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Marriage Documents of
Nathan L. Lankford and Alice Escoe
Contributed by Denise Murphy
<[email protected]> June 12, 2005

Marriage License / State of Georgia, County of Oglethorpe.  To any Judge, Justice of the Peace or Minister of the Gospel.  You are hereby authorized to join Nathan L. Lankford and Miss Alice Escoe in the Holy State of Matrimony according to the Constitution and Laws of this State and for so doing this shall be your License And you are hereby required to return this License to me with your Certificate hereon of the fact and date of the Marriage.  Given under my hand and seal, this 17 day of August 1907.  Joel Cloud, Ordinary / State of Georgia / Certificate / County of Oglethorpe.  I Certify that Nathan L. Lankford and Miss Alice Escoe were joined in Matrimony by me this 18 day of August Nineteen Hundred and 07.  Recorded August 31st, 1907 / Joel Cloud, Ordinary / E. F. Reynolds, N.P. & Eff. J.P.


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