scrawled 'n'.
I have now found the correct history of this surname... and it is Scottish. In fact... it's old Scottish, but not considered as 'ancient', lowland nobility. It is considered as a Sept ...of both Clan CAMPBELL ...and Stuart of Bute. Many of the clans consider their members... as cousin, and so... some of the family tradition 'appears' to be true.  The name will be found in Black's "Book of Scottish Surnames"... listed under BALANTINE and VALENTINE, in the phrase;   "in the time of BELLENDEN".  This phrase refers to a statesman, John BELLENDEN, between 1480-1540 who was part of the Royal Scottish Court.   Thru this man's family, this name is linked, with the descendants of Robert the Bruce, among many other notable names.
To date... I have NOT found Elizabeth BELINDEN's family and she is my brickwall. We only know that she had passed on before Charles Senr remarried in 1800. Only "Elizabeth" was used in Levi's descending CAMPBELL line, but family friend, Nathaniel MOSS, used "Belinda" at about 1795, and then "Valentine" is used down a male line of MOSS descendants for 3+ generations... as a middle name. I believe that this was in remembrance for Elizabeth BELINDEN [Valentine] ...because these two spellings were often used interchangeably.
To date... I have only found where a Charles CAMPBELL migrated circa 1750, from Argyll Scotland, supposedly to VA, and that this man migrated south to Oglethorpe Co. GA "to grow tobacco".   Charles CAMPBELL Sr is my brickwall.
To date... I have found the WATKINS family, pre-1784, in Wake & JOHNSTON Co's NC and then back up into Chester Co. PA... to Cadawalader's arrival there in 1700.
I have NOT found the CAMPBELL family in NC at all... and it doesn't seem like a quaker father would have married his daughter off to a man he didn't know well. I've tried looking in the Cape Fear NC area, also known as the Argyll Colony, but... so far I've not found any CAMPBELL's there in the earlier time frame.
Looking for help, clues... and more cousins to help dig us further back.
Lisa Grimes

Hi, I am eagerly seeking information on David Johns(t)on.  Born about 1790 in Georgia.  By 1840, he moved to Plaquemines Parish, LA where he is shown as being a riverboat pilot.  On 5 February 1840, he married Hanna Frederika Hoffmann.   By 1841, they had a child named Alexander Henry Johns(t)on.  Alexander was in the Civil War but was discharged due to kidney disease.  Alexander married Magdalena Sherwood Keisel and moved to New Orleans; where he lived til his death on 19 June 1869.
Even, if nobody is researching this particular family but you are researching JOHNSON/JOHNSTON; I would love to hear from you.
Tami Johnston-Parise

ARTHUR, WRIGHT          6-14-04
Thomas Arthur, Sr.  was born Abt. 1805 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and died in Oglethorpe Co. GA.  He married Mary "Polly" Wright 01 April 1830 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  She was born Bet. 1806 - 1810 in GA, and died in GA.  Need the family of Mary "Polly" Wright.
Jane Combs

ARTHUR, BURDITT    6-14-04
Barnabas Arthur, Jr.  was born Abt. 1775 in VA., and died Abt. 1827 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.  He married (1) UNK Abt. 1791 in VA.  She died Bef. 1800 in VA.  He married (2) *Mary "Polly" Burditt Bet. 1800 - 1811 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  She was born Bet. 1770 - 1775 in VA?, and died 1848 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Need the family of Mary "Polly" Burditt    Jane Combs
My primary interest is in the WINSTON family, and connections.
Wilkes Co. is adjoining Oglethorpe Co. and I have some that puzzle me in Wilkes Co. who are probably related:

??? Mary WINSTON b 1768 GA., d bef. 1820 Wilkes Co. GA. md 1788 Wilkes Co. GA.  Samuel BILLINGSLEY b 1765 Baltimore Co. MD. d Jan 1807 Wilkes Co. GA., s/o Francis BILLINGSLEY b 1736 St Marys Co. MD  d bef 4 Jan 1799 Wilkes Co. GA md 1763/64 & Asenath HOWELL b 31 Jan 1747/48 Baltimore Co. MD , s/o William BILLINGSLEY b Nov 1691 Calvert Co. MD & Mary SUMNER b 1696 Calvert Co. MD, s/o William b 1670 & Clearanna BOWLES, s/o John BILLINGSLEY b 1647 & Sarah Ann BILLINGSLEY cousin, s/o Francis b 1620 & Ann ??
Early Records of Georgia vol.1 and 2, by Grace Gillam Davidson

Frederick Hampden WINSTON b 20 Nov 1830 Sand Hills GA. d 1904 Cook Co. IL. Lawyer admitted Apr 1894, founded WINSTON & STRAWN law firm mbr 1853-1886,  s/o Dennis Mervyn WINSTON b GA./?NY. & Mary McINTOSH b GA.  d/o John Hampden McINTOSH  md 12 Nov 1806  Charlotte Pepper NEPHEW b 1788 Mcintosh Co. GA, s/o Maj. Gen’l Lachlan McINTOSH b 17 Mar 1724/5 Borlum, Inverness, Scotland d 20 Feb 1806 Savannah GA. & Sarah THREADCRAFT b 1730 Scotland Rodney Veitschegger, Bowling Green, Ky

BORN   6-11-04
Am looking for information on the John A. Born family, early in 1800's
in Oglethorpe County. Understand that they were buried near Hwy 78 near to the Wilkes County border.
Have found his will at the courthouse in Lexington.   Freddie Flynt

GREER, JARRELL, LOWE      6-5-04
GREER – Asa Greer (abt 1756/60 VA – abt 1828/38 Clarke Co,GA). Wife = Polly LOWE.  Matilda Greer ( 1810 – abt 1833/37) SHE was FIRST wife of STINSON S. JARRELL (below) Bebe Oetjen

EDMONDSON – Philemon (1749 VA- 1842 GA),  William (1794 GA – 1882). Wife = Diana ENGLISH ( 1794-1831), William P. (1829-1907 Troup Co,GA)
Wife= Sarah Elizabeth BIRDSONG (1832 – 1903 Troup Co,GA)   Bebe Oetjen

JACKSON, HAYNES     6-5-04
JACKSON – Andrew Woody (1774 – 1847 GA). Wife = Sally HAYNES(1784 VA-1860 AL)   Cyrena JACKSON (below)  Bebe Oetjen

HAYNES, GREER         6-5-04
HAYNES – Parmenas ( 1742 VA – 1813 GA). Wife = Delia GREER.Bebe Oetjen

JARRELL – Stinson S. (1808 Madison Co,GA – 1890 GA). Wife - Susan T. Davenport (1815 VA –1898 GA)
Wm. H. (1837 Ogle Co,GA – 1884 Crawford,GA). Wife - Caroline Eliz. Tiller (1852 GA-1934 Habersham Co,GA)
Jessie L. (1845 GA – 1913 GA). Wife - Mattie Parr (1865 Clarke Co,GA -- ?)
John W. (1842 GA – 1924 GA). Wife - Louisa R. Howard (1843 GA – 1906 GA)    Bebe Oetjen

BIRDSONG – John (1750 NC or VA –1832 GA).Wife - Eliz. Latimer (1755 VA – 1830 GA).
George Washington (1801 GA – 1876 Heard Co, GA). Wife = Cyrena JACKSON (1810 GA – 1853 GA)
Sally Elizabeth (1832 GA – 1903 Troup Co, GA).      Husband - Wm. P. EDMONDSON ( 1829 Green Co,GA – 1907   Troup Co,GA)  Bebe Oetjen

LITTON, KIRKLAND       5-28-04
Hi, I'm Jim Hamilton from Houston, Texas and I am in need of a little help.  My GG Grand Mother, Rebecca Litton and GG Grand Father, William Kirkland were born in Georgia.  I have no real lead on where in Georgia they were born.  William would have been born around 1802 and Rebecca in 1808.  The only place in Georgia showing Litton's and Kirkland's in close proximity is Oglethorpe and Wilkes Counties in the 1820 Census.  To me, this is a strong indication my GG Grand Parents may be from the area.  Wilkes County has a marriage index on line but you do not.  Could you post this in hopes some one may have a lead on either of these families. James L. Hamilton

John Armistead (War 1812) b. 1774 in Cumberland Co VA married (1) Keziah Anderson b. 1797 Cumberland Co. VA. m. (2) Amy Powell Owen.
John had children by both wives. John & Keziah & her parents Nathaniel and Susannah Anderson show up in Oglethorpe Co. before 1800.
John Armistead died in Walton Co. GA in 1856. He had two bounty land claims No. 38953 and 21185. He was drafter in Lexington, Oglethorpe Co. GA to serve as a Private in Col. Thomas's Regiment (2nd Militia) under Capt. Burwell Pope during the War of 1812. He served from October 1814 to 14 March 1815. One of John's sons by Amy Powell Owen was a judge in Atlanta.
John Armistead b. March 4, 1803 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. d. May 1 1893, Gwinnett Co. GA
was by gg grandfather gg grandmother was his first wife (1) Elizabeth Faulkner (2) Clementine Stewart. He too had families by both wives. The first wife in each case is my ancestor.
The first John named is my brick wall. I cannot document who his father was. I keep hoping some of the children of John & Amy Powell Owen might have some proof. Some of those children or grandchildren migrated to Texas but I have failed to locate any of them. Someone in Texas checked a few years ago and the house where they lived in Marshall, TX was vacant. Any help I can get would be appreciated. I don't know how you include info on this website but am willing to furnish further info. such as children if you can post them.
John Armistead & Eliz. Faulkner's son Martin Crawford Armistead was my great grandfather. He was born in Walton Co. about 1825 and died July 19, 1883 in Walton Co. GA. He was married to Sophronia Adcock. They had eight children, one of Which was Jesse Jackson Armistead, my grandfather, b. 1864 m. Mary Lou V. Brockwell in Morgan Co. GA.      Joan Armistead Dean.

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