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From theOglethorpe Echo
2 February 1917

This file was contributed by: Troy Colquitt    <[email protected]>
(Posted with permission from Troy Colquitt)

    "Mass Meeting Called in Interest of Justice"

The Oglethorpe Echo, Friday February 2, 1917
Mass Meeting Called In Interest Of Justice A Number of citizens Think Wrong Methods and Practices Prevail in Our Courts and Would Remedy Them

In as much of a general way as spectificial the idea prevails generally over the county that certain methods and practices in our courts tend to the defeat of justice in many instances.

That such methods and practice may be fully discussed and
remedied if possible some leaders in a desire for surer justice in the courts have circulated a call for a mass meeting of citizens to be held next Tuesday first Tuesday in February, to take such action as may be determined upon.

The call for meeting is as follows:

In view of certain improper influences which we have been used in the courts of the county, especially in cases where much interest was manifested, which we believe have had a tendency to defeat justice, and in view of fact we further believe, during the court recently held, means, methods and practices were used and employed subversive to a fair and impartial administration of the law, we deem it wise and to the best interest of the people of the entire county to call together her citizenry  that they may in a cool, calm and dispassionate way discuss ways and means by which it will be impossible for such methods and practices, if used and employed, from ever occuring again.

With the hope then of formulating and adapting some way or means to prevent what we believe to be a miscarriage of justice in the courts, and with the further hope of doing what can be done for the betterment of conditions that we believe have existed, we hereby issue a call to all the good and law abiding citizens of the county of Oglethorpe to meet at the court house in Lexington, Georgia, at ten o'clock A. M., on the first Tuesday in February, 1917.


Ben T. Comer
W. D. Smith
Pat Pace
W. E. Wall Sr.
G. A. Howard
P.M. English
J. S. Culbreth
E. Kay
S. C. Bray
E. L. Bray
J. W. Moore
D. W. Goodwin
H. T. O'Neal
E. H. Faust
Gray Roland
Wm. Brooks
A. B. Gunnin
W. P. Lumpkin
Jim Bradberry
W. H. Wise
John C.Lahay
W. W. Ward
W. F. Smith
J. A. Bray
Elbert L. Bray
J. L. Bray
E. P. Burt
W. C. Bond
J. N. Bond
F. C. England
J. T. Carithers
M. J. England
W. E. Moore
J. G. Chandler
E. M. Stokely
H. O. Bridges
P. T. Sorrow
J. W. Hawkins
J. N. Stokely
W. G. Pittard
Henry Harris
John G. Durden Jr.
J. E. Huff
O. J. Sims
J. A. Roland
J. M. Colquitt
J. L. Stokely
H. H. Little
J. W. Colquitt
M. S. Weaver
Reese Mathews
Earl Reynolds
M. G. Johnson
John W. Jarrell
J. R. Appling
W. R. Harrison
J. H. Appling Jr.
J. T. Harrison
A. J. Little
G. F. Mathews
R. E. Rice
S. B. Kent
F. E. Gunter
B. W. Maxwell
T. D. Johnson
L. D. Rothell
J. S. Reynolds
Dr. F. C. Reed
H. T. Callaway
Geo. L. Rice
H. F. Colquitt
M. C. Colquitt
Luther Harrison
Geo. B. Tiller
O. O. Noell
A. D. Mathews
W. T. Arnold
E. C. Maxwell
W. A. Colquitt
W. R. Bray
J. M. Berry
T. R. Edwards
Hoyt Holmes
T. W. Bray
S. R. Bray
G. W. Edwards
R. M. England
J. H. Hall
John J. Collins
J. A. F. Gunnin
Jack Crowley
M. A. King
W. J. Henson
Robert Brombalaw
T. T. Herndan
T. L. Kelly
S. C. Faust
W. T. Freeman
T. C. Stevens
Dr. Chas. C. Echols
W. N. Burt
J. R. Burt
Stephen E. Stokely
E. V. Arnold
C.B. Hargrove
W. T. Bruce
J. W. Thompson
L. W. Sparks
W. P. Broach
H. O. English
W. E. Wall Jr.
R. S. McMahan
S. H. Stokely
J. Y. Bowen
L. L. Whitley  M. D.
W. C. Lay
J. G. Stokley
C. C. Daniel
P. H. Durden
R. A. Collins
M. Blanchard
Geo. L. Rice Jr.
M. R. Edwards
W. T. Sorrow
A. F. Mapp
C. R. Colquitt
John A. Jewell
W. T. Bush
M. L. Rains
J. L. Welch
A. G. Rice
Carl Appling
G. Wash. Brooks
W. A. Shackelford
P. M. Marchman
E. L. Berry
M. J. Micholson  M. D.
E. K. Davis
Ralph W. Rice
J. Ed. Howard
W. B. Campbell
Geo. D. Bennett
Wm. T. Howard
B.B. Esco
J. P. Chapin
E. Cabaniss
Geo. P. Bell
J. L. Colclough
J. F. Bugg
J. F. Mayo
E. L. Arnold
John F. Wilson
S. R. Finley
J. R. Nicholson
W. H. Young
C. E. Sherrer
J. F. M. Alexand
E. H. Roberts
P. A. Bush
H. W. Amason
R. L. Perry
H. A. Adams
J. H. Thomas
R. L. Harrison
D. H. McCarty
T. G. Tiller
W. H. Maxwell
Edgar J. Maxwell
M. O. Bryant
J. E. Rouse
W. F. Parks
T. H. Hawkins
W. H. Smith
O. C. Hansford
S. W. Avera
T. C. Burrell
J. L. Harris
C. D. Furcron
J. E. Wright
J. C. Steele
M. T. Bridges
S. O. Tiller
H. V. Smith
W. G. Smith
Walter Glenn
Curtis Burt
W. T. Burt
Milner Patton
M. T. Bell
L. L. Green
Wm. L. Green
J. C. Mathews
W. S. McGaughey
J. W. Morton
R. B. Young
Dr. L. D. Loughridge
M. H. Crook
W. E. Bray
E. C. Berry
W. B. Suddeth
R. P. Arnold
E. O. Veal
B. H. Meadow
O. L. Butts
M. B. Rouse
R. H. Drake
J. L. Morgan
T. S. Cunningham
R. M. Hall
W. F. Daniel
C.A. Wright
H. C. Whitehead
W. E. Patman
D. C. Wright
J. T. Steele
W. R. Kent
J. W. Glenn
J. C. Smith
C. S. Smith
G. A. Bell
W. H. Perry
T. J. Burt
W. O. Kidd
J. M. Turner
G. T. Dye
T. S. King
W. A. Broach
C. W. Jarrell

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