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Oglethorpe Echo Newspaper
Nov. 17, 1922
Submitted and transcribed by Lisa Graham
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Historic House Burns

With the burning on Monday night last of a house on Mrs. C. L. Jackson's place, near Stephen's, passes another of the old landmarks of our County.  The Johnson Place, as it was commonly called, was the old- Bowling Green so graphically described in Gov. Gilmers Book and was written up by your own Larry Gantt a few months ago in his historic sketches of the County. Two rooms of the home was the original old Bowling-Green store and the Blood Stains were still to be seen on the floor where the unfortunate boy was laid who rode the last race on the then famous Bowling-Green race track, traces of which can still be seen in the field in front of Mrs. Jackson's home near by. The boy begged that he should not be forced to ride that last race, and was killed just as his horse crossed the line a winner. His GRAVE is still to be seen on the corner of the estate near the ground where he rode his last race.
The house and contents were a total loss with no insurance, which falls heavily on Mrs. Jackson at this time.

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