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                   I do not live in Georgia, so I am unable to do local lookups.
                What information we have for Oglethorpe County is already on this website.
                  I am adding new material as it becomes available.
                  Please do not email us asking for individual research.
    Thank you, Jane

               Look-Up Guidelines

                     Please limit look-up requests.  Insert "Look-up" in subject line of query.
                      Enter the name of the reference book and full name of person to be checked.
                   Please "Thank" your volunteer!


     I will be glad to do lookups in the book:

       Oglethorpe County, Ga. Deed Books F-J from 1809-1820 by Michal  Farmer as   well assorted other books and cd's that I have access to that relate to Oglethorpe County, Ga.
         I ask  that Lookup be put in the Subject section. I will try to  reply to each lookup  within days of receiving the initial email.  I  will also be glad to scan  the documents and add them to an email attachment if requested.
                                                                 Cheryl Terry

                     "Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia -- Second Edition"
             Denise Murphy


                                                               MADISON COUNTY (Georgia) CEMETERY BOOKName on message line and only one fl n in  Bena Kirkscey


                     Oglethorpe County, Georgia Abstracts of Wills Book
co        veKelli Mallard


                   "Ga Marriages---1782-1799"
                   "GA Marriages---1800-1810"
                   "GA Marriages---1811-1820"
                  Joyce McMurray


                        State of Georgia Marriage Index 1641-1944
                      Brenda Peacock-Cohen


                       GEORGIA MARRIAGES 1760 thru 1820
                    1830 Census Index of Georgia
                     Wanda Bowlin Davis


1.  Contain the word LOOKUP in the subject line.
2.  Request only ONE full name per e-mail.
3.  Contain the NAME of the book you want esearched.
   All my reference books only contain information on people in  Georgia BEFORE 1827:
Colonial Georgia Genealogical Data 1748-1783" by William H. Dumont, National  Genealogical Society Publication Number 36, Washington D.C., 1971
ISBN 0-915156-36-9  (From 8 volumes of "Miscellaneous Bonds, etc", not included in Huxford's works)
"Passports issued by Governors of Georgia, 1785 to 1809" by Mary G. Bryan,
National Genealogical Society Publication Number 21, Arlington Virginia,
1959  (passports for permission to travel through Indian Lands)

"Passports issued by Governors of Georgia, 1810 to 1820" by Mary G. Bryan,
National Genealogical Society Publication Number 28, Arlington Virginia,
1964 (passports for permission to travel through Indian Lands)

"Gone to Georgia :  Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Western Migration"  by William C. Stewart, National Genealogical Society
Number 30, Washington, D.C. , 1965  (travelers and settlers who appeared in
this scene from 1796-1827)

"Georgia Genealogical Gems" Assembly and Indexing by Margaret Higgins,
National Genealogical Society Number 48, Washington, D.C., 1981  ISBN 0 -915156-48-2    (Various tax lists, marriages, slave owners, jury lists, from all over Georgia 1787 - 1804)

PATIENCE is of prime importance.  I do a lot of lookups and sometimes they pile up for a month before I take several days off and do nothing but wade through them all.  But they WILL eventually get an answer.

           Beverly Mott Alstrom


                Dee Thompson has volunteered to perform lookup in Georgia and other States.
                  Please be specific when requesting information on a particular family or surname.
        For details on sources used, refer to this link


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